--photos by Leroy Blair

Plant Family Cemetery

Russell, Arkansas

Plant Cemetery is located northwest of Russell. Take Highway 367 North from Russell to Plant Road. Turn left and immediately on the left is a small dirt road. Take this road for one-quarter mile to a red brick home which is owned by Vernon Moore. Turn right up what appears to be an old logging road and go up the hill about one-quarter mile. You might have to walk. The cemetery, which is overgrown, is on the left. It was fenced with barbed wire and no gate when it was visited December 7, 2000, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society.

Blair updated cemetery records prepared a few years earlier by Allene and Bill Plant. He found several headstones broken. A monument approximately six feet tall in the center of the cemetery contains the following names: P.E. Plant, J.W. Plant, T.E. Plant, S.E. Westmoreland, S.W. Meacham, Bettie Plant, G.C. Plant, W.M. Plant, H. Plant, J.T. Plant, T.F. Plant, L.F. Wood, J.M. Plant, N.E. Jackson, William Plant and ?? Plant.

If you have corrections to this listing or additional information on Plant Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Payton, Mildred Louise 11-Mar-30 only date DS with Oppie Lee Payton (Row 1)
Meacham, Sophia W. October 8, 1848 April 8, 1879
Plant, ? born September 24, 1884 no other information
Plant, ? October 28, 1826 January 5, 1885 stone broken
Plant, Raymon January 11, 18?? May 22, 1898 son of C.W. and B.Z. Plant
Plant, Bettie March 8, 1858 January 31, 1888 wife of D.W. Plant
Plant, Grover C. September 24, 1884 July 13, 1885 stone broken
Plant, Howard June 6, 1875 July 20, 1875 son of D.W. and Bettie Plant
Plant, James T. July 23, 1881 July 24, 1881
Plant, James W. June 2, 1844 ? 22, 1866
Plant, John M. December 24, 1850 December 26, 1870 stone is broken and lying on the ground
Plant, Permelia June 16, 1863 September 9, 1870
Plant, Tennessee A. November 17, 1865 October 8, 1878
Plant, Thomas F. June 1, 1860 November 13, 1876 stone is broken
Plant, W.M. February 28, 1879 August 5, 1881 son of D.W. and Bettie Plant
Plant, William June 1820 January 8, 1885 stone is broken
Westmoreland, Sarah E. May 29, 1846 March 4, 1862
Wood, Lucinda April 17, 1858 November 18, 1876 stone is broken