Davis Family Cemetery

Rose Bud, Arkansas

The White County Historical Society published the following brief history of the Davis Cemetery in its 1972 annual history, White County Heritage:

"Thomas H. Davis [photo above], his first and second wives, one daughter of his first marriage (Sis), one daughter of his second marriage (Daisey Hulsey), and her baby were buried in the family cemetery on the Davis Place. After the place was sold the stones were removed and the area cultivated until there is no sign of the graves today. This farm is located north of Rose Bud."

The article was written by Cloie Presley of Searcy, a respected genealogist who was editor of the Heritage at that time. She did not identify the source of her information.

A history of John and Mary Mooney Davis descendents obtained by the White County Historical Society in July 2001 added substantially to the 1972 report. A comprehensive history of the Davis family written by Milton Davis May was published by the Society in the 2003 White County Heritage. It indicated several more relatives than originally reported are buried here. This includes Clifford Strain, who "died as a young child." Clifford was the son of William D. Strain and Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Davis Strain. Bettie was the oldest daughter of Thomas H. Davis. The Davis history has been placed in the Arkansas Room of the Searcy Public Library.







-photos by Leroy Blair, 2002

In 2002 a ceremony was conducted here by various state historical groups and a Confederate headstone bearing Thomas H. Davis’ name was placed where relatives believe his grave is located.

If you have additional information on the Davis Family Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society at P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Davis, Thomas Howard – March 1832 – December 8, 1902

Davis, Louisa Christiana Copeland – December 17, 1840 – February 17, 1885 – married Thomas Howard Davis November 18, 1857

Davis, Thomas Mattie Hollaway – November 27, 1857 – April 24, 1906 –  married Thomas Howard Davis July 14, 1886

Strain, Clifford – no dates - son of William D. Strain and Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Davis Strain

Carter, baby – no dates – child of J.M. Carter and Ida Virginia Davis Carter

Hulsey, Daisy Irene Davis – May 21, 1888 – June 1, 1908 – married January 10, 1904 to Walter Whitman Hulsey

Hulsey, Walter Whitman – August 15, 1882 – May 12, 1907 – died of appendicitis

Hulsey, Ernest E. – son of Walter and Daisy Irene Hulsey – died shortly after his father’s death in 1907