--photos by Leroy Blair, 2001

Union Hill Cemetery

Union Hill, Arkansas

This cemetery is located on the western edge of White County in Section 6, Township 6 North, Range 10 West. It was first listed August 23, 1964, by Don Brown, who also wrote the history of Union Hill which accompanies this cemetery report. He found many graves without inscribed tombstones, noting, "Most of such graves are marked at the head and foot with natural red fieldstones, as was once the custom for marking graves. There are no tombstones which are illegible, although a few of the old ones are broken in two. Also included in this list are graves with morticianís markers. There are some such markers, which are impossible to read." He also included the names of eight Stones who were known to be buried here but have no markers. This cemetery has also been known as Stone Cemetery. Additions were made to the Brown survey when Mrs. Imogene Rowe and Cloie Presley of the White County Historical Society visited the cemetery on February 26, 1976.

Leroy Blair of the Historical Society visited the cemetery January 9, 2001, and prepared an update, then made additions in late 2002. According to his 2001 report, "To get to this cemetery from El Paso, go north on Highway 5 about three miles to John Fowlkes Road. Turn left and go about one and a half miles to Cemetery Road. Turn right and go about a half-mile. The cemetery is on the left, about one mile south of Oliver Cemetery. This cemetery is very well cared for. Graves that were unmarked are now marked with small cement blocks and the rocks that mark other graves are painted white." Blair found about 60 graves marked with painted rocks or cement blocks. He did not see any unmarked graves. He added 59 entries that were not on the 1976 list. Blair was unable to find the following graves that were on that 25-year-old list: David Alexander Hogan, John Hogan, Leeony Hogan, George W. Renfro, Anna Myrtle Stone, Rupert K. Stone son of D.E. and Ella, and Mary Vider Stone.

Additional information on the Stone family was provided in April 2002 by Jack Blair of League City, Texas, a great grandson of G.W.D. "Dal" Stone, who was buried here in 1911: "Dal Stone was a farmer all his life and a justice of the peace in White County for 25 years. He came with his parents from Hardin County, Tennessee, where he was born, in 1853. He married Lou Candy Strickland February 17, 1869, with a license from Conway County, Arkansas. The minister was D. Lewis. The license shows Lunanny Stricklin instead of Lou Candy Strickland. Dalís youngest brother Richard Dabner Stone was born February 6, 1853, in Hardin County; therefore, their parents Meredith and Elizabeth Ann (Garrett) Stone could not have come to Arkansas in 1851 as many people report. The family stayed in Tennessee until after the death of Elizabeth Annís mother in 1853. Dal and Lou show first in the 1880 census for White County, and again in 1900 and 1910. Lou shows up in the 1920 census for Lawrence County, Arkansas, with her daughter Mary Ann (Stone) Day and her husband William Frederick Day. Mary Ann had married to W.A. Nelson  in Arkansas and divorced him in 1902 after my motherís birth. I feel duplicate entries have been made in Union Hill Cemetery as various people tried to tidy up the records."

