Cross Harbor Cemetery

Ellen Blair at the Cross Harbor church

Cross Harbor Cemetery

Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society listed this cemetery for the first time in the summer of 2001. He had been told of this unique place by a neighbor at Clay. This is Blair’s report: "The cemetery is located on Sibley Trail which is a small dirt road that goes through the woods between Mt. Pisgah and Pickens Chapel. From Mt. Pisgah take Sibley Trail about 200 yards. There is a large house on the right of the road. Directly across the road you will see a small trail leading back into the woods. It crosses a small footbridge about six feet long. The trail leads back in the woods to a small log church. It is about 12 by 20 feet in size. It has stained glass in the top of the door. Also over the door is an old school-type bell. Inside, I counted eight pews that would seat about three people each. The pulpit is made from a large tree trunk carved at this location. There is also a heater inside. I talked to Mrs. Velda Sibley, whose husband and son are buried here. She said her son built the church around 1975 and that the church is still in use. It is a very pretty place."

When Blair and his wife Ellen visited the site July 9, 2001, they found it very clean with two park benches and a small area with planted flowers.

Sibley, Jennings Grady – February 6, 1924 – December 6, 1996 – on double stone with Velda Loise Sibley

Sibley, Velda Loise – August 19, 1931 – blank

Sibley, Judge Grady "Jay" – October 3, 1961 – May 17, 1995 – on double stone with Lois Ann Sibley

Sibley, Lois Ann – February 25, 1963 – blank – married Grady Sibley December 19, 1980