--photo by Gerald Torrence, 2001

Gray Cemetery

Gravel Hill, Arkansas

This cemetery was originally listed March 26, 1966, by Cloie and Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society. The cemetery is located at Gravel Hill in Section 17, Township 7 North, Range 9 West. According to an inscription on their stone in the cemetery, John D. and Rilla Carson Gray donated one acre of land in 1907 to establish Gray Cemetery. The Presleys counted 164 unmarked graves. A number in parenthesis refers to the position on the original Presley list, which has been alphabetized for convenience. The Presley list was prepared for the Internet in 1999 by Dale Thomas of Porterville, CA. Thirty-four years after the Presley survey, Leroy Blair of the Historical Society visited the cemetery October 22 and 23, 2000, and updated the list. He added 147 names and found 172 other graves that were marked only with rocks or old funeral home markers that were no longer legible. He also counted 14 mounds or depressions that appeared to be graves with no markings at all.







--photo by Leroy Blair, 2000

If you have corrections to this list or additional information on Gray Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Armstrong, George W. 45 January 14, 1888 Jan. 12, 1949 double stone with Arminda Armstrong
Armstrong, Margie R. 47 6-Feb-22 14-Feb-24
Baker, Alvin Marie 1929 1999 funeral home marker
Baker, Arlie L. 82 14-Jul-04 14-Jul-62 on double stone with Rosslen Baker
Baker, Bernice 3-Apr-17 2-Jul-23
Baker, Brinkley C. March 5, 1894 23-Mar-17 on double stone with Mary M. Baker
Baker, Gary Lee 4-Mar-55 6-Nov-94 SN U.S. Navy Vietnam
Baker, Lonnie 14-Sep-46 15-Aug-71
Baker, Mary M. March 7, 1894 6-Jul-82
Baker, Mrs. E.L. 66 August 12, 1864 Oct. 4, 1911 on slab rock
Baker, Rayma 16-Feb-48 10-Mar-04 ds with Harvie
Baker, Rosslen 81 16-Apr-17 vacant on double stone with Arlie L. Baker
Baker, Thurman 2-Apr-13 blank on double tone with Lillie Ina Baker
Barger, Eva Marie 11-Jun-15 21-Oct-02 wife of Herbert
Barker 129 Funeral home marker cannot read
Barker, Albert Erwin January 17, 1888 18-Dec-70
Barker, Alford A. 14-Dec-98 no other date funeral home marker
Barker, Burton 62 February 6, 1896 June 8, 1896
Barker, Earl B. October 1, 1891 29-Aug-85 on double stone with Essie D. Baker
Barker, Elsie Dean 22-Feb-34 30-Nov-01 wife of Bill Barker
Barker, Essie D. September 1, 1896 18-May-73
Barker, Exl. Zora 64 August 22, 1897 6-Sep-00
Barker, James A. 56 June 12, 1867 13-Mar-49
Barker, Kathy Lynn 28-Jun-59 3-Aug-78
Barker, Lillie Ina 26-Apr-15 19-Apr-92 on double stone with Thurman Baker
Barker, Maggie Ethel February 10, 1895 8-Jul-48 on double stone with Albert Erwin Barker
Barker, Martha E. 55 March 9, 1875 24-Feb-58
Barker, Minaneria A. 65 November 11, 1891 9-Mar-11
Barker, Ray 15-Jun-27 16-Feb-00
Barker, Thurman T.P. 2-Apr-13 18-Apr-07 husband of Lillie Turner Barker
Barker, Uileasy 63 November 22, 1862 September 13, 1890 grave enclosed with rocks
Barker, Uncle Billie 67 May 6, 1859 3-Sep-33
Barker, Wynn Dale 107 25-Sep-38 3-Dec-59
Barnett, Daniel Webster 83 December 4, 1884 11-Jun-43
Barnett, Harvel 44 13-Jan-34 28-Sep-48
Barnett, L. Mae 5-Sep-16 14-Nov-90 on double stone with Vernon P. Barnett
Barnett, Lester Lee 17-Oct-02 17-Dec-88 on double stone with Mary Luven A. Barnett
Barnett, Louis Herbert 30 January 19, 1894 17-Jan-62 double stone with Lucy May Barnett
Barnett, Lucy May 29 January 28, 1899 18-Jun-77 double stone with Louis Herbert Barnett