See Union Hill History for more information

If you have corrections or additional information on Union Hill Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Blessing, Fannie Belle (Stone) February 8, 1905 July 28, 1937 married Berry Dicus March 4, 1886, then following his death married James Blessing daughter of Stephen W. and Amanda (Hogan) Stone her marker is "Fannie Blessing" scratched on cement block Deid at Mt. Vernon
Booth, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" (Garrett) 1816? August 11, 1892, Born In Mecklenburg County, VA Died at Hammonsville, White County, AR daughter of William and Mary Ann (Roberts) Garrett married her first cousin Meredith Stone in Mecklenburg Co., March 6, 1826, then James Booth November 5, 1860 in White County birth date is 1816 on stone but her father died in 1814 family records indicate she was probably born in 1810 stone broken into three pieces
Booth, James c1797 c1861 Born in Virginia Died at Hammonsville second husband of "Betsy" (Garrett) unmarked grave
Brown, George W. January 11, 1851 April 12, 1905 Born at Rienzi, Alcorn County, MS married Mary Jane "Molly" (Stone) March 7, 1889 in Bristol Township, AR
Brown, Molly February 12, 1905 March 20, 1905 Born at Conway, AR daughter of Martha A. (Persons) Stone and Dr. Elijah Franklin Stone married George Brown March 7, 1889 parents of five children
Clark, Eleanor Slayton November 17, 1921 March 4, 1984
Clark, Ida Florence (Cook) January 28, 1888 June 25, 1983 Died at Vilonia daughter of Caroline (Ashford) and Willis Cook on double stone with R. Balam Clark
Clark, Ina Alberta (Stone) September 6, 1913 May 12, 1981 Died at Vilona, AR on double stone with J. Wesley Clark daughter of Ella Priscilla (Adkisson) and Doss Elmer Stone
Clark, James Harom Wesley February 14, 1910 July 7, 1992 Ded at Benton, AR married Ina Alberta (Stone) Clark July 5, 1931
Clark, James Waylon November 20, 1940 July 18, 1993 Born at Beebe, AR, Died at Benton, AR son of Ina Alberta (Stone) and J. Wesley Clark
Clark, John Franklin "Frankie" January 23, 1912 December 28, 1978 Died at North Little Rock, AR Pvt. U.S. Army WWII Husband of Eunice (Harrell) Clark son of William T. and Martha Josephine (Stone) Clark
Clark, Leslie Doyle November 15, 1934 December 2, 1934 son of Mary Lee (Benton) and Oather Thomas Clark
Clark, Martha Josephine May 27, 1876 December 27, 1945 Born in Faulkner County, AR Died in White County, AR wife of William T. Clark daughter of Martha Ann (Persons) and Dr. Elijah Franklin Stone
Clark, Oba Lee June 4, 1907 May 1, 1922 Born and Died in White County, AR daughter of Martha Josephine (Stone) and William T. Clark
Clark, Richard Balam January 16, 1882 October 12, 1965 son of John Clark on double stone with Florence Clark; married February 12, 1905
Dicus, Berry born c1834 Born in NC Died died in White County first husband of Fannie Belle (Stone) his stone is "Berry Dicus" scratched on concrete block, same as the concrete block for Fannie Blessing
Farmer, Carthel Lee June 22, 1929 October 13, 1932 child of Eithel Lulu (Stone) and Samuel Lee Farmer
Farmer, Eithel Lulu (Stone) September 26, 1900, December 27, 1983 wife of Samuel Lee Farmer, married c1918 daughter of Addie M. (Sullivan) and Leander A. Stone
Farmer, Ellen September 2, 1866 November 17, 1957
Farmer, James E. March 20, 1841 January 7, 1927 on double stone with Mary F. Farmer
Farmer, Jessie H. November 12, 1890 May 20, 1910
Farmer, Joe May 6, 1862 August 31, 1930
Farmer, Mary F. May 18, 1861 September 19, 1942
Farmer, Melvin O. March 26, 1923 April 23, 1968 Pfc U.S. AirCorps
Farmer, Samuel Lee November 7, 1898 January 6, 1982 on double stone with Eithel L. Farmer
Gunter, Benazer Houston September 2, 1850 October 14, 1901 Born at Atlanta, GA Died in White County, AR married Elizabeth (Stone) Winton March 3, 1876, in Bristol Township, Faulkner County, AR son of Ruthie (Brownlee) and James Allen Gunter
Gunter, Elizabeth (Stone) December 19, 1853 December 3, 1919 Born in Hardin County, TN Died in Cypress Township, Faulkner County, AR married John Elmer "Jack" Winton July 11, 1872, in Conway County, AR, then Benazer Houston Gunter March 23, 1876, in Bristol Township, Faulkner County, AR daughter of Elizabeth Caroline "Carline" (Carothers) and Dr. Elijah Franklin Stone
