--photo by Leroy Blair, 2001

Lessenberry Family Cemetery

Kensett, Arkansas

This cemetery listing was first prepared by Joe Hammond of Kensett in February 1976. It is located on land which originally was the Lessenberry Farm but at the time of the survey was owned by Irvin Wright of Kensett. Hammond reported seeing one unmarked grave.

The cemetery was visited February 19, 2001, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society, who reported it to be "in very poor condition, very overgrown, with signs of vandalism." He provided the following directions to reach it: "From Kensett, take Pete Hall Road south about one mile to a blue/gray house on the right of the road. The cemetery is behind this house in a pine grove about 200 yards from the house. Beware of the dog at this house."

Blair noted assorted problems with tombstones. He said he did not find the unmarked grave that was mentioned in the 1976 report. "A Mrs. McDonald who lives near Griffithville and knows a little about this cemetery" told Blair that the unmarked grave is possibly that of Sarah Lessenberry. She did not know any dates.

If you have corrections or additions to this list, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Cowan, Mary F. August 20, 1843 April 12, 1873 wife of James A. Cowan stone has separated from the base and was buried in the ground
EVM no other information footstone found by Leroy Blair in 2001 has these three initials
Lessenberry, Emily February 20, 1814 June 9, 1871 wife of J.A. = stone has separated from the base and was buried in the ground
Lessenberry, J.A. July 5, 1814 July 15, 1880 stone has fallen over
McNeill, Amanda H. 1851 1914 on double stone with James E. McNeill
McNeill, Emaey Z. 1870 1872 Blair unable to find this stone in 2001
McNeill, James E. February 12, 1875 September 21, 1876
McNeill, John Thomas 1841 1919
Williams, Ann W. died July 4, 1895 wife of C.K. Williams 57 years, 4 mos., 8 days
Williams, Annie November 1, 1877 July 24, 1879 daughter of Ann W. and C.K. Williams
Williams, Deener July 28, 1868 September 10, 1872 son of Ann W. and C.K. Williams stone is broken