--photos by Scott Akridge, 2004

Smith Cemetery

Kensett, Arkansas

To reach this cemetery, go south from Kensett on Highway 385 for approximately two and a half miles.  Turn right (south) on Dana Road and drive approximately seven-eighths of a mile.  On the right side (west) of the road, about 200 yards out in the field, is a small three-foot high knoll rising above the surrounding farmland.  This is the cemetery.

Scott Akridge, an archeologist/historian with roots at Kensett, first recorded this site in December 2003. "I visited this cemetery," he said, "after hearing of its existence from several persons.  There are only two marked graves at this location and it appears that is all there ever was.  The cemetery is currently in a plowed field.  It does appear that erosion and leveling of the surrounding farmland has caused the cemetery knoll to stand out more prominently than it likely was originally.  Both tombstones are the same size, shape and have the same style of inscription.  Four concrete posts stand just outside the limits of the two graves and mark the corners of the cemetery.  There is some vegetation on the knoll, but access should not be difficult even in the summer."  


If you have additional information on these two children, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Smith, Alfred H. April 10, 1861? October 25, 1865

Smith, James E.  December 2, 1858 - February 25, 1863