Gunter, Nora Ruthie G. March 15, 1877 January 13, 1884 Born and Died at El Paso, AR daughter of Benazer Houston Gunter and Elizabeth (Stone) Gunter
Harger, Chiquita Faye (Stone) July 6, 1934 May 14, 2001 Born in Naylor, White County, AR, Died in Cleveland, Liberty County, TX
Harger, Donald Eugene November 12, 1955 November 6, 1985 Died , in Harris County, TX son of Chiquita Faye and Edward Harger
Harrison, Effie Lillian October 7, 1883 October 17, 1884 Born and Died in Faulkner County, AR daughter of Lawrence and M. Arnetta (Stone) Harrison
Harrison, infant August 4, 1881 Born and Died in Faulkner County, AR son of Lawrence and M. Arnetta (Stone) Harrison
Heffington, Esker E. March 28, 1894 January 10, 1919
Hogan, David Alexander August 26, 1882 December 12, 1903 son of Thomas and Jane Hogan
Hogan, infant August 20, 1872 August 20, 1872 son of T. and L.J. Hogan
Hogan, Jane February 6, 1849 May 24, 1903 wife of Thomas Hogan
Hogan, John August 20, 1885 August 20, 1885 son of T. and L.J. Hogan
Hogan, Leeony August 11, 1882 April 25, 1893 daughter of R.M. and M.J. Hogan
Hogan, Martha July 18, 1883 August 3, 1883 daughter of T. and L.J. Hogan
Hogan, Mary July 18, 1883 July 18, 1883 daughter of T. and L.J. Hogan
Hogan, Mary J. May 11, 1888 July 20, 1889 daughter of T. and L.J. Hogan
Hogan, Robert M. July 26, 1874 August 27, l895
Hogan, Thomas October 29, 1852 May 25, 1903
Hughey, Heathor N. January 4, 1988 January 4, 1988
information this statue is beside the other angel statue with 6-11-98 on it
Kimbrell, Iva December 20, 1896 February 12, 1980 on double stone with Ludie Ethel Kimbrell
Kimbrell, Ludie Ethel November 29, 1899 August 31, 1945
Long, Henry F. April 18, 1859 July 24, 1925
Malone, Eddie D. August 25, 1933 November 30, 1933 child of H.E. and N.B. Malone
Malone, Henry, August 25, 1894 July 16, 1961 PFC 289 Co. Mil Police Corps, World War I
Malone, Minnie April 5, 1895 June 8, 1994
Malone, Troy Lee September 3, 1935 April 5, 1936 child of H.E. and M.B. Malone
Mathis, Ada S. August 25, 1920 no other date on double stone with Denzle Mathis
Mathis, Denzle L. August 31, 1917 no other date
Neal, Clarence C. April 4, 1905 June 17, 1984 on double stone with Faye Neal
Neal, Faye (Stone) December 16, 1910 June 23, 2002 married Clarence C. "Pete" Neal June 3, 1931 daughter of Cora Etter (Ellis) and George Washington Ervin Stone
Neighbors, Harold Clarence October 21, 1909 March 5, 1942 son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Neighbors and husband of Loy Neighbors
Neighbors, Loy L. August 25, 1908 February 23, 1994 on double stone with Harold Clarence Neighbors
Nicholson, Kenneth L. March 10, 1936 July 18, 1991 SSgt. USAF Vietnam on double stone with Mary L. Stone Nicholson
Nicholson, Mary L. Stone February 23, 1944 vacant
Pearle, Amon A. March 21, 1905 April 6, 1905
Pearle, Willie A. March 25, 1905 April 6, 1905
Pinkham, Erma Jean November 20, 2000 age 67 years, 6 mos, 26 days funeral home marker
Powell Mary Ann April 17, 1905 June 6, 1905 on double stone with Hanzel Powell
Powell, Hanzel April 14, 1905 June 6, 1905
Powell, Verlin Lee April 10, 1929 April 15, 1929
Reedy, Champ L. May 31, 1926 March 14, 1993
Reedy, Genara Lynn October 6, 1936 March 30, 1945
Reedy, James D. April 4, 1905 May 31, 1905 Sfc U.S. Army Korea, Vietnam
Renfro, George W. August 22, 1940 (morticianís marker)
Russum, Elsie E. November 9, 1917 November 29, 1941
Stephens, William A. March 23, 1887 November 25, 1841
Stone, Addie M. September 30, 1882 April 28, 1942 on double stone with Lee Stone
Stone, Alice Emma (Adkisson) January 7, 1885 February 3, 1972 Born at Mt. Vernon, AR Died at North Little Rock married George Washington Stone September 29, 1904 daughter of Jeannie E. (Bennett) and Jesse N. Adkisson
Stone, Amanda Hogan c1846 c1880 no tombstone wife of Stephen Stone
Stone, Anna Myrtle January 16, 1897 November 1, 1897 daughter of R.T. and E.A. Stone
Stone, Blanche Lavell October 18, 1926 October 19, 1931 Died at Mt. Vernon, AR daughter of Minnie Lee (Neighbors) and James Wesley Stone Sr.
