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Submitted by Michael Barton, Houston, TX, jmichaelbarton@hotmail.com

Barton family roots in White County, Arkansas, date back before the Civil War.

This family Bible was published in 1868 by the American Bible Society in New York.  

It was first owned by David Barton, then by his son James Edward Barton, then by Flossie Mae Barton (daughter of James Edward), then by James Harold Barton (grandson of James Edward), and finally by James Michael Barton

(great-great-grandson of David Barton).  

David Barton came to White County from Alamance County, North Carolina, about 1857.  He was son of Thomas and Francis Davis Barton, and was born about 1834 in Orange County, North Carolina.  Sara Elizabeth Kelly, the daughter of Johnithan and Catherine Hughes Kelly, was born in Tennessee, in March 1846.  

The Martha A. Siddal listed in the Bible is the sister of Sara Elizabeth Kelly.
David and Elizabeth lived in the Mt. Pisgah area, and are buried at the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.  All of their children were born in the Mt. Pisgah area.  James Edward and Bertha Mae Harrison Barton lived near Letona, and all of their children were born there.   They are also buried in the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.  Bertha Mae Barton was the daughter of Simeon Rucker Harrison and Mary Jane Cook Harrison.


David Barton and Sara E. Kelly were married December the 29 by Parson Smithe AD of Lord 1870

Edward Barton and Bertha Harrison were married March the 18, 1900 by ESQ R. B. Gray


William Monroe Barton, son of David Barton and his wife, was born August 7, 1871

Sara Francis Elizabeth Barton, a daughter of David Barton and his wife, was born March the 28 AD 1874

James Edward Barton, a son of David Barton and his wife, was born September the 24 AD  1875

Haywood Reno Barton, a son of David Barton and his wife, was born October the 19 AD 1877

Minnie Buell Barton, a daughter of David Barton and his wife, was born February the 18 AD 1880

Hettie Florence Barton, a daughter of David Barton and his wife, was born October the 16 AD 1882

Mary Hester Barton, a daughter of David Barton and his wife, was born March the 23 day of AD 1886

Bertha M. Harrison, a daughter of Rucker Harrison and his wife, was born in April 21 in 1880 AD

Theresa Lucile Barton, a daughter of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born August 13, 1904

James Lester Barton, a son of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born April 27, 1907

Mary Hazel Barton, a daughter of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born March 13 in 1910

Flossie Mae Barton, a daughter of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born June 25, 1912

Henry Mudy Barton, a son of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born July 3, 1915

Jossie Myrtle Barton, a daughter of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born October 16, 1916

Minnie Lois Barton, a daughter of James Edward and Bertha Mae Barton, was born November 22, 1918

Sara E. Kelly was born in March 1846

James Harold Barton was born June 16, 1931


Martha A. Siddal deceased this life on the 18 of February AD 1877

William M. Barton deceased this life October the 30 day AD 1886

David Barton deceased this life on the 6 of December AD 1899

Hettie Florence Barton deceased this life on the 31 day of January AD 1912

Henry Mudy Barton deceased this life on the 4 July AD 1915

Velma Barton deceased this life on the 16 June AD 1931

James Edward Barton deceased this life on February 18, 1942

Theresa Barton Gray deceased this life on December 30, 1952

Lois Barton Pantet deceased this life on August 9, 1953

Jossie Barton Long deceased this life on November 11, 1954

Bertha Mae Barton deceased this life on January 19, 1956

Submitted by Cindi Crowe elspeth1492@hotmail.com

Robbins of Rose Bud
The following information was taken from the Bible of the Elbert Algernon Robbins family.   E.A. Robbins was born December 23, 1857, at Rose Bud, Kentucky Township, White County, Arkansas.   He married Ida Mae Polk Crooms August 22, 1878, in White County.  Ida Mae was an orphan from Haywood County, Tennessee.  She and her sister were both left in White County by their stepfather on his way west from Tennessee.   I don’t know what happened to her sister but believe that they were both farmed out on different farms and worked for their keep.  


