Quattlebaum Cemetery

Gravel Hill, Arkansas

To reach this cemetery, take Highway 36 to just west of Joy, turn left on Gravel Hill Road for approximately four miles to Romance Road. Turn left on Romance and continue approximately one-half mile. The cemetery is on the left. A listing was prepared by Gerald Torrence for the White County Historical Society in September 2000. He found 51 rock markers with no information on them. It was visited October 25, 2000, by Leroy Blair of the Historical Society who reported it to be "very clean." Blair found several graves for several names that were not on the existing list. He also found the original stone for William Benjamin and Lucetta Quattlebaum discarded near the gate. It had been replaced with a new stone in 1990.

--Photo by Leroy Blair

If you have corrections or additions to this list or other information on Quattlebaum Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
A.B.T. no other information
A.S.H. no other information
Baker, A. Roni 13-Feb-14 17-Dec-97
Baker, Clifton 11-Feb-11 21-Jun-85 on double stone with Telitha Baker
Baker, Dones S. February 22, 1874 3-Aug-55 Pfc. Co. C, 143 Inf. WWI
Baker, Helen Sue 4-May-44 16-Mar-77
Baker, Merrel Cleon 10-Feb-49 10-Feb-49
Baker, Nelda Ruth 28-Nov-36 12-Dec-36
Baker, Quincie D. 3-Feb-09 27-Apr-78
Baker, Telitha 26-Jun-18 20-Feb-98 on double stone with Clifton Baker
Barker, Dones S. February 22, 1874 3-Aug-55 Texas Pfc. Co. C 143 Infantry WWI
Barnett, Alice E. January 13, 1878 15-Jan-34
Barnett, Arvil "Jack" 4-Apr-06 18-Sep-92 on double stone with Ruby D. Barnett
Barnett, Bennie 17-Aug-10 15-Oct-92 Pfc U.S. Army WWII
Barnett, Dennis 12-Jan-19 18-Apr-36
Barnett, Ruby Dorcus 22-May-12 2-Jan-04 on double stone with Arvil Barnett
Blais, Burnidean Lawson 21-Aug-29 1-Aug-48
Brown, George M. 17-Mar-05 30-Apr-05
C.B. no other information
Carson, Austin A. 20-Jan-11 14-Jul-04 on double stone with Mary A. Carson
Carson, Edna Mae 19-Dec-19 25-Jan-20
Carson, Eliza L. 24-Feb-05 5-May-05 on double stone with Joseph Carson
Carson, Jimmy Joe 7-Sep-48 7-Sep-48 son of A. and Mary Carson
Carson, Joseph W. 14-Feb-05 27-Apr-05 on double stone with Eliza L. Carson
Carson, Mary A. Price 30-Oct-15 22-May-93 married May 31, 1931 mother of Carrol Elaine and Jimmie Joe on double stone with Austin Carson.
Carson, N. Joe 7-Sep-48 no other date
Carson, Nelda May 19-Dec-19 25-Jan-20
Carson, Nettie Geneva 22-May-17 10-Nov-18
Cato, Janie M. 4-Oct 5-Sep-69 on double stone with Thomas J. Cato
Cato, S.P. no dates hand carved on rock
Cato, Thomas Jefferson October 4, 1873 27-Oct-62 on double stone with Janie M. Cato
Coody, James William October 16, 1837 17-Aug-25
Cowan, Jody S. 22-Nov-67 18-Mar-98 "Our loving son, brother, grandson, uncle, fiance and friend sweet Milessa’s daddy" a guitar is carved on the stone with name "Freebird"
Crossland, Audrey Blondell 19-Nov-30 1-Aug-31 daughter of Penelope (Stracener) and Eddie M. Crossland
Crossland, Burl 14-Aug-09 8-Dec-09 twin of Verl Crossland sons of Penelope (Stracener) and Eddie M. Crosslandtwins are buried in same grave near parents with rocks turned on end for markers
Crossland, Eddie M. September 7, 1887 27-Dec-68 on double stone with Penelope Crossland
Crossland, Penelope (Stracener) November 6, 1888 13-Dec-73 on double stone with Eddie Crossland daughter of William L. Stracener
Crossland, Verl 14-Aug-09 8-Dec-09 twin of Burl Crossland sons of Penelope (Stracener) and Eddie M. Crossland twins are buried in same grave near parents with rocks turned on end for markers
Evans, Milbern P. 23-Mar-01 14-Dec-01 son of W.P. and Lizzie Evans
Evans, Radner F. September 4, 1898 March 13, 1899 son of W.P. and Lizzie Evans
Faris, Vida A. 21-Feb-04 23-Sep-68
G.R.M. no information carved on rock
Goody, James William October 16, 1857 17-Aug-25
Harral, Amanda Stracener April 1, 1884 11-Jun-57
Harral, Ruffus B. December 24, 1873 28-Mar-63
Hawk, George W. 8-Oct-02 21-Sep-59 on double stone with Lizzie Hawk
Hawk, Glyndell 17-May-28 17-May-28 on double stone with Lyndell
Hawk, James W. April 18, 1873 1-Feb-47 on double stone with Mary L. Hawk
Hawk, Lissie L. 27-Dec-02 2-Oct-85 on double stone with George W. Hawk
Hawk, Lissie L. 1-Oct-85 no other date
Hawk, Lyndell 17-May-28 17-May-28 on double stone with Glyndell
Hawk, Mary L. December 27, 1874 7-Jul-50 on double stone with James W. Hawk
J.M.W. 16-Apr-05 no other information carved on rock
Lawson, Ada 28-Feb-05 2-Apr-05
Lawson, Deliha Stracener 13-May-06 28-Jul-67
