Coffey Township

very faded
enumerated in June of 1900 this is especially faded and where there is a question mark, I simply cannot read it. W. B.

Watson, Boyd, head, w, m, ?, 1878, 21, M, 0,AR AR AR Farmer

Price, Jas., head, w, m, Dec, 1875, 24, M, 2, AR AR AR

Colbert, Rufus, head, w, m, Sep, 1860, 39, M, 23, AL MO AL

Greenhill, Sanford? D., head, w, m, Sep, 1851, 48, M, 1, AL TN TN

Pickard, Ben F.?, head, w, m, Dec, 1860, 39,M, 6, TN TN TN

Modlin, Lafayette, head, w, m, Mar, 67, 33, M, 7, AR GA AR

Midleton, Martha?, head, w, f, July, 63, 36,wd, AR GA AL

John E. King., head, w, m, Oct, 55, 44, M, 15, KY TN KY

Price, Wm., head, w, m, Jan, 76, 24, M, 2, AR AR AR

Honly, Henry, head, w, m, Oct,67, 32, M, 5, TN IL NC

Warren, Jas., head, w, m, Jan, 81, 19, M, 1, AR AR AR

Choate, Jas, head, w, m, Aug, 40, 58, M, ?,AR TN AL

Crior, Wm, head, w, m, Aug, 80, 19, M, 2,