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White County Vittles, Our fourth book is a collection of 350 down-home recipes and stories, is available for $15, or, if to be mailed, $17.50. The cover photo shows an outdoor birthday party beside a country road at Romance in the mid-1930s. Each of the ten sections begins with a black-and-white photo from White County. A few goodies you will find include a recipe for homemade mayonnaise from Wilma Tomlinson McPhail of Judsonia, one she learned to make in home economics class at McRae High School; a recipe for Hoppin’ John from Pat Best, which should be eaten on New Year’s Day for good luck; several recipes from old Searcy Citizen newspapers; a couple from an old “Book of Desserts” by Mrs. W. H. Wilson, provided by Mrs. Mary Reynolds of North Little Rock. A few “not so cookable” recipes are included (for fun) such as “Dewey’s Elephant Stew” from Dewey Spencer of Judsonia.

White County Cooks Another Helping. With a 70-year-old photograph of a Letona homecoming on the front cover, the new cookbook contains 350 recipes plus comments and stories from some of the Historical Society’s best storytellers - Walter Wisdom, W.C. Welch, R.C. McCourt, Cloie Presley, Christina Spear, Billie Willingham and others. Photographs range from a 100-year-old view of a Searcy grocery to an elegant 1953 wedding rehearsal dinner at the Rendezvous Restaurant

The new book and the first two cookbooks are available for $15 each plus $3.50 postage


 White County's Cookin' Again is the perfect companion to White County Cookin' and both are excellent as gifts.  Either cookbook may be purchased for $15 at WCHS meetings.  Mail orders add $3.50 for postage.  Send order and check to WCHS, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.




“White County Cookin’”  is full of old pictures, stories and more than 300 family recipes with roots that run deep in our local soil.   It’s a great gift and a must for your cookbook collection.   You can  pick up a copy for $15 at Historical Society meetings and other outlets in the Searcy area, or for $17.50 by mail by writing WCHS, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.



“Guardian of the Memories: Searcy.” Dr. Frank W. Brown, 2007. Award-winning collection of memories of a young man growing up in rural White County who goes from illiteracy and poverty to becoming a scholar and physician. Paperback, 172 pages, 6x9. $23.50 postage paid.



Smyrna Church Water ColorPrints of Earliest Smyrna Church Available To assist in fund-raising, artist-instructor Janelle Selvidge of Searcy has donated this beautiful watercolor painting of the church to the White County Historical Society.  She and the Society are selling 11x14 acid-free prints of the scene, suitable for framing, for $50.

Cover of A Severe and Bloddy FightA Severe and Bloody Fight, The Battle of Whitney’s Lane & Military Occupation of White County, Arkansas, May & June, 1862. Scott H. Akridge and Emmett E. Powers, 1996. Perfect bind, 168 pages. $17.50 postage paid. $15.50 for each additional book.

Chips from the wood yard

Chips From The Wood Yard,  is a collection of true stories written by the late Adele Meacham Wood of Little Red. This award-winning book was produced by Mrs. Wood’s daughters, Mariola Payne of Dover, Arkansas, and Laquita Kent of Washington, DC.  It may be ordered for $14 postage paid from Mariola Payne, 1259 Terra Villa Road, Dover, AR 72837.  Make check payable to Philadelphia Cemetery.  There are 52 stories, 59 old photographs and 207 pages in the book.

Cover of Something Money Can't Buy

Something Money Can’t Buy. Christina Doyle Spear, 2001. Growing up in White County before and during the Great Depression. More than 100 old photos and stories by a member of the White County Historical Society. 174 pages. $17.50 postage paid.

A Humorous History of White County. Claude Johnson, 2006 reprint. Written by a former president of the White County Historical Society in 1976 and out of print for several years, this rare history has been reprinted with some 20 old photographs added. Pioneer customs, stories, lists and statistics. Perfect bind, 152 pages. $17.50 postage paid.

Humorous History Index

Searcy Centennial, 1837-1937(revised). The first 100 years of Searcy and White County. Written by A.P. Strother Sr., with a supporting committee of Eugene Cypert, Hallie Rogers Yarnell, Frances Mayo Smith and Corinne Covington Myers. Soft cover, 61 pages, reprinted 1993. $10 postage paid.

Searcy Centennial Index

Civil War Collection. 1988. White County Civil War articles from White County Heritage between 1963 and 1988. General Dandridge McRae, Old Searcy, Seventh Battalion, First Company of White County Soldiers, Britt House, Single Shot Captures Confederate Transport, Mt. Pisgah, Egbert, John F. Randall Papers, Young Civil War Hero, Battle of Whitney’s Lane, Wartime Letters, West Point Cannon Ball, Moccasin Bend skirmish, Action at Ashley’s Mill, and more. 120 pages. $14 postage paid.

