White County Census 1900

Cadron Township - 1900 Census Index

Please note that some of the writing was very faint.
Explanation of columns:
3. Name
4. Relation
5. Color or race
6. Sex
7. Date of birth - month & year
8. Age at last birthday
9. Whether married, widowed, or divorced
10. Number of years married
11. Mother of how many children
12. Number of those children now living
13. Place of birth of this person
14. Place of birth of father of this person
15. Place of birth of mother of this person
16. - 18. Citzenship
19. - 20 Occupation and years at that occupation
21. - 24. Education
25. - 28. Ownership of Home S. D. - Supervisor's District No.
E. D. - Enumeration District No.
Sht. - Sheet No. ? - Not sure
* - Can't read it

SD2, ED140, SHT10A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 14, 1900
H. T. Norman, W. B. Norman, Isaac Johnson, Ralph? Williams wife is Lou E., E. M. Varner, R. M. Williams, Geo.? I. Withington, W. L. Varner, W. Holleman, H. H. Swoffer, J. E. Moffitt

SD2, ED 140, SHT 10B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 14, 1900
Jessie L. Moffitt, Bill Smith, John Phipps, Mattie? Akin servant to John Phipps, A. H. Humble, P. Quattlebaum, J. I. Shumate, Boston? Green boarder to J. I. Shumate, Will Wallis, H. W. Humble, G. G. Quattlebaum, C. C. Clay, Jonas? Barton looks like wife's name is Nancy

SD2, ED 140, SHT 11A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 15, 1900
Lucinda? E. Barton daughter to Jonas? Barton, G. F. Newton, G. W. Newton, Wm. Townsend, A. M. Buckmaster, D. W. Schaeffer, Walter Wooten, J. M. Walker, W. N. Norman, L. C. Langley, C. R. Sutton, S. S. Stringfellow, W. Stringfellow, Ish* Phipps

SD2, ED 140, SHT 11B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 16, 1900
Francis J. Phipps, G. B. Clay, N. B. Clay, G. H. Wright, F. R. Wright, R. C. Doss, A. Holleman, J. M. Thacker, H. T. West, J. W. Holleman, Ethil Norman, T. Carter

SD2, ED 140, SHT 12A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 18, 1900
Allic? Carter has a son Eddie, J. W. Cooper, W. N. Selvidge, Jack Yancy, B. T. Horton, A. Manning, W. V. Manning, J. H. Barber, R. A. Jackson, T. R. Cooper

SD2, ED 140, SHT 12B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 18, 1900
Jessie L. Cooper, L* last name not legible son is Charley, M. A. Barber, Mary Bray, J. L. Gann, Mary C. Becover? daughter of J. L. Gann, J. P. Price, J. E. Gann, J. O. Haer, T. M. Crane, C. H. Chaney

SD2, ED 140, SHT 13A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 19, 1900
H. J. Patterson, * Hollyfield mother is Talisie J., W. * Ragan, T* Amyett? mother-in-law to W. Ragan, H. Martindill, Sarah J. McMahan, Nancy B. Wess, T. Martindill, James Rasiell, J. M. Bell, Martin Langley, E. E. Shearin, Annie Green, W. J. Walls

SD2, ED 140, SHT 13B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 19, 1900
Richard C. Walls, I. L. Nunn, Homer? Hugh grandson of I. L. Nunn, S. N. Jones, J. W. Cooper, C. W. Cooper, W. R. McCall, J. G. Overstreet, W. F. Sutton, J. Sutton, J. S. Massey
SD2, ED 140, SHT 14A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 20, 1900
I. Sellars, Mary Grier, James Moye, E. Gipson, W. A. Clayton, O. Wakefield, L. Wakefield, Chas. C. Jackson, Lulla C. Davis, M. H. Norton, E. N. Childs, J. P. Welch, J. C. Murdor? wife is Mary E., W. F. Maner

SD2, ED 140, SHT 14B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 21, 1900
Joe F. Maner, J. M. Williams, W. Garrison, J. A. Varner, S. N. Ray, John Fully, G. D. Price, S. W. Neal, Jim Bruton, H. Varner, G. W. Varner

SD2, ED 140, SHT 15A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 22, 1900
Henry Horton, Jim Davis, samuel Varner, H. C. Garrison, J. P* wife is Josephine the ink is too faint, H. N. Cooper, Eddie Lindsey, H. Garrison, Jake Cole, Sarah E. Scott, Ava R. Tolbert, H. C. Garrison, N. B. Garrison, Walter Cole, J. N. Gay, J. Stracener, J. H. Lamb, N. E. Neal
SD2, ED 140, SHT 15B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 22, 1900
Mary C. Yancy, ? Martindill wife is Margaret J., J. Martindill, B. F. Bennett, E. G. Graham, Albert Mullin, A. A. La* wife is Sarah A., W. Bennett, B. P. Bennett, J. A. Moye, C. R. Moye, Horrace Cobb
SD2, ED 140, SHT 16A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 23, 1900
J. C. Moye, Willie Moye, Margaret Patterson, J. F. Davis, ? W. Graham wife is Addie, W. McMahan, Jess Smith, J. N. Wallace, H. B. Nunn, J. J. Duncan
SD2, ED 140, SHT 16B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 23, 1900
J. J. Martindill, R. S. Berns, E. T. Gann, G. W. Sellars, J. F. Larance, W. B. Norton, J. W. Hilliard, N. O. Taylor, E* Taylor son is West J., Willie Green
SD2, ED 140, SHT 17A - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 25, 1900
Archie Taylor, G. Martindill, M. C. Pickens, J. A. L. Nunn, J. Thornton, M. E. Baker, W. Lee, Mary Martindill, William Hilliard, A. Vaughn, Mary A. Price, William Singleton, W. I. Haney, J. N. Jones
SD2, ED 140, SHT 17B - Enumerated by Ben P. Harlan - June 26, 1900
Geo. Jones, J. L. Yancey, C. H. Wallace, Catharine Murphy, L. Langley, has step-son living with him but can't read the name, Jas. Langley, B. Rainey

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