Lawson, Dorcia B. 22-Jun-08 12-Apr-74
Lawson, Ernest 1912 1919
Lawson, Ervin H. 11-Aug-10 21-Aug-69
Lawson, Esker October 14, 1885 13-Nov-52
Lawson, Hugh A. 29-Oct-06 7-Jan-66
Lawson, Myrtle M. 8-Sep-12 10-Nov-73
Lawson, Roy Burldon 31-Mar-29 28-Dec-72
M.A.Q. no other information carved on rock
M.S.V. no other information carved on rock
Milam, J.C. 23-Jan-05 19-Apr-05 Father on a cement stone
Moss, Emma Covington 20-Feb-05 19-Mar-05
Moss, J.D. 30-Jul-24 30-Nov-25 son of Martin and Dovey Moss
Moss, Maudie M. 4-Mar-05 3-Jun-05 Mother
Moss, Thomas G. 1884 1942 Father
Peters, Flora Carson 6-Nov-07 no other date on double stone with Zach
Peters, Juanita 14-Nov-34 17-Jun-36
Peters, Zach H. 27-Mar-03 no other date on double stone with Flora Peters
Price, Esther L. 11-Oct May 27, 1996 on double stone with James A. Price
Price, James A. 19-Jan-19 8-May-82 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII
Quattlebaum, Adline Flarence no dates on double stone with Rosie Arbell infant daughter of W.B. and Lucetta Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Audrey E. 3-Aug-30 29-Oct-94 on double stone with David Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Barbara A. 9-Mar-38 22-Mar-00 DS
Quattlebaum, David L. 13-Feb-31 no other date on double stone with Audrey Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Effie P. August 31, 1889 18-May-68
Quattlebaum, George Frederick 21-Dec-04 November 12, 1896 father of W.B. Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Gilbert F. May 28, 1890 14-Feb-55 on double stone with Nomia Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Henry F. 7-Apr-22 1-Nov-24
Quattlebaum, Lucetta Raye February 23, 1861 13-Jul-25 on double stone with William Benjamin Quattlebaum memorial by descendents in 1990 deeded one acre for cemetery in 1932 when he did his update in 2000, Leroy Blair found the original stone for Lucetta and William Benjamin Quattlebaum lying by the fence near the gate.
Quattlebaum, Nomia 9-Mar-05 23-Jan-86 on double stone with Gilbert F. Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, Rosie Arbell and Adline Flarence no dates infant daughters of W.B. and Lucetta
Quattlebaum, William Benjamin May 22, 1854 8-Jan-42 on double stone with Lucetta Ray Quattlebaum
Quattlebaum, William R. December 21, 1888 30-Jul-60
R.B.H. no other information
Robinson, Kenneth Ray 30-Dec-34 17-Sep-01 A1C USAF Korea husband of Virginia Robinson
Robinson, Virginia (Baker) 25-Mar-41 blank DS with Kenneth Ray Robinson
S.A.B. no other information carved on rock
S.C.B. no other information carved on rock
Stracener, Alexander L. July 10, 1884 4-Nov-55 on double stone with Lula Mae Stracener
Stracener, Alphus O. 16-Jan-16 23-Jul-90 Pfc U.S.Army WWII on double stone with Orell Stracener
Stracener, Amanda Harral April 1, 1884 11-Jun-57
Stracener, B. William 19-Jan-05 25-May-05
Stracener, Carrie A. December 17, 1884 31-May-69 on double stone with Winburn Stracener
Stracener, Deliha Lawson 13-May-06 28-Jul-67
Stracener, Ester L. 11-Oct-09 27-May-96
Stracener, Fay 17-Sep-21 17-Sep-21 infant of J.W. Stracener
Stracener, H.W. August 2, 1883 6-Apr-28
Stracener, infant died December 6, 1915 child of A.L. Stracener
Stracener, infant – 1-Jan-04 1-Jan-04 son of W.W. and Carrie Stracener
Stracener, infants 17-Sep-21 unnamed children of J.W. Stracener two on same stone
Stracener, James W. August 14, 1876 8-Nov-57 on double stone with Nancy Stracener
Stracener, Lester 3-Oct-05 17-Dec-05
Stracener, Lula Mae August 20, 1888 17-Jul-80 on double stone with Alexander Stracener
Stracener, Mary L. January 27, 1882 October 19, 1887
Stracener, Nancy Ann October 26, 1882 20-Nov-40 on double stone with James Stracener
Stracener, Orell 2-Aug-21 no other date on double stone with Alphus Stracener
Stracener, Telitha Lucinda (Quattlebaum) February 16, 1847 3-May-38 wife of William L. Stracener unmarked grave, per descendent Marlon Crossland
Stracener, William L. 1836-37 26-Sep-24 Civil War veteran Glenn’s Regiment, Ark. Infantry CSA, Married in 1858 Death date from Death Certificate.
Stracener, Winburn W. April 14, 1878 14-Dec-60 on double stone with Carrie Stracener
Thomas, Delmar 24-Apr-05 22-Apr-78 on double stone with May Thomas
Thomas, May 9-May-13 13-Oct-76 on double stone with Delmar Thomas
Weatherly, Carol Len 30-Apr-44 4-Feb-45
Weatherly, Joe H. 22-Mar-05 12-May-05 on double stone with Mattie M. Weatherly
Weatherly, Mattie M. 1913 10-Jun-05 on double stone with Joe H. Weatherly