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EL PASO SCHOOL - 1916-17

Taken from a class photo of 10th & 11th graders.

Lucy, Dennis
Roberts, Ester Faulk
Neal, Perry
Anthony, Marjorie
Foster, Roy
Anderson, Callie
Brewer, Thelmer
Aclin, Hebert
Roberts, Roy, director of the band
Mullins, Lee
Winn, Jean
House, Charlie
Bass, Elmer
Morrison, Frankie
Mullins, John
Cazart, Dora
Mills, Nora
Patron, Pearl
Wiler, Callie Williams
Lea, Bertie
Duff, Minnie Mullens
Williams, Olive Smith
Coleman, Guy
Mullens, Hollie
Mussins, Lewis
Neal, Henry
Hubbard, Lynn
Emison, Forrest
Hubbard, R. J., superintendant
Aclin, Cal
Cazort, Nora
Anderson, Fay
Gunter, Delmer
Lucy, Howard
Westbrook, Mrs. Bell Migett, teacher
Neal, Mrs. Tomie Lucy (piano teacher)
Kent, Mrs. Faye Phelps



Taken from a photo.
Clark, Maude
Robbins, Mary Ella
Pearson, Tom
Jones, Cody
Holt, Harvey
Hassell, Clarence
Holt, Sherman
Hassell, Guthrie
Jones, Bill
Robbins, Wiley Hale
Robbins, Eva
Pearson, Johnnie
Potter, Gracie
Hassell, Will
Pearson, Blanch
Holt, Ara
Robbins, John
Walters, Euel
Holt, Cecil
Plant, Lola
Plant, Bessie
Potter, Gladys
Clark, Alma
Robbins, Vergie
Taylor, Violet
Davis, Alta
Best, Hollis
Robbins, Hugh
Foreman, Dennie
Davis, Stewart
Taylor, Myrtle
Walters, Bessie
Best, Ethel
Walters, Lee
Brooks, Alice
Walters, Myrtle
Clark, Minnie
Heathscot, Anna
Blakey, Rita
Foreman, Homer
Pearson, Spurgeon
Benton, Bob
Alltag, Lewis
Maddox, Bascomb
Brooks, Charlie
Benton, Arthur
Robbins, Ebb
Hassell, Prof. Joe (teacher)
Owens, Grady
Brooks, Herbert



(This school was held in the Baptist Church, 2 weeks in July, tuition $3/student. Info from photo)
Martin, Mrs. Emma
Foreman, Alta
Rhyne, Mrs. Jessie
Blakey, Alta
Foreman, Hollis
Foreman, Leta
Foreman, Wendell
Norman, Clistine
Foreman, Mattie
Robbins, Eva
Wilkerson, Alma
Robbins, Mary Ella
Martin, Annie Lee
Martin, Lucille
Harlan, "Uncle" Joe
Foreman, Blonnye
Brooks, Charlie
Pearson, Joe (?)
Partain, Professor (instructor)
Harlan, Hassell
Robbins, Wiley
McKay, Bob
Moore, Mark
Robbins, John
Pearson, Spurgeon
Foreman, Dennie
Foreman, Wade
McKay, Mr. Sandy
Pearson, Blanch


(This file graciously provided by Robert L. Lytal)
Baker, Beulah
Buice, Goldie
Brewer, Sudie
Crow, Lillie
Davis, Ruth
Fakes, Connie
Fields, Ruth
Hall, Eva
Howell, Cora
Howell, Gracie
Henderson, Eva
Harshaw, Ethel
Harshaw, Flora
Harshaw, Lillie
Hilger, Dovie
Leard, Loretta
Leggett, Blanch
Majors, Beulah
Pate, Foy
Pate, Blanch
Pate, Elsie
Pierce, Cora
Pierce, Clemie
Ray, Vona
Ray, Linnie
Ray, Alma
Rayney, Esther
Sherrod, Cora
Smith, Myrtle
Sooter, Ethel
Sooter, Pearl
Yingling, Bertha
Yingling, Edith
Yingling, Herma
Yingling, Maggie

