ANDERSON, Thos. S., p. 112

    ANDERSON, Margaret

ALLEN, John G., p. 140

    BUDGETT, Dora A.

ADAMS, Mrs. Ida Robinson, p. 167

    none named

ACKER, S. M., p. 596

    none named

ARNOLD, William Clay, p. 616

    none named

ARMSTRONG, George W., p. 672

    none named

BURNAGER?, Wm., p. 14

    RILEY, Willshire

BOHLEY, Fredrick, p. 42

    BOHLEY, Lucinda

BINAM?, D. O., p. 93

    BINAM, Sarah

BELCHER, D. S., p. 158

    BELCHER, Sarah A.

BATTLE, Mrs. M. E., p. 200

    SMITH, J. S.

BINION?, W. H., p. 214

    none named

BEVIEL, Jas. A., 234

    none listed

BAILEY, Silas M., p. 267(or 2)

    none named

BELEW, Monroe E. Dec'd., p. 332

    none named

BULLOCK, W. S., Dec'd., p. 348

    none named

BALDOCK, T. E., Dec'd., p. 362-3

    none named

BECK, J. J., p. 416-17

    none named

BOOTH, Farrar Booth, Dec'd., p. 462

    none named

BIRCH, Elizabeth, p. 465

    none named

BOWERS, Quilla C., p. 472

    BOWERS, T. J., Ex.

BAIN, L. A., p. 526

    GRISSOM, B. T., Ex.

BANEY, Annie (Enaus?), p. 566

    BANEY, Robt. C.

BRANCH, Byrd H., p. 592

    BRANCH, Winfield?

BASTION, Wiley C., p. 630

    none listed

BURNS, Mrs. Sallie, Dec'd. p. 650

    none listed

BAUGH, W. L. S., Dec'd., p. 664

    none listed

BOYD, A. W., Dec'd., p. 720 -721

    none listed

BLACK, J. G., p. 740

    none listed

BRIGGS, Annie L., p. 746

    none listed

BOOTH, C. R., p. 778 - 779

    none listed

BAUGH, J. J., p. 780 - 781

    none listed

BEARD, Jane, p. 732

    none listed

CHEEK, Rebecca, p. 3 - 4

    MORRIS, Thomas J.

COLEMAN, D. R., p. 12

    COLEMAN, Wm.

COFFEE, David P., p. 48


COODY, W. R., p. 79

    COODY, Orville

COOPER, Georgia A., 87

    COOPER, Jno. R., Extr.

CANADA, R. W., p. 104

    none listed

CHITISTER, Martin, p. 178

    none listed

CARDWELL, Mrs. Mildred F., p. 188

    HUMMAN?, Jesse Raleigh

CYPERT, J. N. Dec'd?, p. 216 & 217

    none listed

CRAWFORD, John T., p. 366

    none listed

CATHURT?, Jas. M., p. 372

    CATHURT?, R. W., Exect.

CUNNINGHAM, Ada, p. 554

    LEWIS, Mrs. Eula

CANNON, Thos., p. 554

    CANNON, Sarah Virginey?

COFFEY, John R., p. 608

    COFFEE, Stuart A.

CHILDRES, G. R., p. 624

    CANADA, Nannie B.

CANADA, J. A., p. 636

    none listed

COX, Rolcie, p. 654

    none listed

CHEEK, Rebecca, p. 3

    MORRIS, Thomas J.

CLEVELAND, Kate C., p. 118

    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth

CAMPBILL, A. W., p. 130

    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth

CROW, J. J., p. 144

    CROW, Ewina J.

COURTINNY, Alice G., p. 290

    COURTINAY, John C.

CASTLEBERRY, J. G., p. 302

    CASTLEBERRY, (C. CNT.? written over the top of J.D.), R. L.

COLEMAN, Francis, p. 304

    BARCH? (BAREL?), F. & M., Kensett, Ark.

CLIFFORD, Fred, p. 338

    GOETCHAM, George P.

CLARK, D. H., p. 380

    CLARK, Heber

CUNNINGHAM, W. J., p. 396

    HOLMAN, Olivia

CRAWFORD, Felix Frank, p. 408

    CRAWFORD, Mary

CULLUM, F. C., p. 437

    none listed

CROW, Chas.? Abner, Dec'd., p. 484

    CROW, W. Robert & WATKINS? (WALTULS?), T. A.

COMELL, Maude L., p. 468

    BAUN? (BAUR?) of Searcy

COULSON, Nellie F., Dec'd, p. 470

    NASH?, A. Bell, (has md. written sideways beside this) Hubert Suwit?

CROW, Mrs. Myrtle Patterson, Dec'd., p. 484

    PATTERSON, Miss Jinnie

CHILDS, Mrs. P. J., 510

    CHILDS, A. B., ex.

COFFEY, D. P., p. 670

    none listed

COOPER, Mrs. Rachel C., p. 676

    McCOY, Mrs. Edna, Ex.

CREMEAN, Alva J., p. 680

    none listed

DAVIE, Caroline M., p. 54

    DAVIE, James M.

