--photo by Leroy Blair, 2002

Holleman Cemetery

Joy, Arkansas

This cemetery is located in Section 16, Township 8 North, Range 9 West.

It was listed by Cloie and Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society May 30, 1967, who gave these directions: "Turn north off Highway 36 about one mile east of Mt. Bethel Church and about one mile north turn through a yard, east off the road to the cemetery." In addition to the following list they reported 24 unmarked graves, two of which were rocked.

The cemetery was visited by Society member Leroy Blair on October 9, 2000, who found the graves of two children of Rufus and Hallie Holleman that were not on the original list. Following is his report:

"To get to this cemetery take Highway 36 west past Joy about 3 miles to Holleman Road. Turn right on Holleman and go about a quarter-mile then turn right on that road. The cemetery is about 200 yards down that road and about 100 yards back in a field on the left. The cemetery is fenced. It needs mowing but overall it is in good condition. The only real problem I found at this cemetery is that it is guarded by the meanest Dominique rooster I have seen since I was a little kid. I did not know that he was there. I was writing and he jumped on my back so hard he knocked me down. So if you go out there be careful. He will jump on you without any warning."

The rooster was not there when Blair returned August 6, 2002. But what he did find was "it had been recently cleaned, and someone has taken new funeral home markers and placed them by the field rocks that had been the only markers for several graves." As a result, Blair was able to add several names to the existing list.

If you have corrections or additions to this list or other information on Holleman Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Carter, Dicie dates unknown
Carter, Hugh L. December 8, 1876 14-Apr-42 on double stone with Mary B. Carter
Carter, Mary B. June 21, 1872 7-Mar-66
Carter, Ophelia dates unknown
Carter, Orval dates unknown
Carter, Vena 11-Aug-01 10-Jun-27 on double stone with Coy Carter
Duncan, Ninta Caroline October 12, 1858 16-Dec-38 this grave was listed on the Presley list as Holleman, Minta C.
Garner, Annah March 26, 1867 25-Aug-24
Garner, Sarah A. March 11, 1860 25-Jan-26
Garner, Thomas J. September 1, 1856 14-Sep-20
Garvin, Lener dates unknown
Hartsfield, Laura (Holleman) dates unknown
Holleman, ? July 24, 1813 only date grave is covered with slabs of rock
Holleman, ? June 21, 1899 1934
Holleman, Andrew Jackson February 11, 1854 3-Jan-28
Holleman, Cassie (Duncan) 1857 1884
Holleman, Elizabeth (Cotton) February 8, 1813 only date grave is covered with slabs of rock
Holleman, George T. July 18, 1887 January 25, 1963 - funeral marker
Holleman, George Washington November 19, 1848 January 20, 1859
Holleman, Hallie V. November 11, 1890 (new grave, few days)
Holleman, Henry dates unknown
Holleman, infant died March 31, 1918 daughter of Rufus and Hallie Holleman
Holleman, infant died June 11, 1916 son of Rufus and Hallie Holleman
Holleman, John Monroe June 9, 1839 1859
Holleman, Martha dates unknown
Holleman, Mary Elizabeth 14-May-23 26-May-25
Holleman, Minta C. October 12, 1858 16-Dec-38 see Duncan, Ninta Caroline
Holleman, Mrs. Henry dates unknown
Holleman, Nancy no information
Holleman, Nancy E. November 1844 only date
Holleman, Rufus February 20, 1892 25-Jul-59 on double stone with Hallie V. Holleman
Holleman, twins December 20, 1890 December 20, 1890 children of Andrew Jackson Holleman and Cassie Holleman
Holleman, William Henry November 8, 1844 only date
Norman, Amzire dates unknown
Norman, B. dates unknown
Norman, B. (baby) dates unknown
Norman, F. dates unknown
Norman, Florence dates unknown
Norman, Henry dates unknown
Norman, Henry T. September 1, 1870 25-Apr-39
Norman, Lethe dates unknown
Ramsey, Mrs. dates unknown
West, Martha I. September 27, 1845 21-Sep-09 Eastern Star
West, Rev. H.T. February 7, 1841 18-Aug-06 Mason