White County Census 1900

Velvet Ridge Township

Please note that some of the writing was very faint.
Explanation of columns:
3. Name
4. Relation
5. Color or race
6. Sex
7. Date of birth - month & year
8. Age at last birthday
9. Whether married, widowed, or divorced
10. Number of years married
11. Mother of how many children
12. Number of those children now living
13. Place of birth of this person
14. Place of birth of father of this person
15. Place of birth of mother of this person
16. - 18. Citzenship
19. - 20 Occupation and years at that occupation
21. - 24. Education
25. - 28. Ownership of Home

S. D. - Supervisor's District No.
E. D. - Enumeration District No.
Sht. - Sheet No.

? - Not sure
* - Can't read it

SD2, ED143, Sht. 1A

Geo W. Mason, Thos. Pettigrew, Dewitt Mason, Cad C. Stanley, Frank M. Weathers,

John Acklin, Nancy J. Wood, Wm. D. Mason, Rosie Kemp, Mike J. Weathers, Joseph

Acklin, Asa A. Stanley, William Watson, Rebecca S. Smith, Walter Fellows, Robert

McDougle, Laura Wethers

SD2, ED143, Sht. 1B

Benjamin, Peterson, F* Stanley wife is Lizzie L., John Brice, Edgar McKenney, Ullys M.

Gay, James Campbell, Cans F. Fritts, Robert L. Mason, James N. Walker, Lemuel

Jackson, Ora A. Sappinton, William H. Camble, George Fritts, Thomas E. Finney

SD2, ED143, Sht. 2A

Roselle McGrew, John Miller, Robert Norman, James Boyce, William Johnson, Nora M.

Strawn? house servant to William Johnson, Carrell Cullum, Henry W. Watson, Benjamin


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