 Growing Up in the Depression Ozarks. R.C. McCourt, 2001. Stories and commentary about Cleburne and White County people and places from 1925 to 1950, written by a former director of the historical society. Spiral bound, 82 pages, 8 x11. $12 postage paid.


W.E. “Skinny” Orr published this comprehensive history of the Judsonia area in 1957.  He was publisher of the local newspaper and became a charter member of the White County Historical Society, serving as president during the organization’s formative years. Mr. Orr died in 1997, and his book is now out of print and very rare.  Copies can be found in some of the White County libraries, including the Searcy Public Library. “That’s Judsonia” was printed without an index. This index was prepared in 2008 by WCHS member Mary Hale of Russell, to assist researchers and to keep alive the memory of this unique historian and his special book.


2010 White County Heritage Buford M. Maddox, My Father Was A Cpl. In the U.S. Army, AZALEE, Things sure have changed, Little League Baseball in Searcy Began Sixty Years Ago, 1950’s Sandwich Menu from Woodworths, UP FROM THE COTTON FIELDS, HOUSEBOAT CHILD, New Dixie Drive- In Theater ,Jack Edward Caldwell ,The John P. May Family in Searcy, A Different Use for Onion, Reflections On A Local Legend, SEARCY POPULATION TOPS 6,000 IN 1950 U.S. CENSUS, Life at Harding College in the 1930s, Who killed Searcy Detective Albert Parker?, A Brief History of the Mason Jar, Remembering Godden Hall, Nostalgia-Oscar Saxton, Nostalgia- Carrie Cook, Yesterday, once more, White County Patents, What’s In A Name?, DUCK HILL?, West Point Men Enlisting in Company G, 15th Arkansas Infantry, Soldiers Who Died at DuckHill, MS, Men From Other States, TRAIL TREES, Country Roads to City Streets 100 pages $13.50 postage paid

2009 White County Heritage Romance's Artist in Overalls, Dr. Muncy's History is a Scholarly Tribute to the City, Lord of the Rings – Smyrna is the Oldest Church, Story of the Rock – Gold Map or Grandpa's Joke?, Looking for the Fabled Pink Mint, Living to 100, Thanks to God, Mom and Onions, My Original Steel Magnolia, Civil War Veterans, You Run, We Gun – Judsonia Fights Crime in the 30s, The Crosby Friendship Quilt, The Night Screwballs Ran the Rialto, Searcy Daily Citizen December 30, 1931, 1906 to 1941 – Searcy's Distinguished Alumni, Record Catfish Catch photo, Pangburn Was a Struggle for the Boyles, World's Fair Oak photo, An Inside Look at Baseball's Legendary Preacher Roe, Memories of the MoPac Bus, 92 Miles of M&NA Track in One Year, DK&S Memories, “Letters from Arkansas” by George Engelmann, Rose Bud's First Druggist, The Mary Ann Davis Link at Rose Bud, War of 1812 Veteran Was Floyd's First Settler, u ben doin hisstery too long? 100 pages $13.50 postage paid

2008 White County Heritage Old Railroad Car Underwent Many Changes.,Teaching at White Oak, Stuart Coffey ~ Barber, Fighter, Storyteller,Let's Mark Our Historic Sites, Red Cross Poster Girl, The Soldier From Marsh Mountain, Cousin Howard Marsh's Story, A House on Marsh Mountain, Appreciating My Mother, The Harbors at Bald Knob Lake, Miss Frona, Voice of Judsonia., Shew and Monday, Judsonia Blacksmiths - 1915 photo, A Benefactor for Bullock Cemetery, The Amazing Adams Brothers, How a Beebe Business Survived the Depression., Memories of the Tom King Family, Elywon's Excellent Adventures, Rose Bud's Mystery Rock, Isaacs Family at Hopewell Church, We Was Brought Up To Work in the Fields, The 1936-37 Time Capsule ,1936 Searcy High Student Newspapers, Old Landmarks of Searcy, Dog Days of Searcy, Searcy Dream Homes of 1914, More on the Searcy Branch RR, Dime at a Time, Searcy High School Class of 1954 photo, French Town Honors Soldier From Searcy, Christmas at the Gravel Hill Country Store. 100 pages $13.50 postage paid

