Photos by Leroy Blair

Moore Cemetery

Wilburn, Arkansas

This Cleburne County cemetery, which is also known as Old Salem Cemetery, was listed for the White County Historical Society by Leroy Blair after he visited it with his wife Ellen on July 12, 2001. It is listed by the White County Society because many White County residents are buried here. Following is from his report: "To get to this cemetery from Wilburn, take Tyler Road. When you get to the end of the blacktop, go about a mile to a crossroad and turn left. (This is the same crossroad that goes to Decker Cemetery, only you turn right to go to Decker.) Go 1.4 miles to another side road and turn right. The cemetery is about a half-mile down this road, on the right side of the road. When we visited, it was in bad need of mowing, covered with weeds and small bushes. It appeared to have been very badly overgrown with trees and brush until someone cleared the area with a bulldozer, taking care not to disturb the graves. This is a large cemetery, covering maybe two acres or more. The graves are in four different sections about 100 feet apart. Due to the overgrowth, I probably missed a lot of graves and need to return when the leaves are off the weeds and bushes."

Blair found 23 graves marked only with rocks and no information on them. There was also one unmarked grave covered with slabs of rock.

If you have corrections or additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society.

Name Birth Death Comments
McLester, Ann M.N. (Scott) September 22, 1840 July 23, 1888 wife of Z.L. McLester daughter of David M. and Frances Ann Hagler Scott of Henry Co., TN
McLester, Eldridge L. May 1869 February 1870 died of diphtheria son of Ann and Z.L. McLester unmarked grave per family records
McLester, Zadok Lafayette November 17, 1832 July 5, 1883 moved his family to Arkansas from Henry Co., TN, in 1861
Moore, Eugene F. February 17, 1905 April 29, 1905
Moore, Helen C. February 27, 1889 September 6, 1889 daughter of T.W. and M.B. Moore
Moore, Henretta January 25, 1905 April 7, 1905 on double stone with Louis Moore
Moore, infant August 26, 1870 - only date child of R.W. and S.S. Moore
Moore, Louis January 18, 1905 April 4, 1905
Moore, R.W. May 23, 1830 March 24, 1884
Moore, Veta March 4, 1905 April 3, 1905 on double stone with Eugene F. Moore
Morris, ? died March 25, 1940 age 40 years, 9 mos., 23 days barely legible funeral home marker
Morris, George J. May 19, 1928 May 18, 1951 Pvt. 23rd Inf. 2nd Inf. Div. Korea on same stone with George W. Morris and Opie Elmer Morris
Morris, George W. June 19, 1905 June 7, 1936 on same stone with George J. and Opie Elmer Morris
Morris, James January 30, 1905 April 30, 1905 on double stone with Rene Morris
Morris, Opie Elmer October 12, 1933 December 3, 1934 on same stone with George J. and George W. Morris
Osborn, infant March 27, 1947 March 27, 1947 barely legible funeral home marker
Peeler, Frances (McLester) May 4, 1862 February 2, 1889 first wife of Crawford Warren Peeler mother of Provy Ann, Eva Minerva and Crawford Lafayette Peeler unmarked grave, per family records
Rigdon, Elizabeth January 23, 1905 March 30, 1905
Rigdon, L.S. January 18, 1905 March 25, 1905 on double stone with Elizabeth Rigdon
Roberson, Jeloy July 22, 1917 June 4, 1925 son of T.W. and E.P. Roberson
Williams, Maxwell October 15, 1929 November 26, 1929