--Photo by Leroy Blair, 2003

Pierce Cemetery

Hickory Flat, Arkansas

This cemetery was listed for the White County Historical Society for the first time by Leroy Blair after he visited it January 8, 2003.   It is located in Independence County north of Hickory Flat, just over the county line.   He recorded the cemetery after visiting nearby Mason Cemetery for the first time.  To reach Pierce Cemetery, follow Blair’s directions to Mason

Cemetery then continue past Mason about a quarter-mile to a low-water bridge that crosses Big Creek.  The cemetery is on the right.   Blair found it to be “very clean.”    There are 40 graves marked with field rocks with no information on them.  A resident of the area, “Mr. Allgood,” told Blair most of those graves are Pierces.

Blair provided the following directions to Mason Cemetery:  “Take Hickory Flat Road north to Thomas Road and turn right; go to Armstrong Road then turn left (north).  Armstrong Road will lead into Independence County.  The road to the cemetery, I believe, is the first road that turns left after you cross the county line.  The cemetery is located in back of a pump station.  (There are so many small roads in that part of Independence County it is hard to give directions – would be best to ask some one who lives there how to get to the cemetery.)” 

If you have corrections or additions to this list or additional information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Allgood, Claud Cecil May 7, 1914 January 11, 1997 DS with Sula Pierce Allgood
Allgood, Sula Pierce June 6, 1914 blank married Claud Cecil August 22, 1933
Allgood, Virginia September 25, 1962 only date daughter of Billy and Anna Allgood
Griffis, Lois J. Pierce February 4, 1925 October 25, 1998
Newell, Ethel Viola -- November 3, 1920 March 28, 2013
Pierce, Addie Head June 12, 1892 September 18, 1977
Pierce, Aunt Sue January 16, 1905 April 10, 1905
Pierce, Dorothy V. July 20, 1919 July 22, 1993 DS with W.L.
Pierce, Edna February 21, 1905 May 13, 1905
Pierce, Lutricia Logan no dates wife of Montgomery Pierce
Pierce, Rex February 15, 1881 December 26, 1956 DS with Addie Head Pierce
Pierce, Susan F. Riddle January 8, 1842 May 28, 1895 DS with W.L.
Pierce, W.L. May 22, 1849 November 6, 1921
Pierce, W.L. November 1, 1915 blank
Smith, Charles E. July 31, 1914 March 24, 1996 DS with Luna Pierce Smith
Smith, Luna Pierce November 24, 1912 blank