Barnett, Mary Luven A. 4-Nov-03 9-Aug-96 on double stone with Lester Lee Barnett
Barnett, Molene M. 14-Jul-21 7-Jun-01 wife of Woodrow W. Barnett
Barnett, Oscar L. 86 November 14, 1880 3-Jan-32 on double stone with Parlee P. Barnett
Barnett, Parlee P . May 31, 1885 3-Jul-74 on double stone with Oscar L. Barnett
Barnett, Redus F. 87 31-Oct-25 3-Nov-35 son of Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Barnett
Barnett, Redus J. 80 31-Oct-25 3-Nov-25
Barnett, Vernon P. 30-May-15 29-Oct-80 on double stone with L. Mae Barnett
Barnett, Virginia Othelia May 24, 1888 25-May-87
Barnett, Woodrow W. 1917 1981 on double stone with Molene M. Barnett
Baswell, Dorthy Aline 2-Oct-31 14-Dec-91 funeral home marker
Baswell, Terry Lee 6-Jun-76 age 17 funeral home marker
Benton, Phillis A. 43 1948 1949
Brown, Floyd Elmer 7-Apr-17 28-Nov-86
Burkett, B.M. 60 July 17, 1882 5-Mar-32
Burkett, Dora 39 March 8, 1877 26-Feb-13
Burkett, Dorothy 24-Nov-19 blank on double stone with Sanford S. Burkett
Burkett, Estella 57 February 18, 1886 August 2, 1889
Burkett, Eula Faye 20-Feb-24 vacant on stone with Ronald Keith Burkett and Lewis Dayton Burkett
Burkett, J.H. 58 March 2, 1855 26-May-30 double stone with Mary E. Burkett
Burkett, John T. September 1, 187? 21-Jul-66 on double stone with Dora Burkett
Burkett, Leo D. 11-Nov-21 7-Feb-22
Burkett, Lewis Dayton 4-Mar-24 20-Sep-01 husband of Eula Faye on stone with Ronald Keith Burkett and Eula Faye Burkett
Burkett, Mary E. 59 March 1, 1864 18-Jul-47 double stone with J.H.Burkett
Burkett, Nora Alice 33 April 19, 1893 14-Mar-47
Burkett, Rachel Hughes born 1814 in McMinnville, TN daughter of Harden Hughes (17911857) and Sarah "Sally" Jones Hughes (17951871) of Letona
Burkett, Ronald Keith 2-Jan-56 2-Jan-92 on stone with Eula Faye Burkett and Lewis Dayton Burkett
Burkett, Sanford S. 14-Oct-15 14-Jan-85 on double stone with Dorothy Burkett
Burkett, Walter C. September 15, 1888 19-Oct-67 on double stone with Nora A. Burkett
Burkett, William 1808 died after 1859 born in Maury Co., TN, son of William Burkett (1785?)
Burnett, Kenith Lance 21-Feb-65 22-Feb-87
Cato, Bedford B. 1908 1975 Pvt. WWII younger brother of William F. Cato son of Thomas Jefferson Cato on double stone with Blanzell Cato
Cato, Blanzell 1908 1989 married September 25, 1926 on double stone with Bedford B. Cato
Cato, William Fletcher 127 July 15, 1896 12-Jan-28
Coll?, Zel 61 1885 1955 wife of J.E. almost unreadable
Cooper, Mrs. Cora Alma 103 August 6, 1891 26-Mar-64
Covington, Bertha G. 11-Feb-06 blank on double stone with Clarence E. Covington
Covington, Clarence E. April 27, 1898 19-Dec-49 on double stone with Bertha Covington
Cummingham Mary Ann R. 94 March 9, 1863 2-Jan-33
Cummingham, Edward A. 93 October 27, 1857 22-Feb-35 on double stone with Mary Ann R. Cummingham
Davis, Jim W. 91 August 3, 1882 12-Sep-42 double stone with Minnie V. Davis
Davis, Minnie V. 92 May 1, 1885 14-Dec-66 double stone with Jim W. Davis
Edwards, O.H. 68 June 11, 1896 6-Sep-00
Goelzer, Lottie Burkett September 30, 1885 13-Aug-55
Goodman, Omer C. 142 August 30, 1896 10-Jul-14
Goodman, Queen 145 December 17, 1877 10-Jan-64 double stone with R.H. Goodman
Goodman, R.H. 144 March 6, 1874 2-Oct-56 double stone with Queen Goodman
Goodman, Valerie 143 24-Dec-13 17-Jul-14
Gray, John D. 1870 1929 on double stone with Rilla Carson inscribed on base of stone: "Deeded 1 acre for cemetery 1907. Memorial by relatives 1990."