2007 White County Heritage Strawberry Heyday, Strawberry Boom, Box Bonanza, Strawberry Growers, Where the Strawberry Went, 150 Years of Newspaper, The Great Train Robbery of 1893, Back to Pearl Harbor, The Rose Bud Town Spring and other stories, 100 pages $13.50 postage paid

2006 White County Heritage.  Murder in the Pleasant Grove Church, Judson University, Hard Times on a Railroad Gang, Drake Spur 1914-15, Recording Cemeteries as Archaeological Sites and other stories;  100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2005 White County Heritage. The McDonalds at Russell in 1898, Curtis' Civil War Challenge, Pangburn Ladies Aid Society, Bob Palmer's B-17 Memories, Walker School 1929-30, Song Writer Luther G. Presley, Searcy Memories, Rose Bud Cotton Gins, Last Days of the Busche Brothers, Morris School Memories, Kentucky Valley, Pappy Gunn and other stories. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2004 White County Heritage. White County Cartoonist George Fisher, Beebe Sports Star Gaylon Smith, Kensett Mosquitoes Chase Henderson Pioneers to Pangburn, Lost Dreams at Devil’s Tea Table, Story of an old Muzzle Loader, Snake Tales, Growing Up in Smyrna, Mary Armstrong Diaries and other stories. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2003 White County Heritage. History of Armstrong Springs Resort, Armstrong Springs Schoolhouse, Birth and Death of Morris School for Boys, Growing Up at Crosby in the 1940s, Poor John and the Fleas, History of May Bus Line, Georgetown M&NA Bridge, Miss B Was a Patriot, genealogical information and other stories. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2002 White County Heritage. The Lost Black History of White County, Doc Rayburn’s 11-year-old Civil War Raider, Piker Letters From Bradford, Turley farm at Bald Knob, What Happened in the Titan II Missile Silo, plus hunting, fishing and trapping stories from long ago. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2001 White County Heritage. Lonnie Glosson the Talking Harmonica Man, WWII Prisoner of War, Civil War at Center Hill, Floyd’s Tar Heel Confederate, West Point Civil War Memories, White County Roots, cemetery updates on the Internet, and more. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