Elbert Algernon Robbins was the son of Olivia (Shinpouch) and Green Dee Robbins.  Green Dee was the son of Williams Robbins.  I am looking for information on Crooms and Shinpouch. 


Green Dee Robbins served in the 15th Arkansas, Confederate Army, in the Civil War.  This information is from the Arkansas Land Patents, White County, p57:  Robbins, Green D. Vol. AR0150.087 Land Ofc. Little Rock, 01 Aug 57, Doc.#7872, Cash entry: Part #1:  NE, Sec. 14, TWp.7n, r 10 w, Part#2:  N NW, Sec. 14, Twp. 7 N, R 10 W, 240,000 acres White Co., AR (Probate Rec. Ex.) 1836-1907.  I think this tells where exactly but I have no idea where it really was.   His son E.A. Robbins owned Robbins-Sanford Co. in  Searcy after 1887. 

The following names and dates are taken from the Robbins family Bible:

E.A. Robbins – December 23, 1857 – October 11, 1935

Ida P. Robbins – August 22, 1860 – December 10, 1940

Mary E. Robbins – May 29, 1879 – September 14, 1889

G.D. Robbins – January 1, 1881 – January 23, 1881

Emma Olivia Robbins – December 5, 1881 – August 19, 1976

Elma Algernon Robbins – March 6, 1884 – March 23, 1887

Walter Layne Robbins – April 1, 1886 – April 5, 1982

Lula May Robbins – April 7, 1891 – Winter 1899

Maudie Robbins – September 10, 1888 – July 4, 1890

Hugh Elbert Robbins – August 3, 1894 – March 21, 1966

Dewey Eva Robbins – May 14, 1898 – May 27, 1988

William Harry Robbins – May 8, 1905 – March 6, 1993

William R. Cato Family Bible:

From Teri Wotipka

The following info. I copied from my grandmother's
Bible (which disappeared after my grandfather's death) sometime ago.

My grandfather, Henry Wilbur Cato b. Jan. 29, 1905 in Wylie, TX
d. Apr. 28, 1993 in Denison, TX

His parents were: John Henry Cato b. Oct. 10, 1973 in Gainsville, GA
d. Feb. 18, 1965 in Denison, TX
Minnie Mary Hawkins b. Apr. 26, 1884 in Milam Co., TX
d. Jan. 28, 1959 in Denison, TX
(Children: Henry W., Leslie, Rose, and Minnie Elizabeth)

John Henry's parents were:
William R. Cato & Mary F. Ward
(Children: John H., Joe, Bob, Edgar, Herbert, India, Pearl, Lula, &

The Bible also listed William R. Cato's brothers as Tom & George, and
sisters as Mary, Nan, and Roddy.

Notes on this family:
On the 1900 census (Collin Co., TX), John Henry, born Oct. 1875, age 24
& widowed with his widowed mother, Mary F. (B. Mar. 1855 in SC) & sis.
Bessie, Pearl, Lula, & bro. Edgar. Seems to check out with Bible
listing except a few yrs. difference on J.H.'s bd.

On 1880 census (Hall Co., GA) there is a William R. Cato Jr., age 25
b.GA, parents from SC, along with wife Mary F. (28) b.NC, and sons James
J.(8) and John H. (6). Again, looks like a match from Bible records but
small difference in Mary F's age and place of birth (from 1880 - 1900
census). Is that unusual?

On 1870 census (Hall Co., GA) there is a William R. Cato from SC (age
60), wife Elizabeth (age 45) with children Nancy (21), William (16 and
it shows him to be from SC instead of GA as on later census), and George

1860 census (Hall Co., GA) there is a Wm. R. Cato (50), wife Elizabeth
(34), children T.W.(Thomas?)- 16, M.E. (Mary?)- 13, Nancy - 11, R.E.
(Roddy?) - 9, William - 6, and George - 3.

1850 census (Kershaw Co., SC) there is a W.R. Catoe (40), Elizabeth
(25), M? I. Catoe (9), Tho. Catoe (7), Mary E. Catoe (3), Nancy (1),
Elizabeth Catoe (79), and Wm. Mosely (16). I am assuming that Elizabeth
Catoe (79 - b.~1771) is William R. Cato (Sr.)'s mom but don't know who
Wm. Mosely would be.