Gray, Joseph Edward 2-Feb-17 8-May-99
Gray, Rilla Carson 1874 1938 on double stone with John D. Gray
GRM no dates this is the grave of George Rutledge Moss only initials carved on a rock
Guier, Arlee Nolen 15-Jan-00 10-Nov-95 on double stone with Homer B. Guier
Guier, Homer B. 1 August 7, 1895 31-Jul-50 Ark. Pvt. Proo. Salvage Co. QMC WWI
Harral, James B. 140 July 20, 1839 2-Oct-23 double stone with Lucy F. Harral
Harral, Lucy F. 141 November 14, 1836 12-Jun-26 double stone with James B. Harral
Hays, Alan Ray 30-Mar-08
Hays, Albert J. 26-Aug-03 19-Apr-71 on double stone with Trissie A. Hays
Hays, Austin Eugene 7 20-Oct-21 24-Jun-23 son of W.F. and Trudie Hays
Hays, Dortha Ozella 6 4-Mar-20 20-Oct-20 daughter of W.F.and Trudie Hays
Hays, infant 24-Oct-16 24-Oct-16 daughter of Edward Monroe and Flossie (Stracener) Hays
Hays, Infant 4 15-Jan-17 only date daughter of W.F. and Trudie Hays
Hays, Infant 5 28-Dec-17 only date son of W.F. and Trudie Hays
Hays, Janette 11 16-Sep-49 28-Sep-49
Hays, Julian L. 2 January 20, 1868 16-Sep-40 double stone with Julie F. Hays
Hays, Julie F. 3 September 1, 1868 27-Apr-50 double stone with Julian F. Hays
Hays, Mary Lee 10 13-Jan-27 10-Nov-63
Hays, Trissie A. 3-Mar-04 13-Sep-89
Hays, Tudie Mae 9 August 16, 1897 10-Sep-59 double stone with William Franklin Hays
Hays, William Franklin 8 July 21, 1892 11-Sep-81 double stone with Trudie Mae Hays
Healey, Rhuben Leonard 42 May 14, 1895 18-Apr-36
Healy, Annie 28 28-May-11 13-Nov-12 daughter of W.H. and Claudie Healy
Healy, Claudie February 6, 1890 24-Nov-71
Healy, Martha J. 79 1877 23-Feb-63 double stone with William D. Healy
Healy, W.H. July 4, 1887 13-Aug-70 on double stone with Claudie Healy
Healy, William D. 78 1861 1948 double stone with Martha J. Healy
Holden, Jannie Cunningham September 23, 1887 5-May-69
Honley, Chlois C. 21-May-27 blank on double stone with Elmer H. Honley
Honley, Elmer H. 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-99 on double stone with Chlois C. Honley
Hooper, John F. 41 February 5, 1845 30-Jun-14 (Mason)
Hooper, Mary 40 1860 1929 wife of J.F. Hooper
Hughes, Archie 72 November 7, 1894 2-Sep-14
Hughes, Earl C. 21-Sep-13 21-Apr-81 Dad on double stone with Sible E. Hughes
Hughes, Garry Dale 52 19-May-48 19-May-58
Hughes, Hars A. 71 18-May-17 30-Jun-18
Hughes, J. Clarence 54 April 15, 1892 3-Nov-59 double stone with Lanta Mae Hughes
Hughes, Lanta Mae 53 September 14, 1890 29-Oct-41 double stone with J. Clarence Hughes
Hughes, Mattie July 17, 1898 15-Jun-86
Hughes, Sible E . 9-Oct-18 13-May-96 Mom on double stone with Earl C. Hughes
Ida 134 carved rock
Jeffrey, Thomas 4-Jan-01 28-Oct-72 Ark. Pvt. Co. D 26 Inf.
