--photo by Leroy Blair

Mount Olive/Bedford Chapel Cemetery

(African American)

Rose Bud, Arkansas



This cemetery is located alongside the church building in what has been called "The Colony." The African Americans have lived south of Rose Bud since the end of the Civil War. This is in Section 8, Township 7 North, Range 8 West. Marked graves were first listed there March 26, 1966, by Cloie and Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society, and published in the 1995 edition of White County Heritage. Charles Alexander of R#1, Box 72, Mt. Vernon, Arkansas, made an effort to get information on the unmarked graves and supplied that list.

In 1995 a number of families were participating in an annual homecoming for the Mount Olive and Bedford Chapel community. According to chairperson Lynn Funnell, these families who participated are descendants of the early members of the community: Monroe and Octavia Dupriest, Bonnie and Fannie Clements, Samuel and Ardealure Alexander, William and Louella Alexander, Alford and Tilda Bedford, Columbus and Mindy Britton, Adam and Vinice Dupriest, Will and Minnie Britton, Willie and Savannah Walker, Dan and Estella Hardin.


The Mount Olive/Bedford Chapel Cemetery was visited January 8, 2001, by White County Historical Society member Leroy Blair, who added 20 names and other information to the original list. "To get to this cemetery from Rose Bud," Blair wrote in his report, "take Highway 5 south about six miles, turn right on Manning Road. Go about two miles. The cemetery is beside the Mount Olive Church. It is fairly clean. There are a lot of graves marked with rocks with no information on them. I counted 26 marked only with rocks. I also counted 13 old funeral home markers that are no longer legible." Blair was unable to find the following graves which were on the old list: Ulie Adkison, Mrs. Ardailure Alexander, Cleveland Bedford Jr., Allen Biggers, Floyd Brooks, Rachel Brooks, Henry Holland, Mrs. Amanda Holland, Katie Howard, Mrs. N.B. (Zeland) Nix, William A. Nix, Dwaine Simpson, Mrs. Pearle Biggers Walker and William Williams. Blair returned in late 2002 and found no new burials but that the cemetery had been cleaned since his previous visit.

If you have corrections or additions to this list or other information on this cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.


Adkison, Ulie, wife of B.A. Adkison 1888 July 28, 1916

Alexander, Luther September 9, 1895 December 1, 1918 WWI

Alexander, Mrs. Ardailure (died) April 5, 1953 age 62

Alexander, Nannie L. August 2, 1921 vacant on double stone with W.C. Theodore Alexander

Alexander, Samuel Austin (died) February 26, 1966 100 years, 3 months, 29 days

Alexander, W.C. Theodore November 16, 1910 July 29, 1988 on double stone with Nannie Alexander

Alexander, Willie J. May 2, 1938 July 12, 1971

Bedford, Cleveland, Jr. (died) December 19, 1963 age 31 years

Bedford, Cleveland Sr. September 4, 1912 September 6, 1986

Bedford, Laura May 21, 1876 - December 11, 1952

Bedford, Louise Hardin March 12, 1916 September 2, 1967

Bedford, Mattie Alexander November 7, 1916 June 4, 1991 on double stone with William Titus Bedford

Bedford, Millard F., Ark. Pvt. WWI February 11, 1911 June 30, 1950

Bedford, Tilda, wife of Alford September 1, 1920 April 5, 1961

Bedford, William T. July 14, 1881 October 31, 1957

Bedford, William Titus February 16, 1904 April 18, 1977 on double stone with Mattie Alexander Bedford

Biggers, Allen February 22, 1901 July 1, 1962

Brooks, Floyd 1851 April 6, 1941

Brooks, Rachel no dates (funeral home marker)

Clements, Fannie 1862 only date on a rock

Clements, Golden 1904 1986

Clements, Mattie 1886 1920

Clemones, Lue Ella April 17, 1879 June 21, 1947 married Alfred Nix December 27, 1892

Clemonts, Nellie died February 8, 1978 age 68 years

Dupriest, Dumas died June 4, 1982 age 57 years

Dupriest, Herbert M. 1918 1983 Cpl. U.S. Army WWII

Harper, Thomas 1921 1983

Holland, Henry (died) June 25, 1953 60 years

Holland, Mrs. Amanda (died) May 2, 1951 97 years, ? months, 20 days

Howard, Katie April, 1910 May 7, 1951

Morris, Simon E. October 15, 1899 November 8, 1944

Nelson, Jim August 31, 1903 January 9, 1927 MTAV, Mt. Vernon Chamber 4311

Nix, Mrs. N.B. (Zeland) (died) February 11, 1964 61 years, 4 months, 24 days.

Nix, Telmon B. 1913 vacant on double stone with Versie R. Nix

Nix, Versie R. 1908 2000 on double stone with Telmon B. Nix

Nix, William A. died April 7, 1954 age 84 years born in Atlanta, Georgia, c1870

Owens, Brooks (died) November 15, 1922 MTAV, Mt. Vernon Chamber 4311

Simpson, Dwaine February 25, 1963 stillborn

Thompson, Elvia L. October 24, 1902 June 28, 1976

Walker, Mrs. Pearlie Biggers (died) April 21, 1965 71 years, 8 months, 16 days

Williams, Vinece October 6, 1884 August 21, 1974

Williams, William (died) October 31, 1963 75 years.


The Presleys reported about 55 unmarked graves. Charles Alexander supplied the following names:

Alexander, Austine 1923 stillborn

Alexander, Henry 1926 stillborn this grave now has a metal plate set in cement

Alexander, Henry 1940 - stillborn

Alexander, Kathyline 1928 stillborn

Alexander, Mrs. Inez H. (died) June 30, 1952

Alexander, Pearlie August 16, 1936 18 years

Alexander, son of Rev. & Mrs. W.C.T. Alexander November 6, 1958 stillborn

Alexander, Wilson Pearce 1943 July 1, 1950

Bedford, Mr. Alfred (died) May 23, 1938 age 78

Bedford, Thomas (died) October 31, 1957 age 77

Biggers, Marvin no information

Blackwell, Mrs.Flora (died) 1920

Britton, Mrs. Ophilia Dupriest October 5, 1913 January 15, 1934

Brooks, Mrs. Elsie S. (died) January 9, 1944 age 18 years

Campbell, Mr. Madge no information

Clemons, Mr. Coleman 1892 April 26, 1931

Clemons, Mrs. Fannie Strickland 1849 1930

Clemons, Thom Booney, Sr. 1848 January 15, 1926

Clemons, Tilda 1925 stillborn

Dupriest, Mr. Adam (died) January, 1923

Dupriest, Mrs. Odell Morris no information

Harper, Mr. Simon (died) November 8, 1944

Hill, Mr. Horace (died) 1947 WWII

Mix, Mrs. Mary Ann (died) 1916

Montgomery, Mrs. Elizabeth no information a rock was found with her name scratched on it when the cemetery was surveyed in January 2001

Morris, Mr. Samuel late 1830s April 11, 1926 a rock with her name scratched on it was also found in January 2001

Morris, Mrs. Betty no information

Morris, Samuel died in U.S. Army 1917 or 1918

Nelson, Mr. Joseph no information

Nelson, Mr. Roy (died) 1945

Nix, Bertha Marvale 1943 stillborn

Nix, Clemont 1938 stillborn

Smith, Mrs. Geraldine P. (died) 1922

Stapler, Mr. Jeff (died) June 24, 1942 age 79 a rock with his name scratched on it was found in January 2001

Strickland, Mr. Miyles (died) May, 1931

Strickland, Mr. Nash no information

Thomas, Mr. Jim died 1917