This family is from Needham Cato, Sr. of South Carolina.

Henry Cato Family Bible records:
(Note!!! These were graciously given to me via a telephone conversation with one of my favorite researchers. I am currently trying to get a physical copy of this, but until then, remember there are probably some minor mistakes in this - I was "scribbling it down" as fast as I could - I will correct it when I get the actual record & at that time, remove this warning!)
births :
Henry Cato - April 2, 1808
Ida L. Sullivan Cato - March 11, 1809
Jackson Henry Cato - April 3, 1862
Burrell Stewart Cato - September 15, 1863
William H. Mullen to F. E. Cato - September 17, 1848
Jacob Jarrett to Rebecca Ann Cato - Dec. 20, 1855
Robert E. A. Stewart to Victoria J. - August 18, 1858
Henry Cato to Ida C. - December 15, 1827
Henry Cato to Rebecca - January 8, 1857
Joseph William Cato - March 2, 1829
Mary Elizabeth Cato - April 27, 1830
Francis Emaline Cato - May 11, 1831
Rebecca Ann Cato - December 30, 1837
Lementon Nicolas Cato - November 18, 1833
Caroline Amanda Cato - September 10, 1837
Henry Burrell Cato - December 28, 1838
Victoria Jane Cato - April 2, 1843
John Lane Cato - October 2, 1843
Louis Caters (Cato?) - October 5, 1857
Josephine Adeline Cato - January 24, 1859
Ida Louise Cato - July 1, 1860
Burrell Stewart Cato - September 15, 1853
Henry Cato - 1808-1885
Rebecca Cato - January 18, 1828-1896
Louis Cater (Cato?) - d. 1880
Louise Ida Cato - July 1, 1860-1866
Henry Jackson Cato - April 3, 1862-1888
Burrell Stewart Cato - d? June 24, 1924
Josephine Adeline - didn't get
Mrs. Lydia B. Ards, father Ben J(G?)arrett, mother, Josephine Adeline, January 20, 1879- June 1, 1947, m. Ben Garrett June 21, 1855, d. October 14, 1941.
Mary Lena Garrett - 1879
Louis Franklin - 1844 - 1943
Lydia Burle - 1841
John Ard? - March 2, 1883-July 12, 1923, m. March 1, 1917
Sarah Dale Ard - didn't get
Adelle S. Cato - September 10, 1849, wife of Henry, daughter Rebecca Ann b. Dec. 7, 1856
Francis Mullens - September, 1859, wife of William H.
Caroline Amanda - September, 1850, wife of David, daughter of Henry
Henry fell at Point Hudson in 1863, 24 years, 5 months, 29 days
Louise Adelle - August 20, 1866
Burrell Cato - September 19, 1848
J---es Cato - d. July, 1826 (person who transcribed said couldn't read this & it didn't look like James, but there was a James in the right county at the right time (Jefferson Co.).
William Cato - July 22, 1836
Francis, consort of Burrell Cato - departed this life April 3, 1859
Mary E. Gillis - daughter of Adelle & Henry, d. June 20, 1873
John M. Gillis - June 26, 1865
Louis Caters (Cato?) - d. 1883
Henry Cato Sr. - d. 1888 (listed as father)
Henry Cato Jr. - d. 1888 (listed as brother)
Rebecca Cato - Jan. 1896
Burrell Stewart Cato - June 1921
John Lane Cato - September 25, 1860 - 4 years with General Lee in Virginia

Old Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Copiah Co., Mississippi:
Ida Louise, daughter of Henry & Rebecca (Copiah Co. home of Barlow family) need dates!

Hazelhurst Cemetery:
Lillian Oben, daughter of L. N. Cato (could be son of Henry) January 29, 1862
L. N. Cato - November 18, 1823?