JW no dates this is the grave of Jim Walker only the initials carved on a rock
Kaylor, Brenda Kaye 16-Apr-14 5-Feb-92
Latture, Mrs. Mollie Scott 74 January 15, 1858 5-May-30
Lawson, Artie Lee 20-Jan-04 26-Dec-02 on double stone with Robert A. Lawson
Lawson, Deloise 49 3-Jan-22 4-Feb-23 on double stone with infant daughter (50)
Lawson, Dessie B . 14-Jan-01 3-Jan-87 on double stone with Grady Lawson
Lawson, Doc no other information
Lawson, Edgar Dee 30-May-09 8-Sep-67
Lawson, Georgia Lee 15-Mar-29 on double stone with J.C. Lawson no other information
Lawson, Grady July 25, 1899 26-Jan-70 on double stone with Dessie B. Lawson
Lawson, Green B. 126 died Dec. 1922
Lawson, H.C. 125 September 21, 1873 26-Dec-66 on double stone with Nora Lawson
Lawson, Homer H. 37 1896 1934 on double stone with Trudie Burkett Lawson
Lawson, Hugh C. 26-May-24 26-Oct-81 U.S. Navy
Lawson, Infant 50 daughter 2-Feb-21 9-Mar-21
Lawson, J.C. 29-Nov-20 blank on double stone with Georgia Lee Lawson
Lawson, James A. 13-Jul-04 17-Jan-02 husband of Lela
Lawson, Jewell 1903 1933
Lawson, June no other information
Lawson, Law Fay 51 1914 1921 carved rock
Lawson, Minnie B. 26 June 20, 1888 31-Aug-60 double stone with Willie L. Lawson
Lawson, Mrs. Roberta 38 1883 1945
Lawson, Myrtle 111 Jun-18 Sep-22
Lawson, Nora 124 March 22, 1879 12-Feb-62 on double stone with H.C. Lawson
Lawson, Osker 110 September 28, 1897 September 29, 1899
Lawson, Robert A. 5-Sep-01 24-Nov-87 on double stone with Antie Lee Lawson
Lawson, Sallie A. 89 April 24, 1853 12-Dec-16
Lawson, Thomas B. 88 Co. C. 49 Ala. Inf. C.S.A.
Lawson, Thomas C. 90 May 31, 1880 10-Jul-55
Lawson, Trudy Burkett June 19, 1896 29-Mar-66 on double stone with Homer H. Lawson married September 6, 1914
Lawson, Vermell 112 14-Oct-25 30-Jun-27
Lawson, W.L. 23-Oct-17 15-Jun-90
Lawson, Willie L. 25 August 2, 1874 22-Mar-65 double stone with Minnie B. Lawson
M.B. no other information carved on a stone
Manasco, Remo Healy 4-Jan-20 15-Jul-40
Maness, Joe F. 117 October 28, 1880 13-Feb-51
Maness, Phillip A. 115 April 19, 1894 10-Aug-47
Maness, W.E. 114 March 15, 1856 21-Dec-00
Mason, Edith H. 25-Nov-09 19-Jan-91 on double stone with G. Dewey Mason
Mason, G. Dewey 13-Jan-07 26-Jul-67 on double stone with Edith H. Mason
Mason, Harell W. 22-Apr-34 2-Jun-95
McCown, ? 17-Jul-72 17-Jul-71
McCrig, Ernest L. 1888 1977 on double stone with Idell McCrig
McCrig, Idell 1909 1995 on double tone with Ernest L. McCrig
Mitts, Elva Estrell died November 29, 2003 age 80 years on double stone with Willie E. Mitts.
Mitts, Willie E. 3-Apr-05 6-Jul-79 on double stone with Elva E. Mitts Willie also has a military stone Pvt. U.S. Army
Morgan, Amanda 1871 1936 on stone with John, Archie, Lovie
Morgan, Archie 1902 1914 on stone with Amanda, John, Lovie
Morgan, John 1865 1945 on stone with Amanda, Archie, Lovie
Morgan, Lovie 1916 1916 on stone with Amanda, Archie, John
Moss, Clovis C. 12-Jan-24 14-Oct-82 on double stone with Melda Moss married October 16, 1937
Moss, Donald Ray 21-Nov-38 22-Oct-00
Moss, George Rutledge this is a grave marked only by a stone with the initials GRM carved on it no dates or other information
Moss, Melda 19-Mar-18 18-Jun-91 on double stone with Clovis C. Moss
Moss, Patricia Ann 31 8-May-44 30-Jan-45
Mote, B.C. 3-Mar-12 28-Jul-83 on double stone with Opal Mote
Mote, Carl Lee 12-Nov-30 9-Dec-30
Mote, Dave F. 14 June 23, 1882 2-Feb-15 Woodman
Mote, Donald Ray 27-Aug-37 24-Apr-96
Mote, J.D. 4-Sep-09 9-Jun-29
Mote, Opal 2-Aug-12 25-Jun-99 on double stone with B.C. Mote
Norman, Clinton Lee 19-May-32 25-Oct-87 A3C USAF Korea
