Bethel Grove Church of Christ

Judsonia, Arkansas

Bethel Grove is one of the oldest churches of Christ located in White County.  Records date back to approximately 1853, as the earliest church meeting, with 1868 as when the Bethlehem/Bethel Grove congregation was started.

In 1914, the name was changed to Bethel Grove and in 1915 a new building was built, which is the “old” building at the present location.

Much renovation and modernization were done on the “old” building until in 1977 the “new” building was built at the present location. 

Bethel Grove is located a few miles north of Searcy.

To reach it, go north on Highway 67/167 to Exit 48.  Take a left at the end of the off-ramp and go over the overpass.  Go approximately one-quarter mile to the yield sign and turn right.

Go four miles to a four-way stop.

Go straight through the stop sign, which is now Highway 157, for a little over a mile.  The church building is on the right, just past a big truck repair yard.

Bethel Grove has played a very important role in the spreading of the Gospel in White County with men such as L.O. Sanderson, Neal Pryor, Eddie Cloer, J.D. Bales and Glenn Pace holdings meetings in the past.  Seven generations after the first service, some of the founding members’ families are still very active in the works here.

Bethel Grove is a small congregation with about 100 in attendance. Bible classes are conducted on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for ages from infants to adults.  Bethel Grove has an active program of works, including mission and benevolent work.  The congregation supports a growing church in Guatemala, which started with one member and one missionary and has grown to three missionaries and four churches.

Bethel Grove is host to a monthly pantry giveaway, which is open to the public, and the congregation also helps financially when there is need.  The congregation hosts a Sunday service at Oakdale Nursing Home.

For additional information, visit on the Internet.  The church’s address is 2956 Highway 157, Judsonia, AR 72081