--photo courtesy of Paul Miller

Old Clearwater Cemetery

Judsonia, Arkansas

This is an old abandoned cemetery on Highway 157, north of Judsonia in Section 8, Township 8 North, Range 6 West. Surveyed in 1968 by Providence Extension Homemaker’s Club and visited October 10, 2000, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society. Following is Blair’s report:

"I visited this cemetery with Mr. Roy Land, who owns the property where the cemetery is located. We went to it by going across a pasture field in back of his home at 1609 Highway 13 north of Judsonia. It was a half-mile or more from the house back into the woods. It is overgrown and hard to reach. There is a very large double stone, possibly marble, with Elijah Little and Lucinda Little on it. It appears to have been shot with a shotgun. Mr. Lang told me about the Littles settling in this area and how they came from down South with their slaves. There appears to be some unmarked graves but due to the overgrown area it is hard to tell for sure. They may be graves of the slaves."

Little, Elijah – 1807 – 1880

Little, Lucinda - 1817 - 1854

These two are the only tombstones in the cemetery, but there are some 40 to 50 others graves marked only with field stones. (See Providence Cemetery and attached history.)

If you have additional information on Old Clearwater Cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.