2000 White County Heritage. From Georgetown to Jupiter: a 90-year-old teacher recalls a special student who rose above the Depression and reached for the stars; Orphan of the Storm: the 1903 tornado took Paul King’s entire family; agriculture pioneering Lambert family, Civil War Calendar, Silers and McCauleys, the infamous Tonsil Clinic, cemetery updates on the Internet, and more. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1999 White County Heritage. Wilbur Mills, Freshman Congressman, Harding University’s 75th anniversary, Harding milestones, Harding moves from Morrilton to Searcy, the Harding Swing, the first Church of Christ in Searcy, 1905 postcard, Galloway College, electricity comes to Pangburn, WWII P40 fighter pilot Jim Dumas, mules in the Depression, 1937 Junior Agricultural College of Central Arkansas, musician/journalist Jamie Jones Young, teaching in 1935. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1998 White County Heritage. Tribute to Ina Leach, C.W. Riggins family of Kensett, new White County War Memorial, Those We Remember, The Day We Saluted "The Beer Barrel Polka," Wilbur D. Mills young populist leader, Reflections on a Long-Gone Railroad, Little Train to Des Arc, Meeting the Train, "The Awful M&NA Strike," Making Horseshoes & Charming Snakes, Shooting Anvils on Armistice Day, Searcy of 1928, Judsonia Story, Judsonia tornado of 1952, White County Heritage index, White County Time Machine. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1997 White County Heritage. Tribute to W.E. Orr, one-room schools, White County Record, German Americans in Arkansas, Col. Jacob Frolich - Reconstruction era editor, Edwards sisters, Battle of Whitney’s Lane, White County War Memorial, Yarnell Ice Cream Company, Thoughts of the Past, Pangburn First Baptist Church, Mack Butler 1952, Down Memory Lane, Pangburn 1928 telephone directory, Pangburn town charter and ordinances, history of Pangburn. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1996 White County Heritage. Spanish land grant, Humorous History of White County, White County post offices, Arkansas Civil War veterans, children of John Peter Aclin, Dream Shattered But Promised Land Found, Mabel Vaughan Stokes, Missouri & North Arkansas Motor Car, songwriter Luther G. Presley, Judsonia postcard, Camp Pike, Mount Olive and Bedford Chapel. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1995 White County Heritage. Searcy’s First Armistice Day, WWII Veteran 50th Anniversary, war hero Footsie Britt, WWII Scrapbook, Secession Convention, The After of the Civil War in Arkansas, Life History of Oliver Perry Bland, Garner school reunion, Edwards family letters, Talk Changes With Time, Grandmother’s Teaching Career, The Day Baseball Came To Beebe, Harris Cemetery, Bald Knob Banner’s First Printer, Coffeys in White County, Foster Cemetery, City Clock, Pioneer Village. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1994 White County Heritage. Arthur Pryor Strother dedication, Dee M. Brown Story, It Happened On Little Red River, Christmas Memories, Story in Picture, Pioneer Village, stories from the old days, From Mother’s Scrapbook, Titan Missile Silos, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, Little-known Carrol Skirmish, Captain C.J. Hanks, Brundidge Family of White County, Old River Bridge, Trail of Elijah Richardson, Finding the Pickey Family Cemetery, Joseph Figg Family Findings. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1993 White County Heritage. History of Spring Park, Struggle for Popular Support in 1868 White County, Beebe Postcard Past, Brindletail Confederate, Cook Family of White County, Clark School, Clearwater School, Plainview High School, Providence Owes Much To Its Early Settlers, Rise and Fall of Railroad Town Bradford, John F. Randall, 1878 Trip Across Arkansas, The Sayes, Trail of Elijah Richardson, John Edward Lightle, Wells Cemetery, Kniffin-Humphries Family History. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1992 White County Heritage. Israel Merrick Moore Early Searcy Benefactor, Spring Park Through The Years, Historical Moments at Oak Grove Cemetery, Steamboats at West Point, William Riley Campbell, Pangburn Soldier’s WWI letter, Riding With Chrisman, Garner, Beebe Church Postcard Past, Aunt Sadie’s Fun Park, Judsonia Colored Cemetery, Velvet Ridge Cemetery, sun drying fruit, Conant settlement. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1991 White County Heritage. Footprints to Highways, John Magness at Mt. Pisgah by 1820, Settlers on Little Red River, Early Perils of Travel, Waterways in White County History, Men of Royal Colony, Josiah Shinn letter to Eugene Cypert, Searcy-Batesville road history, Garner and the Sloan family, Sloan Austin, Reminiscences, Fruit of a Loving Heart, Superstitions in Early 1900s, War Journal, 1932 Car License Records, Clay community, Stony Point Cemetery, Day of Infamy. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1990 White County Heritage. William J. Leach dedication, Chicago-Arkansas Colony, Who’s Who for 1862, Reminiscence of Lola Webb Bailey, Excursion Through the Slave States, Big Rock Gives Birth to a Town (Bald Knob), Mary Ann Biggs trials and survival, White County Training School, Society News, As My Grandfather Told Me, Down Memory Lane, DeSoto Trail, Record of Occupation Tax, Cheek Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1989 White County Heritage. Merchant C.D. Van Patten, Mary E. Robbins Gifford Dedication, Bradford History, Spring Water Miracle, Tales of Frederick Gerstaecker, White County Courthouse, Will of Martin Sengley, Bald Knob Points of Interest, Traveling Old Roads, Morris Family Reunion, Weir Cemetery, Judsonia Bridge, Ellen Wakenight, Lena Liles’ Bible Record. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1988 White County Heritage. Walter Wisdom Old Woodcutter, Miss Ellen Key, Death of Private Wurges, De Soto Expedition, Cheek Lake Civil War Note, White County Hobo, Roosevelt Cemetery & Post Office, Morris Family Cemetery, Smyrna Church Marker, Copperas Springs Methodist Church, James O. Wools, Canning Kitchen, Judsonia Tornadoes, Civil War Veterans in 1910, McDearman Family, O’Neal Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1987 White County Heritage. 1841 Searcy Map, White County Teachers, Liberty Baptist Church of Walker, Brush Arbors & Revivals, Dinner on the ground, Beebe School 1924-25, El Paso High 1916, Game & Fish Commission, Early Settlers, Martin Jones Family, Edwards Sisters, Skirmish at Moccasin Bend, Cullum Cemetery, Tornado, Timber Stories, William Vernon Tompkins, Trail of a Rock, Old Indian Legend, Weir Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1986 White County Heritage. A WAC Remembers WWII, Bring the Tub, ASU Beebe Branch, Place Names, McDearman Family Cemetery, Tram Roads, Pioneer Woman Frances Gordon, Girlhood in Bradford, History of The Citizen, Civil War Days, Old Springhouse on Irwin Farm, Judsonia’s Unknown Child’s Grave. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1985 White County Heritage. Searcy in the Early 1900s, Little Red Original Store, One-Room Schools, College in the Olden Days, Walker School in the 1930s, West Point, Buffalo City letter, Walter Wisdom Memories. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1984 White County Heritage. Walter Wisdom Memories, Summer Schools, Benton Family, National Archives Records, William H. Edwards, Ambrose G. Cochran, Marks and Brands, Mack Moore Family, Rose Bud Tornado of 1982, Stony Point and Beebe History, Beebe Minister for Half Century, Herndon History of Arkansas. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1983 White County Heritage. Johnson Family History, Hillbilly Bible, Community & Crew of Plane 543, Old-timers of Northside, A Day to Remember. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1982 White County Heritage. Claude Johnson Memorial, Phillip Halker Pruett, Beebe Public Library, Missouri & Arkansas Railroad Museum, Stony Point, Oak Tree Inn, Last Hanging, Pleasant Grove Community, Searcy History, Strawberry Processing in McRae, Magness Family, Opal Community, Sears Roebuck Corner, Battle of Whitney’s Lane, 1929 McRae Herald. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1981 White County Heritage. Shivaree for Newlyweds, Prosperous Letona, Elder John Goad, History of Garner Missionary Baptist Church, Capt. Doc Rayburn, Cotton – Where Has It Gone?, Railroads & Strawberries, Bradford Fruit Growers, Women of Arkansas, Blacksmith, Silver, Hallowed Memories, Warren Brothers, Shiloh Church, DAR, Beebe in 1927, Train Travel, WWI Mementoes, Civil War letter, Homer Herring, Beebe Eastern Star100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1980 White County Heritage. Beebe First United Methodist Church, Goad Cemetery, Remedies, LDS Genealogy Services, Old Beebe Homes, Civil War Notes, Griffithville history, mineral resources, White County Fair, Lebanon Church eulogy. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1979 White County Heritage.  History of Rose Bud, Humphrey Posey Mason, Beebe Railroad Station, Sunny Hill, Cattle Dipping, Surplus Cotton to Comfortable Mattresses, Canning Kitchens, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Morris House, Shinplaster, Grandpa Morgan, Stops on the M&NA, Arkansas Folklore, School Map, Things I Miss From Days Gone By, Benton Family, Calhoun, Scruggs and Roberson families, Malcolm family. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1978 White County Heritage.  Lebanon families, Massey Cemetery, Jim Wiseman, 1872 Politics, White County Heritage Museum, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Rare Books, County Records Filmed, Searcy Bank, First National Bank, 1900 Census, Morris Home, Searcy Baptist Church, Faulkner Family, Clay Fulks, Cullum Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1977 White County Heritage.  Livery Stables in Searcy, Home Remedies, 1922 Electors List, Cemetery of Tragedy, Early Wagon Yards, Boarding House Days, William H. Schaefer’s Address Book. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1976 White County Heritage.  Hoffman families, Vinity by W.J. Leach, Floyd Happenings, Lessenberry Family Cemetery, Ruth Yingling Rector, Pettus Family Record, Charles Brewer estate, Durhams of Bradford, Rose Bud Methodist Church, J.W. Robbins Story, Old Courthouse Clock, Rev. B.F. Holdford. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1975 White County Heritage.  Martin Van Buren Gentry Civil War diary, 1880 census, Oak Grove Cemetery, Where Did The Hobo Go?, Stevens Creek Cemetery, Ulys Andrew Lovell, McGrew-Hopper family, Steamboat to Heber Springs, New Doniphan, Civil War letters. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1974 White County Heritage.  