Stone, Bud July 18, 1873 June 9, 1904
Stone, Carline January 23, 1833 September 24, 1864
Stone, children no dates new granite stone children of Vera (Kimbrell) and John Elmer Stone
Stone, Christopher Columbus "Lum" February 25, 1905 July 8, 1964 on double stone with wife Ola (Ellis) Stone, married 1911
Stone, Clarence L. Sr. November 26, 1911 June 25, 1986 on double stone with Vernell H. Stone
Stone, Cora Etter, June 11, 1881 no other date  wife of W. Ervin Stone
Stone, Dabner February 6, 1849 April 19, 1921
Stone, Dellie no tombstone dau. of Stephen and Amanda Stone died as child
Stone, Doss Elmer October 21, 1884, March 13, 1947 Born in Faulkner County Died in White County husband of Ella Priscilla (Adkisson) Stone
Stone, E.F. August 7, 1832 April 22, 1912
Stone, Ella Priscilla (Adkisson) October 29, 1888 October 5, 1973 Born at Mt. Vernon, Died at Newton, Jasper County, Iowa
Stone, Elsie L. born 1910 no other date on double stone
Stone, Elton F. October 22, 1916 September 2, 1928 son of D.E. and Ella Stone
Stone, Ester Mae no dates age 2 years daughter of Lum and Ola Stone
Stone, George W. January 22, 1881 January 3, 1941
Stone, George Washington Dallas "Dal" May 1847 March 19, 1911 on double stone with Lou Candy (Strickland) Stone birth date of 1845 on stone is incorrect, per family records
Stone, Gertrude N. May 20, 1914 August 5, 1998 Died at North Little Rock daughter of Alice Emma (Adkisson) and George Washington Stone
Stone, Glendel L. Norman June 9, 1933 March 25, 1934
Stone, Homer M. March 13, 1905 January 13, 1975 on double stone with Myrtle Stone
Stone, Inelda M. November 21, 1916 June 25, 2000
Stone, infant no dates child of Lum and Ola Stone
Stone, infant no dates child of Lum and Ola Stone
Stone, James W. February 13, 1904 February 19, 1968
Stone, Jesse September 18, 1889 August 18, 1891 son of R.D. and N.E.stone broken
Stone, John William January 9, 1905 February 1, 1905 was listed in unmarked grave on original list
Stone, John William c1836 c1858
Stone, Johnie E. July 3, 1920 June 2, 1968 S1 U.S. Navy WWII
Stone, Johnnie W. April 1, 1910 August 30, 1960 husband of Lovie M. (Shelby) Stone
Stone, K. Edwards February 25, 1949 August 16, 1950
Stone, Lee A. December 26, 1884 December 20, 1946 on double stone with Addie Stone
Stone, Leoda September 7, 1923 vacant
Stone, Leroy W. March 23, 1913 July 6, 1935
Stone, Lou Candy (Strickland) January 26, 1905 April 3, 1905 wife of G.W.D. Stone
Stone, Louis David Sr. October 2, 1907 August 31, 1982 on double stone with Martha Alice Stone
Stone, Lovie M. April 25, 1917 no other date wife of Johnnie W. Stone
Stone, Martha A. January 16, 1905 July 31, 1909
Stone, Martha Alice April 18, 1914 April 10, 1985
Stone, Mary Ann (or Rebecca) c1845 c1859 no tombstone
Stone, Mary Vider June 18, 1894 December 2, 1894 daughter of R.T. and E.A. Stone
Stone, Mattie C. December 18, 1874 December 4, 1938
