White Counties' most endangered Cemeteries

The following Cemeteries in White County are in danger of being lost forever unless something is done soon. We need someone to adopt them and take care of them.

1. Baker Cemetery: Located near Clay near intersection of Fairview & Tindall Roads – One grave
2. Belew / Pence Cemetery: Located off Hwy 5 south of Rose Bud – About 75 graves most unmarked
3. Boggs Cemetery: Located at Clay near the intersection of Clay and Pratt Road – About 10 graves
4. Bronson Hill Cemetery: Located between Bald Knob and Warden South of Hwy 64 – Several unmarked graves
5. Buckheiser Cemetery: Located North of Denmark – About 50 graves most unmarked
6. Caruthers Cemetery: Located at Clay. across road from 552 Clay road – About 50 unmarked graves
7. Coffey Family Cemetery: Located near Pangburn. Off Ramsey Landing Road – About 10 unmarked graves
8. Coward Cemetery: Located north of Searcy near intersection of Fairview and Johnson Road – About 5 unmarked graves
9. Cypress Creek – Located South of Hwy 64 near Opal – About 20 unmarked graves
10. Davis Family Cemetery: Located north of Rose Bud – About 10 most unmarked
11. Froud Farm Cemetery: Located at Step Rock. On Froud Farm – About 5 unmarked graves
12. Griffin Cemetery: Located near Plainview on the Donnie Stevens Farm – About 6 unmarked graves
13. Hutchins Cemetery: Located near Griffithville on Cain Road – About 2 unmarked graves
14. Knox Cemetery: Located in Searcy behind house at 1310 North Main Street – About 20 unmarked graves
15. McKay Cemetery: Located in Bald Knob between 801 & 807 Center Street – Several unmarked graves
16. McKnight Cemetery: Located near Bradford at intersection of Velvet Ridge & Turner Roads – About 15 graves
17. Moseley Family Cemetery: Located south of Bald Knob near the old Rock Querry – About 10 graves most unmarked
18. Norman / Oliver Cemetery: Located east of Rose Bud off White Road – About 30 graves most unmarked
19. Old Clearwater Cemetery: Located north of Plainview off Clearwater Road – About 20 graves most unmarked
20. Old Slave Cemetery: Located near Little Red. Near Leggett Cemetery – About 20 unmarked graves
21. Patton Hollow: Located near Pangburn. On hillside in Patton Hollow – About 50 unmarked graves
22. Pine Creek Cemetery: Located near Velvet Ridge off Wells Road – Several unmarked graves
23. Plant Family Cemetery: Located north of Russell off Plant Road – About 20 graves
24. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery: Located near Joy 0ff Georgia Ridge Road – About 45 graves most unmarked
25. Shiloh Cemetery: Located south of Bald Knob On Conways Road – About 50 unmarked Graves
26. Smyrna Black Cemetery: Located near Center Hill. Next to the Smyrna Cemetery – About 100 graves most unmarked
27. Stamps Cemetery: Located near Floyd off El Paso Road – About 300 most unmarked
28. Starkey / Barger Cemetery: Located south of Rose Bud off Hwy 5 – About 15 graves
29. Steed Cemetery: Located south of Bradford. On Dr. Smith’s Farm – About 5 graves most unmarked
30. Stroud Farm Cemetery: Located near Floyd off Donald Choate Road – About 30 unmarked graves
31. Tilley Farm Cemetery: Located near Floyd off Peanut Ridge Road on old Tilly Farm – About 7 graves
32. Tucker Cemetery: Located near Albion near the old Missile Base – 1 grave
33. Unnamed Cemetery: Located near Rose Bud about ½ mile north oh the Bethesda Cemetery – About 15 unmarked graves
34. Welch Cemetery: Located near Rose Bud off Deer Road – About 3 graves most unmarked
35. Wells Cemetery: Located at Warden. North of Hwy 64 near Cutoff Creek – About 10 graves
37. White Family Cemetery: Located south of Bald Knob off Willie Brown Road – About 20 graves most unmarked
38. Wolf Hollow Cemetery: Located north of Bald Knob off Strawberry Lane – Several unmarked graves