Mossy Point Cemetery

Searcy, Arkansas

(See DAWN CEMETERY.) The area where this cemetery is located was once known as Mossy Point. An article in the Searcy Daily Citizen on November 23, 1986, stated that Mossy Point was "so named because a long moss used to grow there before a fire in the 1950s. Annie Killough of Park Avenue in Searcy, a longtime teacher in White County, tells of 50 to 60 years ago this was a place that people from Searcy rode in buggies for an all-day picnic and a time to enjoy a lovely view from the top of Mossy Point. A note of tragedy there was 40 or 50 years ago, when a woman threw her baby in the Des Arc Bayou because a man wouldn’t marry her since she had a baby. Indians also enjoyed the beauty of this place as numerous arrowheads and chips are found in the area, so they must have camped here."