County Courthouse in 1903
White County Historical Society
White County, Arkansas
Veterans Cemetery List L
Lacefield, Louginia A. 4-Feb-09 September 22, 1961 CS2 U.S. Navy WWII Beebe Cemetery
Lackey, Ralph W. 16-Sep-18 August 23, 1968 Ark Pfc. HQ Co. 504th WWII Beebe Cemetery
Lacy, Doyle Eugene 13-Feb-28 January 5, 2003 Cpl U.S. Army Korea White County Memorial Garden
Lacy, Virgil F. February 16, 1892 April 24, 1975 Pvt U.S. Army Carter Cemetery
Laden, John D. 9-Sep-27 June 24, 1974 Tec5 U.S. Army Kensett Cemetery 
Laffoon, Bobby Gene 25-Jan-39 May 18, 1967 Ark  Pfc. U.S. Army Mt. Bethel Cemetery
Laffoon, Delbert N. 19-Nov-23 December 30, 1997 U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Laire, James March 18, 1824 December 4, 2004 U.S. Army WWII Fredonia Cemetery 
Lamb, Lonzy August 1, 1891 April 6, 1964 Iowa Cpl. MG Co. 20th Inf. WWI Ellis Chapel Cemetery 
Lamb, Wentford 11-Dec-34 October 5, 1994 Pvt U.S. Army White County Memorial Garden
Lambert, Lawrence M. 1892 June 1, 1905 Cpl. U.S. Army WWI Oak Grove Cemetery
Lambrecht, Edward February 24, 1896 April 27, 1968 F2 U.S. Navy WWI Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lampton, Floyd Davis 7-Nov-24 October 15, 1969 U.S. Navy WWII & Korea Carter Cemetery
Lampton, Fred September 22, 1891 June 7, 1957 Ark Pvt Co C 3rd Corps School WWI Carter Cemetery
Lampton, Lester Ray 11-Feb-23 September 12, 1991 U.S. Navy WWII Carter Cemetery
Lance, Algie Lee 24-Aug-24 December 1, 1987 U.S. Navy WWII Nelson Cemetery
Lance, Alvie C. 16-Aug-27 January 7, 1997 Pfc U. S. Marine Corps WWII Carter Cemetery
Land, Barber May 22, 1895 January 14, 1968 Cpl. 221st MP CO WWI Smith Cemetery (Bradford)
Land, Leon Blaine Jr. 29-Sep-25 January 29, 1944 Ark. Pvt. U.S. Marine Res Evergreen Cemetery
Land, Luther H. August 10, 1880 July 4, 1966 Co F 2nd Regt Ark Inf Heard Cemetery 
Landers, William Thomas No Dates 44th Tenn  Inf C.S.A Civil War Blasingame Cemetery 
Landis, Roy L. 9-Feb-06 January 11, 1993  U.S. Navy WWII Providence Cemetery
Landreth, C.C. March 12, 1836 December 31, 1861 Co. B 7th Ark. Inf. C.S.A Civil War Hickmon Cemetery 
Landrum, Jerry Don 26-Jun-55 August 20, 1992 A1C U.S. Air Force Vietnam Lebanon Cemetery
Lane, Ralph McClellan May 27, 1892 April 27, 1966 Pvt. Co. F. 5th Ammo Train WWI Ellis Chapel Cemetery 
Lang, Burl A. 24-Jul-23 July 14, 1978 SP5 U.S. Army WWII Grissard Cemetery 
Lang, Clarence I. 1895 May 31, 1905 U.S. Army WWI Grissard Cemetery 
Lang, Robert Harold 17-Aug-34 December 17, 2003 SP/4 U.S. Army Bethlehem Cemetery (Plainview)
Langer, James Daniel 17-Jun-34 December 24, 1992 Pvt. U.S. Army Korea Lebanon Cemetery
Langford, Dale 1938 June 1, 1905 Pfc. U.S. Army Mt. Hebron Cemetery 
Langford, James W. March 24, 1893 November 12, 1971 Ark Pvt Co B 113th Inf WWI Gum Springs Cemetery
Langley, Elton D. 1923 Only date U.S. Air Force WWII White County Memorial Garden
