--Photo by Leroy Blair, 2002

Hicks - Stromgtpwm Cemetery

Little Red, Arkansas

This site, which has also been known as Stringtown Cemetery, was first recorded by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society following a visit on April 24, 2002. He learned of its existence from the property owner when he was researching an unrecorded slave cemetery nearby. "I was asking for permission to look for the old Slave Cemetery that I had learned about," Blair reported, "and he said there was an old cemetery on some other property he owned just west of Little Red near the river.

To get to the cemetery from Little Red, take Highway 305 north toward Hickory Flat about a tenth of a mile to Old River Road and turn left. Go about three miles and turn left on an unmarked road at about 140 Old River Road. Go about a half-mile south to the first house by the river. The cemetery is located in an open field on the left of the road across from the house. It needs mowing but otherwise is in good condition." Blair found two inscribed double headstones, one containing the names of Minerva Hicks and her son William, and the other stone for Mabry Hicks and his second wife Lucinda. Blair also saw approximately 10 other graves that were marked with field stones.

In January 2004, Blair was told by Terry Butler of Pangburn that he had known this graveyard years ago as "Stringtown Cemetery," so named because the settlement nearby was named Stringtown. Blair, who was chairman of the Historical Society’s cemetery committee and a member of the board, visited the graveyard again on February 18, 2005, and found no changes since his first visit.

Two weeks after the new Hicks Family Cemetery listing was released in 2002, Marjean Rowe of Little Rock reported she had found this Hicks family listed in the 1900 census for Jackson Township:

HICKS, Mabry B., age 54 (born Jan. 1846), head

Lucinda, age 34 (born Aug. 1865), wife

Alberta, age 10, dau.

Winnie, age 8, dau.

Shelby, age 6, son.

Mary M., age 3, dau.

In May 2002, the White County Historical Society received detailed information about Mabry Hicks, his two wives and 14 children from Wilma Sneddon of Joplin, Missouri. The listings below reflect this additional data.

Mabry Bowden Hicks was born in Henry, Tennessee, and died at age 86 at Little Red. He was married first to Minerva Jane Peeler, daughter of Crawford Wesley Peeler and Provy Ann (VanMeter) Peeler of Hiram, on March 13, 1870, in White County. Of their six children, only one – William Harrison Hicks – lived to adulthood, and he did not marry. All six are buried here along with Mabry and Minerva. Their children are Joseph Warren Hicks, Allen Floyd Hicks, Henry Watson Hicks, Provy Clark Hicks, William Harrison Hicks and an infant girl. This information was provided to Wilma Sneddon by Peeler and VanMeter families, also from Thelma Hicks Amyett, the youngest child by Mabry’s second marriage.

Minerva Hicks died at age 26 in 1880, one day after giving birth to the unnamed girl. Five of Minerva’s children had already been buried in this cemetery.

Mabry then married Lucinda Harwood, who was 19 years younger. Their wedding date is unknown but the first of their eight children was not born until seven years after Minerva’s death.

Their children included Charles Walter Hicks (April 4, 1887 – July 28, 1893), unnamed boy (April 1899 – May 1899) and Alma May Hicks (August 6, 1900 – August 24, 1908) who are buried in this family cemetery; also Alberta Ann Hicks (July 29, 1889 – November 23, 1965), burial site unknown, and four children who were buried at Providence Cemetery: Winnie Davis Hicks (June 11, 1892 – September 30, 1980), who married Roy N. Simpson; Shelby Lenox Hicks (December 9, 1893 – January 16, 1975); Mary Myrtle Hicks (June 23, 1896 – March 11, 1983), who married L. Henry Hunt; and Thelma Leona Hicks (September 26, 1905 – February 9, 1999), who married Amyett.

Mabry Bowden Hicks died in 1932, outliving his first wife by 52 years and his second by 15. He fathered a total of 14 children, only five of which reached adulthood.

If you have information on this Hicks family or this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Hicks, Allen Floyd – September 123, 1872 – January 8, 1873 at Little Red – son of Mabry and Minerva – unmarked grave

Hicks, Alma May – August 6, 1900, at Little Red – August 24, 1908 – daughter of Mabry and Lucinda – unmarked grave

Hicks, Charles Walter – April 4, 1887, at Little Red – July 28, 1893 – son of Mabry and Lucinda – unmarked grave

Hicks, Joseph Warren – February 4, 1871 at Little Red – August 31, 1873 – son of Mabry and Minerva – unmarked grave

Hicks, Henry Watson – January 19, 1874 at Little Red – September 23, 1876 – son of Mabry and Minerva – unmarked grave

Hicks, Infant Boy – April 1899 at Little Red – May 1899 – son of Mabry and Lucinda – unmarked grave

Hicks, Infant Girl – March 8, 1880, at Little Red – March 8, 1880 – daughter of Mabry and Minerva – unmarked grave

Hicks, Lucinda (Harwood) – August 23, 1867 at Huntsville (Madison County, Arkansas) – August 4, 1917 – on double stone with Mabry B. Hicks

Hicks, Mabry Bowden – January 24, 1846 at Henry, Tennessee – March 30, 1932 – husband of Minerva Jane (Peeler) Hicks then Lucinda (Harwood) Hicks.

Hicks, Minerva Jane (Peeler) – January 1854 at Hiram – March 9, 1880 – "Mother" – on double stone with son William Harrison Hicks – daughter of Provy Ann (Van Meter) and Crawford Wesley Peeler

Hicks, Provy Clark – March 1, 1876 – August 19, 1879 – son of Mabry and Minerva – unmarked grave

Hicks, William Harrison – November 15, 1877 at Little Red – April 20, 1944 in Cleburne County, Arkansas – "Son" – on double stone with mother Minerva