William Cato m. Sarah Massey Bible
(From family bible info which is in the Texas State Archives)
Elizabeth, born Jan. 9, 1789, married John Daniel ROACH.
John Cato, born Jan. 5, 1791, South Carolina
Allen Cato, born February 2, 1792,
Wylie Cato, born Dec. 3, 1795.
Tobias Cato, born August 25, 1798.
Rebecca, born about 1800, married a GRAHAM.
Claiborne, born Jan. 8, 1803.
Isabelle, born August 1, 1805.
William M. Cato, born about 1807.
La Menton (Lementone in most legal records) Cato, born July 1, 1809.
Rosanna E. Cato, born May 3, 1812, married William B. Travis (Hero & leader of the Alamo)

Bible Records from Three RiversHistorical Society,

From Dura Turner's Bible:

Elizabeth Charlotte Turner, daughter of James S.Turner and Charlotte,his
wife was bord May 29th 1859
Robert Fraser Turner, son of James D, Turner and Mary, his wife was born
July 21st 1862.
Tepee Virginia Turner, daughter of Robert F. and A.S. Turner was born
April 23rd 1895
Berith Bertine Turner, daughter of Robert F. and Amelia S. Turner was
born May 26th 1897
Coler Counts Turner, daughter of Robert F. and Amelia S. Turner was born
May 26th, 1899
Jubal Frazier Turner born March 21,1902
Junia Berine Turner born Nov. 13,1904
Kearney Rossin Turner born Aug. 13,1907
Dura Nicholas Turner born May 26,1910
Eshcol Omega Turner born April 16,1913

Alice Sophia Turner, daughter of James D. Turner and Charlotte, his wife
was born 27th Nov. 1847
Joseph Preston born March 9th 1849
Frances Mazell Turner,son of James D. Turner and Mary, his wife born
July 2,1857
Francis Mazell and Joseph Preston, children of James D. and Charlotte L.
Turner were baptized June 10th, 1852 by John A. Porter.
Stanly Gateer Turner, son of Robert F. and Amelia S. Turner was born
March 29th, 1886.
Kelly Leroy Turner, son of Robert F. and Amelia S. Turner was born March
4th, 1890.
Grover Cleveland Turner, son of Robert F. and Amelia S> Turner was born
Sept 23rd 1892.


James D. Turner and Charlotte L. Cox were married July 1,1846.
James D. Turner and Mary Cox were married Feb. 23,1854.
Carlos Alvena Gaskins and Rowena Cox were married Dec. 27th a.D. 1865.
James Washington Coleman and Frances Mazell Turner were married Dec.22nd
A.D. 1869.
Joseph Turner and Mary Minevar Powell were married March 1871.
Benjamin Prosser and Elizabeth Charlotte Powell were married March 6th
James M. Prosser and Elliveen Turner were married March 19th,1879.
Adger Legare Turner and Ida Exaline All___ were married April 18th 1876.
Robert F. Turner and Amelia S. Creel was married Dec. 31st,1885.


John Smith died Nov. the first day.1846.
Frances Smith died March the eight 1856.
Cato Creel died June 12,1896.
Casendarry Creel died Sept. 21,1903
Elizabeth Charlotte Prosser died Oct. 8,1918
Benjamin Prosser died Oct. 17,1920.
Joseph Preston Turner died April 1919.
Francis Mazell Coleman died Feb. 5,1921.
Adger Legare Turner died Dec. 29,1924
Mary Minevar Turner died April,1930
Charlotte S. Turner died Oct,the thirtieth,1852
Alice Sophia Turner died Sept. 25th,1858.
Mary Turner,wife of J.D. Turner died 29th Dec. 1886.
James D. Turner died Oct. 2nd 1895.
Stanly Gateer Turner, little son of Robert F. and Amelia S. Turner died
Nov. 12th 1888.
Berith Bertine Turner died Nov. 14,1904.
Grover Cleveland Turner died Nov.22,1911.
Robert Frazer Turner died Sept. 17,1929.
Amelia S. Turner died Dec. 28,1932.
James D. Turner died Oct.2,1895.
Decater Creel died June 12,1896.