County Courthouse in 1903
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White County, Arkansas

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My 2ndgreatgrandfather, Capt. James A. Poe was in the Civil War (Company A, Gause's Ark. Regiment) and 3rd greatgrandfather Capt. R.H. Poe (Quartermaster, Glenn's Regiment, Ark. Inf.). His other son Richard Razy Poe was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 32nd or 38th Ark Inf.

They all moved from Alabama in abt 1855 and resided in the area until after 1870. RH Poe was allowed to resign his commission and leave the army in 1863 because he operated the only grist mill in White Co., and the citizens petitioned the army to discharge him so he could work it. I have a copy of that petition with about 50 signatures of local residents of the area at that time, if you're interested.

Robert L Woodham

For your listing of war veterans from White County, my great-grandfather, Jefferson Saye, lived in White County from 1858 until his death at Vinity 13 December 1874. He was in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Jefferson Saye enlisted in the Confederate Army at Searcy, Arkansas 14 June 1862. He was then 32 years old. He mustered in 24 June and was enrolled in Dandridge McRae's Regiment at Springfield. Jefferson apparently became ill in February 1863 and was sent home in March. There is no record of further service. Ken Parker KParker126@aol.com
Bonnie, I have records of my gggrandfather Solomon Moore. He was in Glenn's Inf. He was captured in the Helena, Ark. battle on July 3, 1863 and sent to Alton, Ill. The records state that he was exchanged in 1865 in Deleware. I have no record of him after that. Also Charles Hazelwood was in the same company. They were both Privates. Charles Hazelwood was injured as I have Widows Application and Evidence of Physician on him. I thought this might be of interest for the Civil War pages. Hope you do also. Thank you for your dedication. Nelda Baker Phx, Az.
The first one is my great grandfather, the second and third are two of his brothers - I think all the other brothers were too young. There were several other family members involved, but I do not have the data at this time. I know Coleman N. Norman (an uncle to these veterans) was in the war and died coming home (pneumonia), but we have to search for his records.

Lewis Jackson, Francis Marion, and David Washington were all sons of Thomas Norman and Catherine __?__ Norman. Thomas and Catherine are buried in the Norman Cemetery, on what was Thomas Norman's land, near Rose Bud.

Their grandfather, Francis Marion Norman, is buried in the Old Hopewell Cemetery near Rose Bud.

Lewis Jackson Norman served for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. He enlisted in Company K; 10 Arkansas Infantry; Pvt/Pvt and in Company A; 8 Arkansas Calvary; Pvt/Pvt.

Francis Marion Norman served in the CSA, and was at some time in Company E, Candles Reg; Arkansas Calvary. Notation found under Bettis, James Edward, in Arkansas 1911 Confederate Veterans.
He also served in Company K; 8 Arkansas Infantry; Pvt/Pvt; CSA.

David Washington Norman served in Company K, 8 Arkansas Infantry; Pvt/Pvt; CSA.
He was also in Company E; 8 Arkansas Calvary; Pvt/Pvt; CSA.
He served in Company A; 32 Arkansas Infantry; Pvt/Pvt; CSA.

Shirley Norman Gunn
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