--photo by Leroy Blair

Robb Cemetery

Bradford, Arkansas

This cemetery is located a half-mile south of Bradford and west of Highway 67 in Section 7, Township 9 North, Range 4 West. It was first listed in May 1968 by the Bradford Homemaker’s Extension Club, then published by the White County Historical Society in its 1969 edition of White County Heritage.

The cemetery was visited January 3, 2001, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society who found it "badly overgrown and damaged by vandals." The cemetery had not been used in the 32 years since the first listing, but Blair did find a broken stone of a previously unlisted Riley infant boy who died August 21, 1904. He also found five graved marked by rocks, some 20 depressions that were probably unmarked graves and one grave marked with a funeral home marker so old it was no longer legible. He was unable to find the graves of Madoliene Monroe or Maggie Stout, which were on the 1968 list. In August 2003, Laveda Steed of the historical society added the names of six people who are buried here in unmarked graves.

Blair provided the following directions for reaching Robb Cemetery: "To get to this cemetery from Bradford, take Highway 367 south to Fox Meadow Road about one-quarter mile from the Highway 87-367 intersection in Bradford. Turn right on Fox Meadow and go about 100 yards to the first road that turns left. Turn onto it and go about 50 yards to a metal gate. After you go through the gate you will see a pasture field that is on the right side of the road. Go about 100 yards down this road. The cemetery is in the woods at the end of the pasture field. There are a lot of stones damaged by vandals."

If you have corrections or additions to this list, or other information on Robb Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, Arkansas 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Brook, J.H. February 7, 1905 March 21, 1917
Burkett, Albert C. May 3, 1849 February 19, 1926 husband of Emma Jane (Chunn) Burkett grandfather of Edna (Burkett) Steed unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Burkett, Emma Jane (Chunn) September 14, 1850 January 25, 1924 wife of Albert C. Burkett grandmother of Edna (Burkett) Steed unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Burkett, Wylie Bunion March 22, 1874 March 23, 1911 father of Myrtle Edna (Burkett) Steed unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Cagle, Infant Girl October 10, 1903 October 17, 1903 (daughter of W.A. & Matilda E. Cagle) on double stone with Landerew W. Cagle stone is broken
Cagle, Landerew W. October 26, 1898 January 7, 1908 (son of W.A. & Matilda E. Cagle)stone is broken
Esmeyer, A.M. February 1833 February 1, 1908
Finley, John January 27, 1905 March 25, 1905 grandfather of Tom Barber, Strawberry, Arkansas unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Green, James E. MUSN Co. C 111 Ohio Inf. no other information
Hipp, L.E. May 17, 1875 April 18, 1911 on double stone with Rosie Hipp stone has separated from its base
Hipp, Rosie June 7, 1883 May 28, 1908
Holcomb, Tommie October 26, 1908 October 26, 1908 (son of M.E. & Lula Holcomb)
Hughes, Thomas E. no dates father of Thomas E. Hughes Jr. of Redfield, Arkansas unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Lovell, Elea Inez August 29, 1903 September 15, 1903 on double stone with Stattie E. Lovell;"This was at one time a beautiful stone," Blair reported in 2001, "but has come apart in several sections."
Lovell, Stattie E. January 25, 1878 September 15, 1907 (wife of A.J. Lovell)
Maddeax, Arthur October 10, 1839 January 2, 1910 stone is broken
Millikin, Belle September 24, 1879 July 16, 1906 (wife of A.L. Millikin) stone has separated from its base
Monroe, Lida October 2, 1876 October 23, 1906 (wife of Fred Monroe)
Monroe, Madoliene October 6, 1896 January 1, 1908 (daughter of Fred & Lida)
Monroe, Orbie born October 1897 (son of Fred & Lida)
Moore, Willis R. November 1, 1901 January 15, 1904
Plant, Beatrice April 21, 1891 November 2, 1905 (daughter of C.F. & India Plant)
Plant, C.F. December 8, 1844 October 30, 1907
Plant, India (wife of C.F. Plant) September 3, 1855 February 1, 1908
Riley, son of M.L. and S.E. Riley February 18, 1904 August 21, 1904 stone is broken and part is missing
Story, Charlie Brents January 29, 1895 July 16, 1916
Story, William Grady September 30, 1897 January 23, 1921
Stout, Maggie (Hodges) ) June 20, 1870 February 15, 1907 (mother of Chester H. Stout unmarked grave, per Laveda Steed
Twyford, Jenevar May 16, 1884 February 9, 1911
Vinson, T.C. July 11, 1836 May 21, 1906 stone has separated from its base