Garner Cemetery

Garner, Arkansas

Garner lies between McRae and Searcy on Hwy 367. At Garner go to mid town, turn left across the railroad tracks, turn right (south) and proceed along the east side of the railroad tracks for about half a mile to the cemetery. The cemetery was surveyed in 1975 by Cloie and Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society, who listed 75 names and reported seeing "many unmarked graves." An update was prepared in March 2000 by Society member Tommy H. Treadway, then again October 16, 2000, and in late 2002 by Leroy Blair, another Society member. Additions based on newspaper obituaries have also been made by Zelda Dawson of the Historical Society.

All of the names from the Presley survey are listed below, however Treadway and Blair were unable to find several of these graves. Blair reported, "There are 95 sets of cement blocks about one foot high, painted white. I first thought they were plot markers but upon a closer look I believe they are graves that were not marked with stones. I found several mounds or depressions between them. At least one has a very plain outline of a grave."

If you have corrections or additions to this list, or other information on Garner Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Adams, Anna Sue 14-Jul-30 8-May-00
Adams, Cora 18-Feb-01 1-Nov-82 on double stone with Elbert Adams
Adams, Elbert L. February 6, 1893 28-Jan-94 on double stone with Cora Adams
Adams, Louis H. 6-Mar-18 16-Feb-68 AR CMM U.S. Navy WWII
Allen, Leander L. September 12, 1888 15-Apr-78
Allen, Sue Fayette Sloan 15-Aug-28 9-Feb-03 wife of Lee Allen
Arterberry, infant born and died April 4, 1905 son of J.P. and A. Arterberry stone is broken in pieces and lying on the ground next to the grave of John W. King
Austin, Cecil Earl 20-Feb-07 17-Apr-58
Austin, Mary A. September 23, 1893 3-Jan-68
Austin, Phillip R. 22-Oct-14 23-Dec-81 Pfc U.S. Army WWII
Austin, Samuel Robert February 28, 1881 5-Feb-45
Baugh, Ruth 20-Jul-13 14-Feb-95
Bell, H.Z. 1856 1947
Bell, James L. Jr. 1-Feb-22 7-Feb-82 U.S. Army WWII on double stone with Vernon G. Bell
Bell, Vernon G. 5-Dec-24 no other date on double stone with James L. Bell Jr.
Blount, Clyde L. 7-Jan-18 26-Mar-75 on double stone with Honor Blount
Blount, Clyde L. 7-Jan-18 26-Mar-75
Blount, Ethel M. 20-Sep-01 18-Jan-60 on double stone with Eugene L. Blount
Blount, Eugene L. March 14, 1894 10-Sep-77 on double stone with Ethel Blount
Blount, Honor M. 12-Feb-19 no other date on double stone with Clyde Blount
Blount, Pamela Lynn 3-Feb-58 14-Feb-62
Blount, Russell O'Neal 24-Nov-40 6-Dec-40
Blount, Walter A. January 2, 1877 12-Feb-08
Booth, double stone with Vinnie but blank no information
Booth, Vinnie W. Dec. 9, 1866 Aug. 30, 1890 son of O.T. & M.E. listed as Dannie W. Booth on 1975 survey on double stone but other side blank
