--Photo by Leroy Blair,2001

Hutchins Cemetery

Griffithville, Arkansas

These two graves were listed for the first time after they were visited April 25, 2001, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society. Following are his directions on how to find them: "Take McDoniel Road south from Griffithville about four miles to Cain Road; actually, McDoniel Road will make a sharp left and become Cain Road. Go about one mile on Cain. The cemetery is on the left, about 100 yards back in a plowed field. You can see it from the road. You will see a small bunch of brush and weeds in the open field, and that is where the graves are. There are two graves, and they are marked by two large stumps. I was told that a large pine tree marked one grave and a large cedar tree marked the other, but they were cut down several years ago because of the danger they caused for crop duster planes."

Blair said he learned of the graves from a woman who owns land around the cemetery and participates in water aerobics with his wife Ellen at Harding University. Additional information was provided by residents of the area and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mulheim of Kensett, who are related to the Hutchins. Blair did not report seeing any other graves, marked or unmarked. Nearly four years later on February 17, 2005 he returned to this site and found it unchanged.

If you have additional information on the Hutchins family on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Hutchins, Levi died about 1911 age about 16 years son of Harry Hutchins

Hutchins, William Dolph died about 1913 age about 12 years son of Hardy Hutchins