Froud Farm Cemetery

Steprock, Arkansas

This old family burial site was recorded in October 2004 by Leroy Blair, a board member of the White County Historical Society, who prepared the following report:

"Mr. Froud told my wife Ellen about this old cemetery during the White County Fair and asked her to have me come by his home and he would take me to it. When I went by his house, he said he had owned the property for more than 60 years but it had been in his family for more than 100 years, and the cemetery was there before his family got the land.

"The cemetery is located on the right side of Highway 157. As you go north it is about 200 yards back in the pasture field under some trees. There appear to be five graves marked with rocks. At one time one or two of the graves have been covered with stacked rocks. There are no names on the rocks. The graves are located at the edge of an old road. Mr. Froud thinks it might be the Batesville-Little Rock Road. He has no idea who is buried in the graves, but believes it is a family cemetery."

If you have additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.