--photo by Leroy Blair, 2002

Osborn Family Cemetery

Romance, Arkansas

The following report was prepared by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society:

"I visited this cemetery with my wife Ellen on February 28, 2002. This is a private family cemetery. It currently has only one grave. But it has six stones with names and dates of birth for future use. The cemetery is fenced with brick and wrought iron. It sits back in the woods from the Osborn home.

"To get to the cemetery from Romance, take Highway 5 south about two and a half miles to Red Hill Road. Turn left and go about one and three-quarters miles and turn right on a farm road which will go back through the fields about eight-tenths of a mile to a large beautiful home on the hill. The cemetery is in the woods to the left of the house.

"The owner of the cemetery, Mrs. Carolyn Osborn, went with me to the cemetery and told me who the people are."

If you have additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Edwards, Marie May 5, 1920 blank mother of Carolyn Osborn
Osborn, Carolyn Edwards February 26, 1944 blank
Osborn, Clark Edwards March 25, 1964 blank twin of Craig Edwards Osborn
Osborn, Craig Edwards March 25, 1964 January 29, 1990 son of Carolyn and James Pruitt Osborn
Osborn, Criston King May 21, 1905 blank son of Carolyn and James Pruitt Osborn
Osborn, James Pruitt January 3, 1941 blank husband of Carolyn Osborn