--photo by Gerald Torrence

Starkey/Barger Cemetery

Rose Bud, Arkansas

This cemetery is located south of Rose Bud in Section 33, Township 8 North, Range 10 West, across Highway 5 from the old Starkey Place, which was the Herb Moon Place in 1962 when Cloie and Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society prepared the first listing. "It is in sight of Highway 5 but is on a wooded hill," they wrote, "and would hardly be noticed if you were not looking for it. It could not be seen in summer. There is not even a trail leading to it but it is fenced with barbed wire and is not badly overgrown. Only two unmarked graves."

The cemetery was visited 38 years later by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society, who did not find any additional graves. "I was told by people in the area that this is known as the Starkey-Barger Cemetery," Blair reported. "The cemetery is located about five miles south of Rose Bud on Highway 5. There is a hill which has been cut into to widen the road. The cemetery is on the right of the road. Just where the road starts up the hill, there is a place where you can pull off the road and park. The cemetery is about 100 feet up the hill from the parking spot. It is a small cemetery. It has not been cleaned for many years. But there does not appear to be any damage to the stones. I found all the graves that were listed by Cloie and Leister Presley in 1962. I do not believe there are any unmarked graves."

The Presley report noted that "Caroline Barger was the daughter of John B. Starkey and Nancy Weaver Starkey. The family came to Arkansas from Itawamba Co., Miss., in 1870. They had formerly lived in N.C. and Alabama (Tuscaloose County)."

If you have corrections or additional information, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Name Birth Death Comments
Barger, Caroline, January 3, 1866 5-Sep-26 wife of H.L. Barger
Barger, Eli Marhc 23, 1908 5-Jul-08
Barger, H.L. July 14, 1853 21-Jun-32
Barger, Jessie March 23, 1896 August 2, 1896
Barger, John H., October 29, 1895 December 6, 1895 son of H.L. & R.C. Barger
Barger, Lloyd, February 26, 1895 3-Aug-05 son of H.L. & R.C. Barger
Barger, Madison August 21, 1885 13-Feb-01
Barger, Mattie Belle 17-Apr-09 5-Aug-23
Barger, Ola 17-Jun-03 4-Feb-04
Barger, Pauline 17-Jan-02 6-Feb-02
Barger, Pearl , r April 21, 1877 January 13, 1895 daughter of H.L. & R.C. Barge
Barger, Willie 9-Jan-09 6-Oct-09
Starkey, A.B., August 20, 1875 26-Apr-01 son of N.A. & J.B. Starkey
Starkey, J.B. June 15, 1823 January 14, 1889
Starkey, N.A., September 19, 1833 October 20,1914 wife of J.B. Starkey