Norman, Ernest 27-Sep-10 30-Aug-78 on double stone with Pansy Norman
Norman, Pansy 30-Aug-13 10-Jun-94 on double stone with Ernest Norman
Palmer, Addie 29-Nov-09 6-Dec-98 on double stone with Brooks Palmer
Palmer, Brooks 6-Apr-10 25-May-83 on double stone with Addie Palmer
Payne, Flora Mae 10-Dec-08 24-May-95
Payne, Floyd James 6-Feb-07 6-Aug-83 on double stone with Flora Mae Payne
Perkins, Eula F. September 25, 1864 5-Aug-06
Quattlebaum, Carthel 12 13-Mar-23 1-May-65 double stone with Marie N. Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Chester Earl 118 Oct. 7, 1907 28-Jun-08 son of J. W.Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Chloie 25-Aug-12 11-Sep-96 on double stone with Dennis Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Dennis 5-Apr-10 16-Jul-69 on double stone with Choloie Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Dolph 70 April 23, 1888 25-Dec-56 double stone with Josie Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Infant 73 born and died May 12, 1916 daughter of Dolph and Josie Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Josie 69 September 7, 1890 21-Feb-66 double stone with Dolph Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Marie N. 13 8-Feb-25 vacant double stone with Carthel Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Minnie A. February 25, 1892 6-Jul-80 on double stone with Walter Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Phillip F. 19-Apr-01 3-Jul-71
Quattlebaum, Walter 119 October 25, 1885 7-Jun-49 on double stone with Minnie A. Quattlebaum
Redus, L. Gladys 136 4-Dec-08 vacant on double stone with R Gardner Redus
Redus, R. Gardner 135 30-Nov-07 2-Feb-64 on double stone with L. Gladys Redus
Rice, Rudie no dates funeral home marker
Roberson, Annalene Barnett 22-Nov-24 11-Feb-04
Roberson, Coyle 113 25-Dec-15 25-Oct-16
Roberson, Eura Bell March 18, 1893 18-Oct-74 on double stone with John Wesley Roberson
Roberson, J.A. 104 November 19, 1854 December 22, 1898
Roberson, John Wesley September 25, 1893 9-Jun-77 on double stone with Eura Bell Roberson
Roberson, Norah 105 illegible (child)
Roberson, William A. 102 born February 5, 1899 (child)
Sapp, Eleanor R. 19-Jan-27 blank on double stone with H. Loyd Sapp
Sapp, H. Loyd 21-Apr-25 13-Jan-98 on double stone with Eleanor R. Sapp also has military marker Pvt. U.S. Army WWII
Scott, Byron O. 1-Jan-12 26-Nov-76 on double stone with Eva Marie Scott
Scott, Cora A. 76 September 15, 1897 September 23, 1899 stone is broken
Scott, Edd January 7, 1880 7-Sep-69 on double stone with Ida Scott
Scott, Eva Marie 11-Jun-15 blank on double stone with Byron O. Scott
Scott, Ida September 25, 1886 22-Nov-36
Scott, J.G. 75 October 15, 1858 October 20, 1899 stone is broken
Scott, W.S. 77 March 8, 1893 September 9, 1893
Shannon, Denver B. 19 22-Apr-11 30-Sep-11 double stone with Lorene Shannon
Shannon, Ida May January 12, 1891 4-Dec-86
Shannon, Lorene 20 28-Apr-19 30-Dec-21 double stone withDenver B. Shannon
Shannon, W. Grover 21 February 27, 1889 21-Apr-52
Smotherman, B.G. 48 3-Jan-13 20-Nov-14
Smotherman, Malinda Staggs September 16, 1883 2-Jun-19
Smotherman, Mary A. August 31, 1841 27-Dec-19
Stacy, Robert Lynn 32 10-Jan-62 14-Jan-63
Stevens, Infant 18 13-Sep-49
Stevens, James W. 28-Jul-43 17-Aug-47
Stevens, L.E. 10-Jun-12 3-May-77 Fatheron double stone with Zelda Stevens
Stevens, Willie D. February 9, 1889 6-Jun-81
Stevens, Zelda 19-Mar-18 29-Aug-88 Motheron double stone with L.E. Stevens
Stracener, Bessie E. 27 8-Jul-09 3-Jun-29
Stracener, C. Florence 21-Oct-01 16-Dec-74
Stracener, George W. 16 January 20, 1880 6-Sep-64 on double stone with Vandelia Stracener