Langley, Gary Dale 12-Jul-47 April 12, 1991 U.S. Navy– Only information Mt. Hebron Cemetery 
Langley, Herman H. 18-Mar-06 December 6, 1961 Pfc Army Air Corps WWII White County Memorial Garden
Langley, Milton H. 7-Nov-30 July 18, 2003 CWO4 U.S. Army White County Memorial Garden
Langston, Howard F. Feb. 9, 1930 Dec. 10, 2002 MSgt USAF Korea & Vietnam Meadowbrook Memorial Garde
Lankford, John William October 12, 1896 April 4, 1988 Pvt. U.S. Army WWI West Point Cemetery 
Lankford, Joseph V. 5-Aug-14 March 26, 1987 U.S. Marines WWII Fredonia Cemetery 
Lankford, Joseph V.  5-Aug-14 March 26, 1987 U.S. Marines WWII Fredonia Cemetery 
Lanz, Adolph R. October 13, 1879 September 7, 1965 Pvt. Spanish American War Honey Hill Cemetery 
Larman, Albert L. 26-Nov-21 August 29, 1951 Amm2 U.S. Coast Guard WWII Evergreen Cemetery
Lasater, Covey C. February 10, 1895 December 31, 1947 Ark Pfc 312th AM & NTN 87th Div Mt. Pisgah Cemetery 
Lasseter, Palmer July 26, 1895 June 22, 1974 Pvt. U.S. Army Bethesda Cemetery
Lassiter, James Aubrey 16-Apr-13 September 25, 1989 S1 U.S Navy WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lassiter, William Troy 11-Dec-16 July 12, 1986 S1 U.S. Navy WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Laster, Claude M. 8-Feb-03 February 16, 1967 1Sgt 1612th Svc Cmd Unit WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lathum, Willaim D. 17-Jan-24 Only date Pvt U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Latimer, Harry G. 5-Oct-22 October 28, 2001 Sgt U.S. Army WWII Beebe Cemetery
Latimer, Ralph E. 18-Feb-18 March 6, 1992 S2 U.S. Navy WWII Honey Hill Cemetery 
Latimer, Wilbur D.  23-May-44 January 19, 1971 Capt Trp C 17th Cav 101st ABN Div Vietnam Gum Springs Cemetery
Latture, James October 28, 1848 November 9, 1931 Co. H 11th Ind. Cav Mt. Olive Cemetery
Latture, William D. 1907 May 31, 1905 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII Weir Cemetery
Launius, Kent A. 6-Jul-26 January 29, 2003 SSgt U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Lawing, Alfred W. Jr. 9-Dec-48 November 22, 2004 SP/4 U.S. Army Vietnam Oaklawn Memorial Garden
Lawrence, Carthel E.  October 25, 1896 December 10, 1955 Ark Pvt U.S. Army WWI Sidon Cemetery
Lawrence, Herbert Hall 7-Jun-22 Only date. WWI Beebe Cemetery
Lawrence, Ollie A. July 22, 1896 March 13, 1978 Pvt U.S. Army WWI Sidon Cemetery
Lawrence, Thomas R.L. March 8, 1834 February 12, 1903 Cpl. Co. B 16th Mo.Cav Beebe Cemetery
Lawson, Hugh C. 26-May-24 October 26, 1981 U.S. Navy Gray Cemetery
Lawson, Leon 7-Feb-18 December 28, 1983 U.S. Navy WWII Lebanon Cemetery
Lawson, Thomas  B.  No Dates   Co. C. 49 Ala. Inf. C.S.A Civil War Gray Cemetery
Laxton, Doyle D. 6-Feb-25 December 6, 1944 Pvt 17th Inf WWII Bethlehem Cemetery (Denmark) 
Lay, Jessie R. 13-Dec-30 December 24, 1995 Sgt. U.S. Army Korea Meadowbrook Memorial Garde
