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1920 Census White County Arkansas

North Cadron Township

enumerated January 2/ by E. Wood

1-1 Latimer R. A. head m w 62 Tn
Sarah A. wife f w 55 Al
Wood Eagle son-in-law m w 29 Ar
Nettie J. daughter f w 19 Ar
James Paul Jr. grandson m w 2 1/12   Ar
2-2 Guyton Minerva head f w 56 Mo
Campbell Ernestine daughter Teacher f w 30 Al
Guyton Hazel grandaughter f w 7 Ar
3-3 Shelby J. E. teacher m w 41 Ar
Sillar wife f w 27 Ar
Joe son m w 9 Ar
Lorine daughter f w 3 8/12   Ar
Susan E. mother f w 77 Ms
4-4 Davis John W. farmer m w 58 Ky
Jacie P. wife f w 53 Tn
Oran grand nephew m w 13 Ar
5-5 Leach Ed S. farmer m w 57 Mo
Eliza wife f w 52 Mo
Chas A. son m w 21 Mo
Walter son m w 16 Mo
Gibson Golden daughter f w 24 Mo
Golden Gweydolen grandaughter f w 5 Ar
6-6 Garrison H.C. Sr. farmer m w 60 Ga
M.J. wife f w 61 Ga
6-7 Chaney Robert B. farmer m w 40 Ar
Floyd A. son m w 9 Ar
Chas O. son m w 7 Ar
7-8 Hopper J.D. farmer m w 58 Tn
P.C. wife f w 58 Tn
Donnie daughter f w 35 Tn
M.J. daughter f w 33 Tn
John S. son m w 23 Ar
Manley son m w 19 Ar
8-9 Martindell H.K. farmer m w 57 Ms
M.H. wife f w 51 Ga
Clarence son m w 24 Ar
Smith John H. son-in-law m w 28 Ar
Smith Dellah daughter   f w 27 Ar
Fletcher Ida daughter f w 21 Ar
Fletcher Louise grandaughter f w 1 6/12   Ar
9-10 Davis J. Wesley farmer m w 59 Ar
Ray son m w 22 Ar
Gracie daughter-in-law f w 17 Ar
Walter son m w 17 Ar
Noah son m w 11 Ar
10-11 Singleton J.A. farmer m w 52 Tn
L.A. wife f w 47 Tn
Baker son m w 24 Ar
Dennis son m w 17 Ar
Bessie daughter f w 12   Ar
Quinton son m w 7 Ar
11-12 Singleton John G. farmer m w 66 Tn
S.J. wife f w 55 Ar
D.A. son m w 29 Ar
Beatrice daughter f w 20 Ar
Lola Vesta grandaughter f w 7 Ar
Virgil Evan grandson m w 3 Ar
12 -13 Thompson Frank J. farmer m w 39 Ar
O.S. wife f w 36 Ar
Ethel daughter f w 17 Ar
Delbert son m w 15 Ar
Herman son m w 13 Ar
Ava daughter f w 10 Ar
Vindel son m w 4 9/12   Ar
Esco son m w 1 6/12   Ar
13-14 McMahan W.A. postmaster m w 28 Ar
Annie wife f w 26 Ar
Zelma daughter f w 3 1/12   Ar
14-15 Gadd C.F. Sr. mechanic m w 54 Tn
Onie wife f w 51 Tn
C.F. Jr. son m w 11 Ga
Zon son m w 9 Tn
Sophia daughter f w 7 Tn
15-16 Davis L.D. head m w 27 Ar
Emma E. wife f w 21 Ar
Ava Louise daughter f w 3 2/12   Ar

/Here ends North Cadron Township