Baker, John
Baker, Frank
Boggs, Albert
Boggs, Ernest
Brumlow, Fred
Butler, Russell
Fields, Dewey
Gaddis, John
Harshaw, Eugene
Hilger, Grady
Howell, Alma
Hubbard, Alpha
Lytal, Gibbon
Malone, J. E.
McLeaster, Ray
Morgan, Goodewt?
Nelson, Alonzo
Patman, Barrett
Presley, Luther
Ray, Sam
Sherrod, Willie
Sooter, Sherman
Sooter, Comy
Whisenant, Albert
Wise, John
Yingling, Ora


Baker, John - Evert
Brumlow, Fred - Center Hill
Hubbard, Alpha - Pangburn
McLester, Ray - Hiram
Nelson, Alonzo - Judsonia
Presley, Luther - Rose Bud
Hilger, Grady - Little Red
Crow, Lillie - Pangburn
Brewer, Sudie - Letona
Fakes, Connie - Pangburn
Boggs, Albert - Rosebud
Butler, Russell - Davenport
Malone, J. E. - Woodruff Co.
Morgan, Goodest - Searcy
Patman, Barrett - Pangburn
Whisenant, Albert - Letona
Leggett, Blanch - Judsonia
Gaddis, John - Searcy
Henderson, Eva - Hiram
Pierce, Clemie - Letona
Hilger, Dovie - Little Red

Butler, Russell
Ray, Sam
Baker, John
Ray, Vona
Leggett, Blanch
Boggs, A. D.
Nelson, Alonzo
Majors, Beulah
Yingling, Ora
Brumlow, J. T.
Malone, J. E.
Fakes, Connie
Crook, Kenneth

ABOUT CLAY GRADED SCHOOL (from letter to Robert L. Lytal from Mrs. Leister E. Presley)
The Clay Graded School was in operation at Clay for a period of 3 years from 1907-1910. It was usually referred to as the Clay High School and most former students agree the school was very strict in allowing communication between girls & boys, and that Mr. Boggs was a very fine teacher. Judging by the results, I believe both of these things were true.
No talking or asscociation of any kind was allowed between the boys & girls & no courting, even outside school hours, unless the rules were suspended for special occasions. Love will find a way. There were at least 13 marriages made in the group attending the first 2 years, and there may have been others. This was about 25% of the total students. The following are the students who married, most of the marriages occurring after they were out of school.
*Albert Boggs to Lillie Crow
*Linn Cook to Margie Rone - they were farmers near Pangburn
*Conrad Fields to Myrtle Smith
*Alma Howell to Sudie Brower - Mr. & Mrs. Howell moved to Searcy after he retired from farming. His farm was near Clay.
*Kenneth Crook to Eva Henderson - Mr. Crook served as postmaster at Pangburn.
*Gibbon Lytal to Eva Hall - Mr. Lytal lived near Clay.
*Bernice Majors to Lucy Cunningham
*Alonzo Nelson to Cora Sherrod - Mr. & Mrs. Nelson devoted their lives to teaching. They retired in Judsonia.
*Luther Presley to Maggie Yingling - Maggie Presley died in 1922, leaving 2 sons, Leister & Clarence Presley. Mr. Presley was a singer & a song writer. He was associated with Stamps Baxter Music Co. for many years.
*Sam Ray to Mary Adcock - Mr. & Mrs. Ray taught school and he later operated a cotton gin at Pangburn. Mrs. Ray lived at Clay.
*John Wise to Foy Pate - Mr. Wise was a retired farmer & they lived near Clay.
*Ora Yingling to Emma Adcock - Mr. Yingling served as school teacher, County Clerk, Searcy Postmaster, bank cashier as well as many civic activities. Mrs. Yingling lived on East Race St. in Searcy.
*James F. Boggs to Blanche Leggett - Yes, Mr. Boggs found a wife from the school. Mr. Boggs passed away, but not before he had seen the fruits of his labor in the lives of his students. Mrs. Boggs lived on W. Woodruff Ave., Searcy.



Kensett School Student's Autograph Book - submitted by Sharon  Aldred Orantes
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