Lea, Kenneth E. 25-Nov-15 May 7, 1976 SSMB3 U.S. Navy WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Leach, Chester E. January 2, 1893 November 21, 1974 Pfc U.S. Army Weir Cemetery
Leach, Owen 19-Feb-25 September 18, 2001 U.S. Navy WWII St. Mary’s Cemetery 
Leasure, Harry C. October 17, 1891 November 4, 1967 Cpl U.S. Army WWI Bethlehem Cemetery (Plainview)
Leasure, Herman 25-May-10 August 31, 1984 U.S. Army Only information Providence Cemetery
Ledbetter, William T. 1896 May 11, 1905 Ark  Pvt  Co  M 113th  Ammo train WWI Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lee, Bryan E. May 20, 1895 October 7, 1953 Cpl.3rd Ordnance Guard Co. WWI Beebe Cemetery
Lee, Bryan Earl   Jr. 29-Oct-18 September 14, 1970 Ark SSgt Co A 186th  Inf WWII Antioch Cemetery
Lee, Joe 1923 June 16, 1905 Pfc U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Lee, Odis L. 26-Nov-06 December 4, 1976 MSgt. U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Lee, Thomas F. April 23, 1893 February 21, 1939 Ark. Pvt. 105th Inf. 27th Div Walker Cemetery 
Lemmonds, Curtis Leon 22-Jun-38 January 24, 1993 Pfc U.S. Marine Corps White County Memorial Garden
Lenard, Robert E.L. 1898 June 7, 1905 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII Oaklawn Memorial Garden
Leonard, B.J. 30-Sep-22 July 24, 1960 Ark. Tec5 U.S. Army WWII Evergreen Cemetery
Leslie, Earl Bryan March 27, 1897 May 12, 1975 U.S. Army WWI Carter Cemetery
Levey, Harold W. 20-Jun-15 August 10, 1980 Sgt U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Lewis,  ? Son of Scott and Viola Lewis killed on Guam Island inWWII WWII Beebe Cemetery
Lewis, Carl W. Sr. 15-Mar-20 May 26, 2001 U.S. Navy WWII Henderson Cemetery
Lewis, Carter V. 1-Mar-16 August 21, 1994 Sfc U.S. Army WWII & Korea White County Memorial Garden
Lewis, George December 30, 1822 January 4, 1900 Capt Co E 36th Ark Inf C.S.A Civil War Center Hill Baptist Cemetery 
Lewis, John H. 9-Jan-23 May 12, 1970 Ark. Pvt. SVC CMD Unit WWII Antioch Cemetery
Lewis, Leo George 4-Jan-22 June 24, 1997 Sfc. U.S. Army WWII Oakland Cemetery 
Lewis, Leroy C. 1-Mar-23 February 10, 1988 Lt. Col. USAF WWII, Korea & Vietnam Oak Grove Cemetery
Lewis, Odie E. November 24, 1891 March 2, 1961 Cpl U. S. Army Antioch Cemetery
Lewis, Roy 5-Jan-28 Only date Ark Pvt. U.S. Army Oak Grove Cemetery
Lewis, William A. 5-May-18 December 9, 1994 MM2 U.S. Navy WWII Dogwood Cemetery
Liddle, Ernest J. Jr. 4-Aug-29 October 26, 1986 MSgt USAF Korea & Vietnam Meadowbrook Memorial Garde
Liggett, Duard A. Jr. 14-Jan-26 March 2, 1986 U.S. Marine Corps WWII White County Memorial Garden
Light, Carthel L. 11-Apr-20 October 31, 1983 SSgt U.S. Army WWII Gum Springs Cemetery
Light, Ernest D. 26-Jun-21 January 30, 1988 Pvt. U.S. Army Air Corps WWII Honey Hill Cemetery 
Light, Erskin Readus 2-Mar-28 June 13, 1972 Pvt. U.S. Army Korea Mt. Olive Cemetery
Liles, Alton M. 11-Jun-16 November 17, 1999 Cpl U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Liles, Bobby R. 27-Jun-40 October 3, 1973 ICFN U.S. Navy Weir Cemetery
