--photos by Leroy Blair, 2003

Moseley Family Cemetery

Bald Knob, Arkansas

This forgotten cemetery was rediscovered by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society in December 2003. "I was told about this old cemetery by Conway Wilson, who lives near Bald Knob," Blair reports. "He remembered he farmed around it about 60 years ago."

The few tombstones that Blair found dated back to Reconstruction days. All were broken or in poor shape. Blair said the landowner is agreeable to visitors at the grave sites, but requests that they alert him at his home when they are in the area.

To reach the cemetery from Bald Knob, go south on Highway 367. "About a mile south of town, you will cross a small bridge," according to Blair. "Just after you cross the bridge, you will see a rock house on the left. About 300 feet south of this house is a dirt road that goes back to an old rock quarry. There is one house at the end of the road. The owner of the land where the graves are located lives in this house. The graves are on the left of the road at a curve just before you get to the house. It is overgrown. There is a large hole in the ground between two rocks. The landowner said that a grave was moved about 15 years ago. He did not know who it was or where it was moved."

If you have additional information on this cemetery or the Moseley family, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Moseley, Hiller born December 29, 1851, in Bedford Co., Tennessee died January 20, 1874 stone is off its base, lying on the ground.

Key, Maria E. no dates Wife of ? stone is broken later research by webmaster Wendy Barr indicated this is the grave of the wife of James Archer Moseley and that they were married in White County September 19, 1866.

H.M.M. foot stone no dates

T.B.M. foot stones no dates

Unknown fragment of a stone with "died July 4th" on it

Unknown fragment of a stone with "died January 22, 1878" on it