--photo by Leroy Blair, 2001

Lindley Cemetery

West Point, Arkansas

This cemetery is located about a half mile north of the New Hope Cemetery on Highway 323 south of West Point. It was visited and recorded February 19, 2001, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society. He provided these directions to reach it: "From West Point take Highway 323 south; after about two and a half miles the road will turn east. Continue for about a mile and a half until the road turns back south. The cemetery is on the right about 400 yards off the highway. About one-quarter mile before the road turns back south there is an old road leading into a place where a lot of things have been dumped. If you go through the dump you can see the cemetery out in an open field. It is fenced with a chain link fence about 50x50 feet. There is no gate. The cemetery is in bad need of mowing; otherwise it is in good condition." Blair found only one marked grave:

Lindley, John W. 1834 1917 2d Lt. Co. I, 17th Miss. Inf. CSA

"There is probably another grave. I found three pieces of marble lying on the ground [near this grave]. There are no names or dates on them. But there is a depression in the ground like a grave that has sunk."

If you have additional information on Lt. John W. Lindley or this cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.