Liles, Delbert Wayne 9-Apr-32 March 20, 1998 Cpl U.S. Army Korea Weir Cemetery
Liles, Doyle 26-Nov-25 November 4, 2002 FC3 U.S. Navy WWII Antioch Cemetery
Liles, Doyne Andrew 14-Jan-22 November 20, 1943 Ark Pvt 2nd Regt USMC 2nd Div WWII Antioch Cemetery
Liles, Henry Wayburn 7-Aug-26 November 28, 2001 BMC U.S. Navy WWII & Korea Weir Cemetery
Liles, Jackie W. 1934 Only date SP/5 U.S. Army White County Memorial Garden
Liles, James Russell 17-Dec-28 April 30, 1960 Ark Pfc U.S. Army Korea Weir Cemetery
Liles, John November 17, 1836 July 16, 1911 Co I, 48th Regt Tenn. Inf C.S.A Civil War Hammons Chapel Cemetery 
Liles, Murray H. 14-Dec-16 October 16, 1973 Ark Pfc U.S. Army WWII Gum Springs Cemetery
Liles, Ronald Doyne 6-Dec-47 February 26, 1969 Ark FN U.S. Navy Antioch Cemetery
Liles, Rubert D. 28-Oct-21 March 3, 1985 U.S. Army WWII Antioch Cemetery
Linder, Harvey H. April 25, 1894 June 15, 1968 Ark  Pfc Medical Dept. WWI Beebe Cemetery
Linder, Robert 9-Oct-00 June 21, 1960 Cpl. Medical Det 1st Inf Ark National Guard WWI Beebe Cemetery
Linder, Virgil T. Jr. 4-Jan-45 May 31, 1999 LCpl U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Antioch Cemetery
Lindley, John W. 1834 March 31, 1905 2 Lt. Co I, 17th Miss. Inf C.S.A Civil War Lindley Cemetery
Lindsey, Ralph Lee 1923 June 2, 1905 U.S. Navy WWII White County Memorial Garden
Linsley, George M. November 2, 1891 August 11, 1952 Cook 312th Ammo. 87th Div WWI Evergreen Cemetery
Linville, Lester A. 22-Jan-20 November 25, 1981 Pfc. U.S. Army WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lipscomb, Archie V. 14-Jul-20 March 8, 1997 U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Little, Francis Marion 1834 March 27, 1905 Co. C 8th Ark. Inf. C.S.A Civil War Providence Cemetery
Livingston, I .M.  No Dates GAR Civil War Evergreen Cemetery
Lockard, Thomas A. 28-Oct-00 November 17, 1970 Pvt. U.S. Army Air Force WWII Oak Grove Cemetery
Lockhart, Carrol R. 15-Dec-29 February 3, 1999 U.S. Navy Georgetown Cemetery 
Lockhart, Carroll L. 24-Apr-48 March 14, 1975 SP/4 U.S. Army Providence Cemetery
Loconte, Michael  F. 27-Feb-20 September 18, 2003 Cpl U.S. Army WWII West Point Cemetery 
Lody, Charles September 19, 1889 April 11, 1982 U.S. Army WWI Smith Cemetery (Bradford)
Loftin, Iverson L. December 5, 1899 January 9, 1969 Ark F3 U.S. Navy WWI Antioch Cemetery
Loftis, Thurman Lee 29-Mar-21 March 15, 1990 Cpl U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Logan, Verline E. 19-Oct-28 January 2, 1987 S1 U.S. Navy WWII Oaklawn Memorial Garden
Logsdon, Carl 18-Oct-29 July 9, 1999 Pvt U.S. Army Kensett Cemetery 
Logsdon, Lois K. 1922 June 8, 1905 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII Kensett Cemetery 
London, Thomas A. August 20, 1895 October 22, 1965 Pvt. Co. B. 137th Inf WWI Coffeeville Cemetery 