Searcy Branch Railroad Minutes, Stony Point Post Office, Roberson family, the Lumber Industry, Railroad Towns in White County, Erma Welch Memoriam, Gas Ordinance, history of Trinity Episcopal Church, 1840 Census, Searcy Cookbook, Roderick family, Beebe Methodist Church, John Henry Roberson, Coldwell Post Office, Providence Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1973 White County Heritage.  Isaac Aaron Miller diary, Lancaster family, Post Offices, Tanning Sheep Skins, Elkhorn Tavern, Bartlett Springs – Antioch’s Spa, Roosevelt Cemetery, River Landings, Henderson Cemetery, Secession Convention, McCauley & Presley. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1972 White County Heritage.  Isaac Aaron Miller autobiography, Walker Cemetery, Hardy Bible record, Bethesda Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Murder of Albert Parker, Wood & Guthrie families, Old Weir Cemetery, Gum Springs Cemetery, Gordon pioneers, Granger Meets a Cobbite. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1971 White County Heritage. Pangburn, Col. J.N. Coffey, White Oak Graveyard, Belcher Graveyard, Castleberry Cemetery, Holly Springs Cemetery, Joseph Price will, minutes of White River Presbytery, A Man Called Henry (Newman), Reminiscence of a "Budding School Marm", Liles of White County, Dogwood Cemetery, Nobody Wanted Victor (John Nation), Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church minutes (Clay, 1860-1870s). 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1970 White County Heritage. The Strawberry in White County, The Agricultural Wheel, Gray Cemetery, The Aroma – Searcy annual, Arkansas Baptist history, Searcy Baptist Church history, Center Hill Presbyterian Cemetery, Christmas at Uncle Jimmie’s (Harmony), Rose Bud Cemetery, Rose Bud Fire of 1925, Plant genealogy. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1969 White County Heritage. Searcy Cornet Band, McKnight Cemetery, Robb Cemetery, Marsh family, West Point Cannon Ball (Civil War), White County schools, Liberty Cemetery. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1968 White County Heritage. Marriage records, Book B (O through P), Harmony Cemetery, Stevens Creek Baptist Association, Nelson Cemetery, Biographical Index – Eastern Arkansas. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1967 White County Heritage. Some Boys Who Didn’t Come Back (WWII), Whitley-Crow Cemetery, Contract for White County Courthouse, Old Homes in Searcy, Marriage Records Book B (H), More Activities of Rev. Cobb, White County Citizens of 1860, William C. "Buck" West, Charles S. George, The White County Library, Pioneer Families of Kensett, Old Hopewell Cemetery, Unto the 26th Generation (Goff), Two Old Family Homes in Searcy, Will of Mumford D. McDaniel, Marriage Records – Book B (H through K). 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1966 White County Heritage. Garner and McRae in Earlier Days, Vinity Cemetery (partial list), Searcy Merchants and Professional Men 1889, A Judsonia Landmark Passes, Rufus Neely Family Bible, Marriage Book B (B through C), Griffin Springs in the Gay 90s, Dr. James A. Snipes, Bowlen Cemetery, El Paso From Its Beginning to 1900, Stoney Point Cemetery (partial list), Mayfair Hotel Since 1924, Old Hotel Goes to the Wreckers (Gill House), Marriage Records – Book B (D), Boys Who Did Not Come Back (WWII), Robert W. Crisp, Bronze Bell Immortalizes Arkansas Girl, Some Firsts in Kensett. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1965 White County Heritage. Early White County Schools, Egbert Community, Clay High School 1907-1909, Inventory of Thomas Choate Estate, Moon Family Cemetery, Marriage Records – Book A (N through R), Old-time Gospel Preacher (Walter Maddox), Sebastian Yingling Records, Development of Arkansas Railroads, Howell Cemetery, 14 Pioneer White County Families, Sharecropping in the South. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1964 White County Heritage. Arkansas Census 1749, Old Papers in the Elegant 80s, Weir Cemtery, First Presbyterian Church History, William T. Hicks, White County Officials 1890-1936, First Methodist Church 30 Years, Booth Family Cemetery, White County Officials 1940-64, Marriage Records – Book A (A through C), War of the Rebellion Records, Crawford Walker, Stamps Cemetery, Young Civil War Hero Doc Rayburn, West Point Cemetery (partial list), Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Old Peach Orchard Gap (El Paso), White County Officials 1836-1890, Fayac Marker (Spanish Grant), Cane From "Old Hickory", Strother Abstract Company, Early Days in Judsonia, White County Will Book B – 1869-1899, Origin of Township Names, Four Presidents of Galloway, White County Courthouse, White County’s First Grand Jury. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

1963 White County Heritage. Robertson’s Drug Store Since 1860, Battle of Whitney’s Lane, Old Searcy in Time of War, History of Center Hill Baptist Church, Solomon David Moss, Gum Springs Cemetery (partial list), Home Remedies, White County Pioneer Families, Confederate Army Reunion, Museum Shelf, Single Shot Captured Confederate Transport in 1863, Old Britt House, Boggs Family Cemetery, White County’s Ghost Town (Stoney Point), Early Arkansas Railroads and Travel, Official Ballot White County 1906, Minutes of Gum Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church, White Sulphur Springs in Early Days, Old Union Church and Searcy Valley Community Life. 100 pages, $13.50 postage paid.

Send membership dues, orders or inquiries to White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.