Briggs, Addie August 28, 1843 17-Feb-14
Burson, Bert 6-Dec-21 13-Aug-28 son of R.L. and Lucy
Burson, Ellis Norris 24-Sep-07 20-Jun-86 Cpl. U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Burson, Lottie Mae 1914 1922 daughter of R.L. and L.J. Burson
Burson, Lucy Jane July 5, 1886 21-May-46 on double stone with Ralph Leonard Burson
Burson, Ralph Leonard February 6, 1879 4-Apr-46 Mason on double stone with Lucy Jane Burson
Byars, Anna January 20, 1883 21-Mar-65 on double stone with Commodore Byars
Byars, Commodore February 1, 1868 5-Jul-50 on double stone with Anna Byars
Campbell, Joseph Franklin died May 31, 1965 age 68 years
Chatman, Willie James 3-Jun-42 3-Oct-91
Cranford, Charlie L. May 24, 1888 9-Oct-15 Woodman
Dougherty, Blossom October 10, 1899 October 10, 1899 on double stone with Mildred Dougherty
Dougherty, Dorcas August 11, 1844 14-Jan-32
Dougherty, Mildred "Sis" 22-Sep-00 7-Sep-03
Duncan, Elmer September 26, 1896 no other date Co. D 38th Inf. 3rd Div. 1918-19
Duncan, Flossie May 3, 1895 31-Jul-42
Edwards, Clara February 28, 1874 26-Aug-02
Edwards, David January 10, 1878 September 28, 1898 Mason
Gardiner, Doris Quillen 13-Jul-24 6-Feb-89 wife of Alvin
Gerlach, Tanya Jewell 16-Apr-97 4-Jun-98 funeral home marker
Goss, Bobby Lynn 9-Jul-50 9-Jul-50 son of Walter and Lois
Goss, Lois 10-Sep-12 13-Apr-83 on double stone with Walter Goss
Goss, Walter 19-Aug-15 26-Mar-86 on double stone with Lois Goss
Gowen, Edward E. 13-Feb-01 2-Jul-80
Gowen, Pearl E. 29-Jul-09 22-Jan-95
Hollenberger, Bess August 3, 1897 11-Oct-69 on double stone with Sam
Hollenberger, Sam December 20, 1892 18-Feb-60 on double stone with Bess Hollenberger
Howanietz, Albert Adolph 1870 1950 born in Poland stone has sunk into the ground
Howell, Charles E. 27-Sep-42 22-Aug-65 on double stone with Lillie Howell
Howell, Lillie M. 7-Jul-40 no other date on double stone with Charles Howell
Hoyle, Anna Belle 3-Jan-01 8-Mar-83
Hoyle, Ralph 25-May-23 1-Oct-74 USAF
Hoyle, Robert Jr. 20-Jun-37 7-Nov-93
Johnson, Alfred H. 24-Dec-16 1-Aug-66 on double stone with Clara Johnson
Johnson, Audra Sue Jan-49 14-Jan-49
Johnson, Clara 9-Feb-24 blank on double stone with Alfred Johnson
Johnson, Donald R. died April 26, 2007 age 66 years
Johnson, Russell Hines Jr. 23-Jul-67 18-Aug-96
Jones, Charley died 19?? age 55 stone broken
King, Florence 15-Feb-00 no other date on double stone with John King
King, John W. 20-May-00 1-Nov-75 U.S. Army WWI on double stone with Florence King
Lacy, Cordelia Griffin June 27, 1879 12-Nov-60
Lacy, Prudie June 18, ??? 16-Jan-60
Lundy, Venie 10-Apr-01 2-Dec-78
Martin, Essie 2-Jul-24 18-Jul-25 daughter of George and Emma
McMurray, Grover S. October 21, 1884 18-Oct-03
Morris, Arthur R. March 12, 1891 13-Feb-64
Morris, Ethel G. December 17, 1893 August 16, 1895 daughter of T.J. and G.D.
