This copy of a photo was provided to the White County Historical Society by Deanna (Bennet-Lenoard) Schwarze from Upland California.  She was seeking information about it.  Mr. Paul Miller of the society believes that it is of Lewis School c. 1925.  According to Mr. Miller Lewis School was 1/4 mile north of Boldingville, on an early route of U.S. Highway 67 (gravel surface).  He believes that  the school was consolidated with Judsonia, now Riverview.  The school yard was in the Northwest corner of the Marian Bennet Farm.  Of the names mentioned, G. B. Roth later operated a farm and a meat market in Judsonia.  Neva Turley moved to Little Rock and became a licensed attorney.

If you have any additional information about the photo or can identify any of the individuals please contact the society.