--photos by Leroy Blair, 2002

Dennis Cemetery

Higginson, Arkansas

This family cemetery was first reported in June 2000 by Pearl Elliott for the White County Historical Society. "A friend of our family passed away and was buried there about two years ago," she explained. "The cemetery was started by a family by the name of Dennis, some still believed living at Higginson. The cemetery is located right in the middle of a hay field about two miles down Stringham Road. There is a row of houses and trailers on the right and the cemetery is back behind the woods that are behind the houses. It canít be seen from the road. There is a chain link fence all around, probably 24 by 30 feet, very small and it is kept clean." She provided her list from tombstones seen in the cemetery. Additional information was provided by WCHS member Leroy Blair who visited the cemetery October 23, 2000. Blair returned to the cemetery in 2002 and provided the following directions to reach it: "From Higginson, take Highway 11 south to Sears Roebuck Road. Turn right and go about a half-mile to where Stringham Road turns left. Turn left and go to 408 Stringham Road, about a half-mile. The cemetery is about 400 yards back in a soybean field behind 408 Stringham Road. It cannot be seen from the road."

If you have corrections or additions to this list, or other information about Dennis Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Dennis, Ben March 17, 1875 26-Jul-44
Dennis, Charlie 7-Nov-21 3-Jun-00
Dennis, Isaac March 4, 1844 16-Apr-19 homemade concrete marker
Dennis, Isaac 1-Sep-17 5-Oct-41
Dennis, Lillie Sallie 20-May-23 17-Jan-29
Dennis, Mary Lee 24-Feb-14 9-Jan-19
Dennis, Sevelie March 5, 1890 4-Apr-22 homemade concrete marker
Woodall, Fannie Sevlia 6-Aug-12 8-Oct-98 on double stone with Ralph Woodall
Woodall, John 6-Mar-55 no other date homemade concrete marker
Woodall, Ralph 18-Mar-13 13-Nov-95 on double stone with Fannie Sevlia Woodall