Pannell, Kermit Brewer 3-Nov-19 5-Apr-87 on double stone with Sudie Mae Pannell
Pannell, Sudie Mae Feb. 11, 1921 no other date on double stone with Kermit Brewer Pannell
Paris, Eva E. May 26, 1895 vacant on double stone with Joseph E. Paris
Paris, Joseph E. October 1, 1893 30-Sep-68 on double stone with Eva
Pearrow, Glenda Dean 7-Feb-59 12-Jul-96
Perry, Edward 15-Mar-23 12-Feb-26 on double stone with Geraldean Perry
Perry, Geraldine 23-Oct-21 31-Mar-24 on double stone with Edward Perry
Perry, William September 9, 1899 August 22, 1892 son of G.E. and S.E. Perry
Price, Aubry B. 17-Apr-11 23-Dec-13
Price, Bell April 25, 1878 21-Mar-61 on double stone with Will Bell
Price, Betty Jane Hill 7-Nov-34 20-Dec-01 wife of M.C. "Bud" Price
Price, Eva May 26, 1895 28-Dec-77
Price, Joseph E. October 1, 1893 30-Sep-68
Price, M. T. "Bud" 14-Jul-30 no other date on double stone with Betty Hill Price
Price, Mae Maglene born and died August , 1926
Price, Rhonda Kay 31-Aug-60 31-Mar-77
Price, Russell C. 6-Jul-02 28-Jan-84 on double stone with Vada Price
Price, Vada M. 6-Jan-06 18-Feb-00 on double stone with Russell Price
Price, Viola 21-May-18 15-Jul-96 on double stone with Willie Price
Price, Will August 27, 1875 19-Oct-29 on double stone with Bell Price
Price, Willie N. 11-May-14 14-Feb-85 on double stone with Viola Price
Quillen, Gertrude Mae 14-Oct-00 30-Jan-89
Quillen, Hubert L. May 15, 1894 18-May-43 Co. B 35 Batt. U. S. Guard
Quillen, Laura 1869 1926 wife of Elbert C. Pipkin
Quillen, Virginia C. 11-Aug-35 7-Jul-39
Quillen, William Tell 1862 1926
Ross, Jeremy Charles 24-Apr-80 21-Oct-01 son of Charles and Cloie Ross
Sampson, Lloyd "Punky" Aug. 23, 1934 Nov. 25, 1991
Sanford, Georgie Deadmon 22-Feb-21 13-Aug-96
Sanford, Herman D. 1923 1981 Cpl. U.S. Army WWII
Sanford, Herman F. March 8, 1894 2-Jul-72 on double stone with Mary E. Sanford Blair report reads Herman L. Sanford
Sanford, Mary E. December 25, 1892 6-Jun-69 on double stone with Herman Sanford
Saxton, Mary Katherine 18-Mar-16 10-Jan-88
Scott, Evelyn 1877 1944
Sloan, Billie M. 24-Apr-07 1-Mar-11 son of J.W. and S.A.
Sloan, Claudia B. Aug. 31, 1902 7-Apr-00 on double stone with Mack A. Sloan
Sloan, Dewey M. Mar. 30, 1942 no date on double stone with Marie Sloan
Sloan, J.W. January 25, 1869 16-Jul-14 Woodman
Sloan, James S. Co. T. Ala. Inf. CSA no other information
Sloan, Jim L. 14-Jul-30 2-Nov-66 AR Cpl. U.S. Army Korea
Sloan, Johnnie January 27, 1896 27-Jan-01 son of J.W. and S.A.
Sloan, Mack A. 5-Aug-01 21-Aug-84 on double stone with Claudia B. Sloan
Sloan, Mae Ashcraft 22-Feb-04 2-Apr-02 wife of Milton J. Sloan
Sloan, Marie 23-Feb-43 8-Sep-93 on double stone with Dewey Sloan
Sloan, Milton J. September 25, 1894 21-Mar-57 Arkansas Pvt. 63 Co. 162, Depot Brig. WWI
Sloan, Salendia Hodges August 25, 1871 20-Aug-74
Sloan, Sarah J. April 25, 1850 26-Aug-16
Sloan, Stanley W. 5-Jan-64 8-Sep-64
Smith, Heneage Horsley died October 14, 1884 age 42 years a native of Dundee, Scotland
Stalmaker, Ottis R. 1920 1991 funeral home marker
Stalnaker, Henry 5-Mar-07 7-Feb-67 Pvt. Co. G 32 Inf. WWII
Taylor, James May 6, 1892 17-Feb-60 on double stone with Janie Taylor
Taylor, Janie M. February 9, 1893 3-Jun-73 on double stone with James Taylor
Vandergrift, Aaron A. September 12, 1894 4-Oct-69 Ark. Pvt. Co. G. 330 Inf. 83 Div. WWI
Wilson, Louis March 19, 1855 11-Feb-17 on double stone with Mattie Wilson
Wilson, Mattie May 18, 1862 12-Feb-45 on double stone with Louis Wilson