--photo by Leroy Blair

Owen–Henson Cemetery

Judsonia, Arkansas

This cemetery is located about a mile east of White County Central School on the old Searcy-Batesville road. It was listed in 1965 by Cloie Presley of the White County Historical Society. She reported "estimated 25-35 fieldstone markers not identified."

The cemetery was badly overgrown and no longer being used when Leroy Blair of the Historical Society visited it August 25, 2000. Following is his report: "To get to this cemetery, take Highway 157 north from Judsonia to Edwards Road. About a quarter-mile south of White County Central School, turn right on Edwards Road, following it until it comes to a T intersection (unmarked road). Turn left and go about 200 yards to another T intersection (unmarked). Turn right on this road. (May need a four-wheel drive in wet weather.) Go about 200 yards. The cemetery is on the right. It is very hard to see because it is overgrown. There is an old fence around it but it has fallen down. I found 12 of the graves in the Presley list. There are a lot of unmarked graves. It is very hard to tell how many due to the overgrowth. I did not find the graves of Elizabeth Ellen Kearnes, Clara Eva Owens or Lee Owen."

If you have corrections or additions to this list or other information on Owen-Henson Cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Dumas, John B. December 2, 1806 April 22, 1872
Henson, Alfred White December 28, 1811 March 27, 1868 broken stone in 2000 report
Henson, Minerva J. January 8, 1830 August 11, 1880 broken stone in 2000 report
Kearns, Elizabeth Ellen February 7, 1833 21-Dec-01
Little, Carlond E. 1-Sep-08 19-Aug-13 son of E.E. and M.E. Little
Little, Lorenzo Lee November 18, 1875 17-Dec-04
Little, Mary M. August 2, 1857 1-Jun-19 wife of G.W Little broken stone in 2000 report
Mangum, Mary Owen January 31, 1871 February 21, 1898
Owen, Alfred White May 20, 1889 July 15, 1889 broken stone in 2000 report
Owen, Cora Eva August 22, 1880 23-Mar-07
Owen, Emily Morgan December 10, 1855 5-Jan-11
Owen, G.B. April 5, 1845 no other date
Owen, Lee 1951 1952
Owen, Nancy Henson October 19, 1850 October 20, 1889
Owen, Permelia Jane August 27, 1868 August 16, 1873