--photo by Leroy Blair, 2001

Massey Cemetery

Opal, Arkansas

Established in 1885, this cemetery covers about two acres donated by the Massey family approximately a mile west of the Opal community. The site is approximately four-tenths of a mile south of U.S. Highway 64 on John Smith Road, about seven miles west of Beebe, in the NE of Section 1, Township 5 North, Range 10 West. A small wooden sign with "Massey Cemetery" painted on it marks the turnoff on the south side of Highway 64.

A survey was completed for the White County Historical Society in March 2000 by William E. (Sonny) Davis, Robert C. Davis and Karen K. Davis. Leroy Blair of the Historical Society visited the cemetery February 19, 2001, and described it as "very clean, well cared for." He found seven graves marked only with rocks. He also found two funeral home markers that were illegible but did not appear to be old. He speculated that they may be the markers for the graves of James William Hightower and Annie Irene Hightower because he was unable to find their markers. He also could not find the stone or marker for Washington M. Cook.

Donations for the maintenance of Massey Cemetery may be sent to Bobby Davis, 1314 Headlee Heights, Searcy, AR 72143.

See "Opal's Influx of 1850" for more information

If you have additional information on Massey Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Cook, Washington M. 6-Jan-53 Age 70 years, 67 months, 13 days
Davis, A.C. October 20, 1865 22-Apr-52 on double stone with Lucy F. Davis
Davis, Bessie E. March 16, 1891 9-Sep-80 on double stone with Lois C. Davis
Davis, Charles E. October 15, 1862 20-Jan-39
Davis, Elizabeth Jane May 20, 1844 1-Nov-28 on double stone with James R. Davis
Davis, Guy Clayburn 29-Jan-20 9-Mar-81
Davis, Henry Jeff 30-Nov-11 8-Sep-64
Davis, Icy E. October 24, 1898 15-Sep-03
Davis, James R. June 16, 1834 December 12, 1898 on double stone with Elizabeth Jane Davis
Davis, James Robert 27-Mar-18 26-Jul-45
Davis, Lois C. July 2, 1890 6-Sep-42 on double stone with Bessie E. Davis
Davis, Lucy F. 1869 6-Jun-01 on double stone with A.C. Davis
Davis, Pearl L. December 2, 1895 21-Jun-79 on double stone with William E. Davis
Davis, William E. November 27, 1894 28-Feb-55 on double stone with Pearl L. Davis
Fisher, Beulah Mae 30-Dec-05 no other date on double stone with Eugene ("Dick") Fisher
Fisher, Eugene ("Dick") 22-Sep-00 10-Apr-86 on double stone with Beulah Mae Fisher
Hightower, Annie Irene 16-Dec-23 24-Jan-97
Hightower, James William 30-Sep-09 17-Nov-88
Isbell, James M. September 12, 1851 12-Oct-03 on double stone with Mary D. Isbell
Isbell, Mary D. February 2, 1857 15-Feb-24 on double stone with James M. Isbell
Kirkpatrick, Joanah V. February 27, 1865 March 31, 1891 wife of C.W. Kirkpatrick
Massey, Bessie January 14, 1895 August 14, 1899 daughter of J.C. and M.J. Massey
Massey, Drucilla Elizabeth March 25, 1831 3-Feb-00 on double stone with Joel C. Massey
Massey, Elvie C. 1897 1977 married September 25, 1925 on double stone with William C. Massey
Massey, Infant born and died September 5, 1903 child of J.C. and M.J. Massey
Massey, James C. January 27, 1868 30-Jun-44 on double stone with Mary Jane Massey
Massey, Joel C. November 9, 1821 September 17, 1885 on double stone with Drucilla Elizabeth Massey
Massey, Mary Jane May 10, 1873 26-Jan-47 on double stone with James C. Massey
Massey, Verlon C. 24-Sep-15 22-Feb-31
Massey, William C. 1898 1994 on double stone with Elvie C. Massey
Noe, Thomas O. 12-Feb-17 26-Jun-90 1st Sgt. U.S. Army WWII previously listed as Thomas, O. Noe
Shurley, Ina H. January 13, 1895 16-Dec-60 on double stone with Joe M. Shurley
Shurley, Infant died December 27, 1915 son of J.M. and Ina
Shurley, Joe M. June 20, 1894 21-Oct-73 on double stone with Ina Shurley
Shurley, W.J. August 27, 1866 January 1, 1896
Smith, John Lloyd Sr. 25-Nov-28 20-Jun-99 SSgt. U.S.Air Force Korea on double stone with Mary Margee Smith
Smith, Mary Margee 14-May-39 only date on double stone with John Lloyd Smith Sr.
Taylor, Drucy T. October 1870 9-Mar-65 95 years painted in black on a concrete block
Taylor, Habb no dates named painted in black on a concrete block
Taylor, Infant daughter of Drucy T. Taylor painted in black on a concrete block
Thomas, Randall Noe "Randy" December 28, 19438 5-Mar-81
Thompson, Joanna S. July 14, 1843 only date painted in black on a concrete block
Williams, Effie D. December 23, 1871 10-Jan-49
Williams, Harry Jr. 31-Aug-24 25-Apr-95 on double stone with Lucille Williams
Williams, Lucille 25-Oct-37 only date on double stone with Harry Williams Jr.