Stone, Meredith c1793 September 26, 1859 Born in Mecklenburg County, VA Died at Hammonsville, AR husband of Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" (Garrett) was listed in unmarked grave on original list
Stone, Meridth B. November 21, 1870s March 20, l950
Stone, Milton September 25, 1883 October 25, 1884 son of M.M. and A.M. Stone
Stone, Minnie Lee January 8, 1903 October 15, 1988
Stone, Myrtle E. November 7, 1903 April 25, 1990 on double stone with Homer M. Stone
Stone, Nancy Emeline (Adkisson) January 15, 1857 August 24, 1936 Died in Randolph Co., AR wife of Rev. Richard Dabner Stone (married December 13, 1874, in White Co., AR)
Stone, Obert M. April 14, 1920 May 26, 1985 Pfc U.S. Army WWII on double stone with Leoda Stone
Stone, Ola March 10, 1905 June 4, 1905 on double stone
Stone, Osborn Ozias December 12, 1922 December 16, 1923 son of Homer and Myrtle Stone
Stone, Ottie L. May 11, 1926 April 14, 1927 daughter of J. and Z. Stone
Stone, Rachel V. born July 21, 1883 no other date wife of Meridth B. Stone
Stone, Rupert May 5, 1910 October 1, 1983 husband of Elsie L. (Barnett) Stone son of Alice Emma (Adkisson) and George Washington Stone
Stone, Rupert K. October 22, 1916 September 16, 1918 son of D.E. and Ella
Stone, Sam died as child no tombstone son of Richard D. and Nancy Stone
Stone, Sarah December 16, 1976 November 28, 1885 daughter of M.M. and A.M. Stone
Stone, Shelby Jean July 9, 1956 July 9, 1956
Stone, twins no dates infants of Lum and Ola Stone
Stone, Velma L. October 18, 1921 November 11, 1925 daughter of Cecil and Vergie Stone
Stone, Vernell H. August 14, 1918 vacant
Stone, W. Ervin March 25, 1876 November 18, 1939
Stone, W. M. October 7, 1869 November 27, 1944
Stone, W.H. May 9, 1916 June 1, 1996 on double stone with Inelda Stone
Stone, Wilburn no dates son of Lum and Ola Stone
Stone, Wilburn C. December 16, 1919 June 1, 1974 Pfc U.S. Marine Corps
Taylor, Eula Lavelle (Stone) April 29, 1926 June 20, 1998 married Sammy Orlis Taylor January 14, 1947 daughter of Doss Elmer and Ella Priscilla (Adkisson) Stone
Taylor, Sammy Orlis May 7, 1925 vacant on double stone with Eula Lavelle
Unknown no other statue of an angel set in cement with the date 4-28-98
Unknown no other information statue of an angel set in cement with the date 6-11-98 in the cement
White, Carl Houston March 27, 1905 May 28, 1905 U.S. Navy
White, Josie February 27, 1905 June 1, 1905
White, Lawrence E. May 13, 1905 May 31, 1905 funeral home marker
White, Robert February 12, 1905 May 15, 1905 on double stone with Josie White
Wiggins, Laura A. September 25, 1897 February 7, 1955
Wilbanks, Idell M. July 10, 1915 October 7, 1947 wife of Luther C. Wilbanks
Wilbanks, Luther C. September 11, 1907 no other date
Wilbanks, Meridth D. December 21, 1941 no other date
Wyatt, Sharon Faye (Harger) July 10, 1954 May 28, 1977 daughter of Edward and Faye Stone Harger