FILM for White Co. can be ordered in for your use from the Mormon Church Family History Center. Look in your yellow pages under "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Center"and they are also online You can either order in fiche or the entire roll of film. The following list shows what's available for White Co. 1890 White County, Arkansas "Census," reconstructed from the


1890 personal property tax book #6093472
Arkansas in Miniature, White County by William E. Leach #976.776 H2L
County Surveyor field notes #1024586
Deed records: **24 separate rolls of film
Recorder land records 1820-1871 #1025694
Ark. land records, by Desmond Walls. Book: #976.776 R22a, fiche: #6104397
Civil War Collection (Wh. Co. Historical Soc.) Book:#976.776 M2w
Recorder / soldier & sailor discharges 1919-1956 #1025693
Civil War Pensions, by Desmond Walls. Book: #976.7 M22 ad v.2, fiche #6101355 fiche 3
Circuit Court Records (declarations of citizenship 1906-1922 #1025692
Genealogical Records of Wh. Co. 1838-1855, by James Logan Morgan. Book: #976.7 Al no 41
Wills, vol. A-D, 1853-1934 #102457
Admin. Bonds & Letters, 1857-1889 #1024578
Exec. Bonds & Letters, vol. B, 1868-1940 (& Guardians Bonds) #1024579 item 1-4
Probate Court Index A, 1848-1866 #1024582
Probate Court index (partial additional filming) #1024579 item 5
Probate Record B-G, 1867-1874 #1024584
Probate Record E-G, 1875-1887 #1024585
Probate Court Docket A, 1866-1871 #1025295
Will Book Abstracts 1836-1955, by James E. Cole. Book: 976.776 P2 cj
Bonds & Letters of Admin. 1857-1865, by Cloie Presley. Book: 976.776 P22w, Fiche:#6100378
and many more can be found at their online catalog