Moon Family Cemetery

Rose Bud, Arkansas

To reach Moon Family Cemetery, take Highway 36 west from Rose Bud to Highway 124. Turn right on Highway 124. The cemetery is approximately one-quarter mile on the left. A chain link fence surrounds the cemetery.

This cemetery was first listed for the White County Historical Society by Cloie Presley of Searcy on July 10, 1962. Mrs. Presley recorded that W.H. Moon, a grandson of Dr. W. B. Moon, told her that the Moon family came from Alabama in the late 1860s and bought a homestead west of Rose Bud. The house was directly across the present road from the cemetery. Dr. Moon later purchased a large tract of land in Cadron Bottoms.

Mrs. Beatrice Carter gave Mrs. Presley and her husband Leister a map and a list of names of persons buried here. She told them that there are nine unmarked graves and they are members of the families of Henry Ware, Dave Copeland, Billy Powell, A.L. McKay, Dr. W.B. Moon Jr., George Layne, Sam Pearson and the Walters. The Walters were good friends of the Moon family but they were not related. All others buried in the cemetery are members of the Moon family.

The cemetery was updated January 8, 2001, and again in late 2002 by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society. He reported the cemetery is clean and nicely maintained. He visited the cemetery again on January 4, 2005, and found four bottoms of tombstones. The top parts containing information were not found.

If you have corrections or additional information on McKnight Cemetery at Bradford, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Copeland, Susan C. June 20, 1854 March 27, 1888 daughter of W.B. and R.C. Moon
Copeland, Willie H. August 18, 1881 July 1, 1882 son of D.G. and S.G. Copeland
Henderson, Gillian Faye Moon 28-May-04 11-Dec-91
Johnson, Ellen M. 1908 2001 on double stone with Harvy J. Johnson
Johnson, Harvy J. September 13, 1898 19-Apr-72 Ark. SF1 USNR WWII on double stone with Ellen M. Johnson
Moon, Alice E. it originally had a funeral marker that was illegible in 2000 grave not found in 2005
Moon, Allie Darden October 15, 1856 24-Jan-35 wife of Dr. W.D. Moon
Moon, Dr. W.B. June 20, 1821 March 25, 1890
Moon, Emma Virginia July 22, 1889 16-Feb-33
Moon, George B. May 11, 1886 December 2, 1887 son of R.V. and G.H. Moon
Moon, Gillian H. July 28, 1868 26-Jul-55
Moon, Helen Redd 21-Aug-14 16-Oct-01 PM3 USN WWII
Moon, Hinton U. Jr. born and died May 15, 1924
Moon, Jacob O. July 31, 1856 October 31, 1877 son of Dr. W.B. and R.C.Moon
Moon, Mary 1-Mar-16 vacant on double stone with Silas Moon
Moon, Robbie Lee January 19, 1874 August 23, 1875 son of W.B. and A.E. Moon grave not found in 2005
Moon, Robert H. 12-Oct-23 7-Sep-02 U.S. Navy
Moon, Robert Urial July 22, 1860 3-Jul-40
Moon, Rowena C. December 25, 1828 June 30, 1897 wife of W.B. Moon
Moon, Silas 23-Mar-13 14-Feb-65 on double stone with Mary Moon
Moon, August 23, 1875 only date that was legible in January 2001 survey son of Dr. W.D. and A.D. Moon stone is badly worn
Moon, Theodosia E. May 31, 1866 October 6, 1873 daughter of Dr. W.B. and R.C. Moon-grave not found in 2005
Pearson, Mary C. dates illegible consort of S.S. Pearson, daughter of W.B. and R.C. Moon
Seymour, Balfour Moon June 27, 1887 June 14, 1974.
Walters, Effie 1861 May 22, 1899 age 38 years wife of J.J. Walters
Walters, Emma 1867 1925
Walters, Joseph J. August 22, 1852 18-Dec-08
Ware, Frances L. April 21, 1848 March 26, 1876 consort of H.M. Ware, daughter of Dr. W.B. and R.C. Moon