--Photo by Leroy Blair, 2002

Cross Family Cemetery

Denmark, Arkansas

Leroy Blair listed this cemetery for the White County Historical Society on February 18, 2002. It is located in a field about 100 yards behind the Baptist Church at Denmark. Blair found it fenced and "well cared for." Although this site is located in Jackson County, the Society prepared this inventory because many White County residents are buried here. Blair, chairman of the Society’s cemetery committee, returned to this site on December 31, 2004, and rechecked the names and dates on tombstones, updating and adjusting the list below.

If you have corrections or additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comment
Cross, Bird August 31, 1870 November 15, 1871
Cross, Ethel May 11-May-03 31-Oct-64 name on double stone with Richard E. Cross
Cross, George A. November 17, 1855 October 30, 1874
Cross, George W. August 15, 1876 14-Mar-36 name on double stone with Julia Ann Cross
Cross, infant 11-Jul-23 11-Jul-23 son of Richard and Ethel Cross
Cross, J.E. April 1, 1864 21-Jul-05
Cross, James A. April 26, 1837 8-Feb-21 name on double stone with Nancy J. Cross
Cross, James Harmon July 18, 1874 20-Nov-38
Cross, Joseph A. 19-May-62 21-May-62 son of Larry Cross
Cross, Julia Ann November 12, 1880 21-Jan-63 name on double stone with George W. Cross
Cross, Kate Angeline January 24, 1881 29-Sep-50
Cross, Leesha Paige 26-Jun-88 11-Jun-98
Cross, Leonox August 1, 1881 August 21, 1882
Cross, Luther December 31, 1881 4-Jul-31
Cross, Mary R. January 2, 1879 November 25, 1880
Cross, Nancy J. September 22, 1851 17-Apr-23 name on double stone with James A. Cross
Cross, Pet March 14, 1883 July 10, 1884
Cross, Ray C. 6-Nov-13 31-Mar-59 name on double stone with Velma Cross
Cross, Richard E. June 9, 1898 9-Mar-73 name on double stone with Ethel May Cross
Cross, Sallie M. December 24, 1894 12-Apr-83
Cross, Sarah January 22, 1828 25-Apr-00
Cross, Thomas August 16, 1885 August 22, 1887
Cross, Velma 9-Mar-16 June 31, 2002
Cross, Wilson September 13, 1828 September 17, 1882
Hodges, Clarence April 2, 1892 20-Mar-40 Pvt. 11th Inf. 3rd Inf. Div.
Hodges, James R. September 26, 1857 4-Sep-17
Hodges, William A. 1863 1934
Ottinger, Sandra Kay 28-Sep-57 23-Jan-01
Powell, Adell Hodges 19-Apr-23 1-Dec-43 wife of John R. Powell
Rhew, Ilene 19-Apr-18 2000
Rhew, John D. 25-Jul-21 December 10. 2004 funeral home marker
Turner, Euna C. 15-Jul-04 24-Jul-79 name on double stone with Harrison Turner
Turner, Harrison November 3, 1899 5-Mar-87 name on double stone with Euna C. Turner
Turner, Thurman C. 11-Apr-10 29-Dec-78 name on double stone with Vera L. Turner
Turner, Vera L. 5-Oct-09 7-Mar-95 name on double stone with Thurman C. Turner
Young, M.L. February 21, 1861 18-Jul-11