County Courthouse in 1903
White County Historical Society
White County, Arkansas
Known Cremations

This is a list of known Cremations.  If you know of additional cremations please contact the webmaster
Name Birth Death
Anders, Oliver Lewis "Andy"
Arnold, Billy Joe 21-Mar-43 26-Apr-13
Boles, Francis Joan 11/19/1932 31-Dec-13
Chattley, Melba 3/17/1938 25-Jan-14
Duke, Anna Dell 9/25/1939 16-Jan-14
Faust, Itasca 4-Jul-10
Foster, Annie 7/9/1938 16-Feb-14
Gavin, Preston 11/3/1994 19-Jan-14
Gilbert, James Jefferson 29-Dec-13
Hill, James Franklin 11-Jan-08
Long, Mararet Elaine 8/26/1933 2-Jul-10
Luby, Ruby Vaughan 17-Feb-08
Miller, Dr. Robert 4/13/1936 3-Dec-13
Murphy, Bob 11/12/1941 25-Sep-13
Myers, Michael Earl 19-Feb-14
Seibert, David Sean 17-May-66 4-Apr-13
Trujillo, Mary Dean 15-Aug-13 26-Jun-13
Wallace, James Lewis 3-Jul-13
Weathers, James Andrew 6/29/1925 30-Jan-14