Stracener, Infant 84 24-Sep-34 26-Sep-34 son of W.H. Stracener
Stracener, Infant 85 7-Feb-27 9-Feb-27 daughter of W.H. Stracener
Stracener, James E. 24-Jan-11 blank (funeral home marker shows July 28, 1992 but stone is blank)on double stone with Lottie N. Stracner
Stracener, Lottie N. 29-Aug-09 19-May-88
Stracener, P.G. 128 December 31, 1886 18-Oct-58
Stracener, Vandelia 17 December 22, 1883 12-Feb-65 on double stone with George W. Stracener
Stracener, Vicie R. 15 18-Sep-05 13-Jan-14
Stringfellow, Dora Ella 137 mother April 23, 1888 12-May-58
Swafford, Flossie 28-Apr-15 blank on double stone with Oscar Swafford
Swafford, Oscar 23-Jan-18 6-Aug-99 on double stone with Flossie Swafford
Swink, Tracy Adam 27-Oct-64 16-Jan-78
Taylor, Josie 116 October 28, 1880 1-Jan-22
Thompson, Dulci July 26, 1880 15-Jan-69 on double stone with George W. Thompson
Thompson, George W. 22 January 10, 1892 15-Mar-65 on double stone with Dulci Thompson
Vandendoel, Arta B. January 2, 1883 11-Jan-72 on double stone with Julius J. Vandendoel
Vandendoel, Julius J. May 2, 1888 4-May-76
Vardell, George T. 138 June 21, 1858 23-Jul-37 double stone with Laura A. Vardell
Vardell, Laura A. 139 November 5, 1858 7-Jul-39 double stone with George T. Vardell
Walker, Jim no dates or other information this grave is marked with a rock with only the initials JW carved on it
West, Audath R. 123 1895 1916
West, Cecil H. 5-Jan-06 23-Apr-69
West, Erwin D. 14-Oct-08 29-May-85 on double stone with Stella O. West
West, Eugene R. 106 19-Jan-22 28-Dec-39
West, Evie L. 101 January 25, 1887 vacant double stone with Gus M. West
West, Fate 122 April 25, 1874 10-May-42 on double stone with Zella West
West, Gus M. 100 May 24, 1876 26-Sep-36 (Mason)double stone with Evie L. West
West, Helen Florence 108 1858 1903
West, Infant 109 20-Jun-03 21-Jun-03 child of M.F. West
West, John M. September 13, 1857 27-Jul-36 on double stone with Martha B. West
West, Mackie F. 133 December 7, 1880 25-Dec-62 double stone with Nettie C. West
West, Martha B. January 13, 1863 27-Nov-31
West, Nettie C. 132 August 12, 1882 15-Nov-63 double stone with Mackie F. West
West, Stella O. 12-Dec-11 30-Jul-97 on double stone with Erwin D. West
West, William Hardy 120 1851 1914
West, Zella 121 September 30, 1876 25-Aug-20 on double stone with Fate West
White, Francis Ruth 20-Jun-47 7-May-67 on double stone with Latisha Ann White
White, Latisha Ann 6-Jan-67 7-May-67 on double stone with Francis Ruth White
Wilkinson, Floyd C. 131 27-Jun-03 12-Mar-63 double stone with Hester L. Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Hester L. 130 17-Feb-09 11-Aug-91 double stone with Floyd C. Wilkinson
Williams, Eddie 96 April 13, 1882 March 20, 1884
Williams, Elmer D. 36 2-Dec-12 13-Oct-15
Williams, Infant 98 no dates son of W.W. and A.L. Williams
Williams, James A. February 5, 1884 10-Aug-74 on double stone with Leta T. Williams
Williams, Joseph 95 February 23, 1880 October 15, 1883
Williams, L.J. 97 July 8, 1886 June 10, 1889
Williams, Leta T. 21-Feb-09 blank on double stone with James A.Williams
Williams, Lou E. 35 March 22, 1874 1-May-22 double stone with Ralph M. Williams
Williams, Ralph M. 34 June 8, 1872 13-Feb-60 double stone with Lou E. Williams
Williams, W. W. 99 Co., G. 46 Ark. Cav. C.S.A.
Worthington, Herlon C. 24 1890 1972 double stone with Katherine H.Worthington
Worthington, Katherine H. 23 1894 1958 double stone with Herlon C. Worthington
Young, Naomi Estell 11-Jan-42 blank on double stone with Wondol Lee Young
Young, Wondol Lee 5-Jan-35 24-Jul-98 on double stone with Naomi Estell Young