Dupriest Cemetery Photo

--photo by Leroy Blair, 2006

Dupriest Cemetery

Rose Bud, Arkansas

This cemetery is located at Range 10 West, Township 7 North and in Section 5 or 6. This property was the Dupriest Farm, which was owned by Paul Dupriest, when Margaret Frey prepared the first cemetery census in 1969. According to her report, "Both white and Negro are buried here without distinction as to race. There are a number of unmarked graves but a count was not made."

The cemetery was visited in April 2000 by White County Historical Society volunteer Kathy Moss, who reported, "The landowners have left an open access to the cemetery, which is in poor condition." Mrs. Moss talked to the landowner, who said he had been in contact with the Malcom family. She provided information on eight Malcom burials and five others, most of which were not in the 1969 report. (Malcom was spelled Malcome in the 1969 listing.)

Leroy Blair of the Historical Society reported the cemetery "in very poor condition" when he visited it March 6, 2001, with his wife Ellen. According to his report, "Mrs. Ennis, who owns the land around the cemetery, said a man over 100 years old visited the cemetery in the summer of 2000 and told her the cemetery was first started as a slave cemetery and that most of the graves marked with rocks or unmarked are those of slaves. He also told her that one night during the Civil War a soldier was brought to the cemetery and buried and his grave was marked with a large rock. I found a large rock with some letters on it but could not read much of it - looked like R O C. He did not say if the soldier was Confederate or Union."

Following are Blairís directions to reach the cemetery: "From Highway 5, take Manning Road 1.6 miles to Nix Road and turn right on Nix Road. Go half a mile on Nix to Meadow Lane and turn left. Go about 200 yards to a T intersection. Turn left and go another 200 yards to the first right. The cemetery is on the right by the first house after you turn right."

If you have corrections or additions to this list, or have additional information on Dupriest Cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Remarks
Adkisson, Henry D. June 18, 1860 April 1864
Clements, Martha no information
Dupriest, Larrar Lisabeth May 17, 1859 Sarah Dupriestís daughter died in infancy
Dupriest, M.E. 1860 Sarah Dupriestís daughter died in infancy
Dupriest, R. no information
Dupriest, Sarah Malcom died 1864
Malcom, Barnett September 23, 1805 January 31, 1859 rock covered grave  on double stone with Nancy Malcom
Malcom, Charley E. March 15, 1891 3-Aug-11 grave with a row of rocks around it.
Malcom, James William Burl March 14, 1895 died fall of 1900 unmarked grave
Malcom, Mary F. July 15, 1858 10-Jan-03 on double stone with Noel Malcom
Malcom, Nancy March 1, 1805 October 10, 1880 buried beside Barnett Malcome
Malcom, Nancy A., June 16, 1883 September 9, 1893 daughter of Noel and M.F. Malcom
Malcom, Noel March 13, 1847 12-Jan-25
Malcom, Sarah Ellen 1897 1900 unmarked grave
Morris, James April 1, 1866 May 9, 1897
Nelson, Eleck August 2, 1864 September 1885
Ruark, Minnie 1880 1882