Long, Donald Hoyt 9-May-51 November 3, 2001 SP/4 U.S. Army Vietnam White County Memorial Garden
Long, Emmett L. 12-Jun-29 July 28, 1982 U.S. Air Force WWII & Korea Carter Cemetery
Long, Homer S. 9-Aug-06 December 18, 1980 U.S. Navy WWII Carter Cemetery
Long, Hubert Edgar April 24, 1879 February 27, 1951 Ark ACMM U.S. Navy WWI Heard Cemetery 
Long, James Elbert 26-Dec-22 December 27, 1990 S2 U.S. Navy WWII Shady Grove Cemetery 
Long, Richard Melvin 23-Oct-51 April 1, 1974 CSSA U.S. Navy Shady Grove Cemetery 
Longstreet Daniel P. 30-May-57 March 14, 1997 SSgt U.S Army Persian Gulf White County Memorial Garden
Looks, Jacob S. No Dates GAR Co. E. 56th Ohio Inf Civil War Evergreen Cemetery
Looney, Claudy Melvin 1928 June 11, 1905 Pvt U.S. Army WWII Dogwood Cemetery
Looney, Orby Mack 19-Nov-44 August 5, 1977 Sgt. U.S. Army Vietnam Smith Cemetery (Bradford)
Lott, Florence McCrackin 1909 May 29, 1905 Major Army Nurse Corps WWII & Korea Smyrna Cemetery
Lott, Wayne E. 18-Nov-37 July 25, 1990 Pvt. U.S. Army Searcy Faith Cemetery
Louks, Phillip Co. G 9 Ill. Cav. Civil War Fredonia Cemetery 
Louks, Roy S 5-Dec-18 April 10, 1991 Pvt U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden
Love, Robert M. Sr. 15-Aug-09 April 2, 1967 Ark. Pvt. U.S. Army WWII Evergreen Cemetery
Lovelady, Douglas Eugene 22-Dec-34 August 19, 2002 U.S. Air Force Korea  Coffeeville Cemetery 
Lovell, Herbert A. August 15, 1899 December 17, 1988 Pvt U.S. Army WWI Heard Cemetery 
Lowe, Kenneth Edward 10-Apr-31 February 23, 1997 U.S. Navy Henderson Cemetery
Lowe, Winston P. 17-Jun-13 July 16, 1971 Ark  Pfc U.S. Army WWII Henderson Cemetery
Lowery, Clarence Vestal January 8, 1890 December 12, 1978 U.S. Army WWI Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lowery, William Green 31-Jan-30 February 7, 2004 A1C  U.S. Air Force Korea Salem Church Cemetery
Lowthrop, Beamon S. 1895 August 23, 1943 Ark. Pfc. U.S. Army Mt. Pisgah Cemetery 
Lucas, Robert M. May 10, 1837 September 25, 1923 2Lt Co B 58th Ind Vol Civil War Beebe Cemetery
Luck, Francis C. 24-Dec-34 March 23, 1992 CE1 U.S. Navy Vietnam Shady Grove Cemetery 
Lundy, James H. October 27, 1888 November 10, 1918 Pvt. 39th Co 166th B.D WWI West Point Cemetery 
Lunnie, James E. Jr. 14-Feb-33 April 29, 1995 U.S. Air Force Korea Beebe Cemetery
Lunnie, Lucious 26-Jun-43 September 6, 1966 A2C U.S. Air Force Beebe Cemetery
Lutes, Clyde C. 12-Jan-22 March 2, 1980 Cpl. U.S. Army WWII Hickmon Cemetery 
Lutes, Jacob Wesley 1828 March 21, 1905 Pvt Co I 55th Ind Inf Civil War Hickmon Cemetery 
Lutes, Wesley E. October 21, 1895 October 10, 1971 Pfc. Co. H. 161st Inf WWI Hickmon Cemetery 
Lynch, Wayne D. 11-Feb-28 February 15, 1990 Cpl. U.S. Army WWII Pickens Chapel Cemetery
Lyon, Richard Jackson December 2, 1842 March 18, 1912 42nd N.C.C.V Only information Weir Cemetery
Lytal William L. 1919 Only date Maj U.S. Army WWII White County Memorial Garden