Payton Family Cemetery

Wilburn, Arkansas

Leroy “Lee” Blair, a member of the board of directors and chairman of the cemetery research committee of the White County Historical Society, prepared the following report on this site:

“This cemetery is located in Cleburne County in an area that at one time was a part of White County. I have known of the existence of this small family cemetery for several years. But could not find anyone to ask for permission to make a list of those buried there. On March 13, 2007, I was on my way to update some other cemeteries in the area and noticed that someone was home at the house behind the cemetery. I stopped and talked to Mr. Payton, he said he would be glad if I made list of his family cemetery. He said the first burial here was Ollie Payton who died July 8, 1971. He also said that all those buried there were blood relatives or related by marriage. There are only four graves in the cemetery now, but there are additional stones set for future use, I have listed them also for future reference. Mr. Payton told me that there is a very old cemetery in the woods between here and Wilburn that may never have been listed by anyone. He said he had not been to the old cemetery for about 30 years. He said the last time he was there vandals had turned over and broken many of the stones. He believes this is a large and very old cemetery. He told me if I would come see him when the weather gets better he would take me to the cemetery. I plan on returning this spring. To get to the Payton family cemetery from Wilburn take Tyler road to Center Ridge road turn right on Center Ridge Road the cemetery is located on the left a short distance down the road toward the Hiram Community.”

The following abbreviations are used in this list:
DS = double tombstone
FM = funeral home marker

Name Birth Death Comments
Payton, Mildred Louise March 11, 1930 only date DS with Oppie Lee Payton (Row 1)
Payton, Oppie Lee December 5, 1932 only date DS with Mildred Louise Payton (Row 1)
Hensley, Edward Dale March 3, 1934 only date DS with Mae Dean (Payton) Hensley (Row 2)
Hensley, Mae Dean (Payton) July 29, 1934 only date DS with Edward Dale Hensley (Row 2)
Hensley, Jason Dale March 18, 1980 April 15, 1999 (Row 2)
Marling, G. Russ June 2, 1938 only date DS with Sylvia (Payton) Marling (Row 3)
Marling, Sylvia (Payton) September 12, 1937 only date DS with G. Russ Marling (Row 3)
Payton, Ollie June 14, 1911 July 8, 1971 DS with Susie Payton (Row 4)
Payton, Susie July 30, 1914 December 11, 2000 DS with Ollie Payton (Row 4)
Davis, Francis Burt March 19, 1930 December 22, 2006 (FM) (About Row 10)
If you have questions or additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145 or Leroy Blair, P.O.Box 537, Searcy, Ar 72143.