DESBOUG?, James Jr??

    none listed

DAYLE, D. M., Est., p. 212, 213, 258, 259-267

    none listed

DAVIS, Martha M., Dec'd., p. 360

    none listed

DAVIS, L. D., p. 390

    none listed

DOHERTY, Mrs. Mary, Dec'd., p. 426

    none listed

DUNN, Anderson & Sarah, Dec'd., p. 456

    GRISSOM, B. F.

DODSON, W. T., Dec'd., p. 476

    DODSON, Clarence B.

DUGAN, Walter Cates?, p. 544

    DEENER, John Hicks

(HICKASON) (don't know why this is here! Unmistakably an "H"), (Mrs. Lula O., p. 614)

    HICKASON, William H.

DAVIE, Geo. C., Dec'd., p. 726

    none listed

EDWARDS, James F., p. 76

    EDWARDS, W. H.

EDWARDS, W. H., p. 120

    EDWARDS, J. W. M.

ESTES, Joseph, p. 218

    none listed

ELLIS, C. G., p. 260

    ELLIS, Sarah

EDWARDS, George, Dec'd., p. 322

    none listed

EWERD? (EWAU?), B. H., Dec'd., p. 444

    CYPERT, Eugene?

EPPES, William Joseph, p. 502

    none listed

EVANS, Mrs. Annie, p. 566

    BARREY? (BANEY?), Robert C.

EASTLAND, John S., p. 694

    none listed

EVANS, J. A., p. 792

    BROOKS, Roger

FOSTER, A. P., p. 22

    FOSTER, S. T.

FISHER, Anderson, p. 34

    FISHER, W. E.

FITZPATRICK, Priscilla, p. 132

    none listed

FORD, J. A., Dec'd., p. 292

    FORD, Geo. L. & Joseph Lee

FRASER, G. W., Dec'd., p. 494

    none listed

FOSTER, Mrs. E. E., Dec'd., p. 626

    none listed

FUSSELL, Mrs. Mary E., Dec'd., p. 696

    none listed

(HOLLERMAN, Henry) (don't know why this is here!) (p. 1 - 2)

    HOLLERMAN, William H.

GORCA?, J. Frank, Est., p. 358

    none listed

GREEN, M. H., p. 628

    none listed

GARLAND, T. L., p. 24

    GARLAND, W. W.

GENTRY, Martin N., p. 122

    GENTRY, Mary E.

GIBSON, J. S., p. 126

    GIBSON, M. E.

GRAY, Jessred? T.?, p. 162

    GRAY, R. B.

GRAVES, P. Y., p. 176

    CRABTREE, Sam J.

GLOSSON, Mary, p. 190

    GLOSSON, George

GRIFFIN, A. G., est., p. 208

    none listed

GREER, Jno. A., p. 276-351

    none listed

GREER, J. A., p. 279

    none listed

GLUSS (GLASS?), Emma?, p. 344

    none listed

GREGORY, Mrs. Jennie, p. 442

    DEENER, Rodney H.

GREGORY, J. E., p. 530

    PITNER?, Mrs. Bell

GALLOW, N. L., Dec'd., p. 682

    none listed

GOOD, W. G., Dec'd., p. 690-691

    none listed

HART, T. M., p. 32

    SAUDING? M. M.

HALE, M. B., p. 38

    HALE, Sue T.

HESS, Thomas, p. 128

    GOOD, James J.

HALEY, Zachariah Thos., p. 134

    HALEY, Nancy Jane

HARRISON, J. G., p. 204

    none listed

HILGER, N. B., deceased, p. 210-243

    none listed

HOLMES, J. W. deceased, p. 222

    none listed

HILL, W. G., est., p. 236

    none listed

HELMS, Z. T. est., p. 256

    none listed

HEFNER, J. B., p. 264

    none listed

HARVEY, Henry Franklin, p. 297

    none listed

HUMPHREYS, Belle (or Billi), p. 300

    none listed

HENDRICKSON, J. D. (Sr.), p. 354

    none listed

HARRIS, James, Dec'd., p. 490

    none listed

HENSON (or HEUSON), A. W., p. 492

    none listed

HALL, Susie E., p. 506

    none listed

HARMON, John, dec'd., p. 538

    HARMON, Margaret Rachel

HODGE, Samuel D., p. 565

    HODGE, Marcillo

HARTSELL, Mrs. Ettie, p. 570

    WEIR, Horace

HOLT, Martha Julia, p. 578

    none listed

HOLLERMAN, Henry, p. 1

    HOLLERMAN, William H.

HODGES, W. A., p. 598-599

    HODGES, Clarence & Elmer

HARRISON, Dr. Arthur G., 602

    none listed

HERRING, H. E., 618

    HERRING, Mayme? E.

HIGGLE, E. O., p. 632

    none listed

HUFF, Mahala, dec'd., p. 642

    none listed

HUBACH, Lewis, p. 652

    none listed

HALL, Ada, p. 656

    HALL, H. O. & A. E.

HICKS, E. E., dec'd., p. 666

    HICKS, Mrs. M. M., executrix

HARPER, Julia A., dec'd., p. 668

    none listed

HUNT?, Julia W., dec'd., p. 684

    none listed

HUNTLEY?, Fred G., p. 706

    none listed

HOTOPP? W. C., p. 722

    none listed

HARTZOG, Joshua B., Dec'd., p. 738

    none listed

HAMBY, G. M. D., Dec'd., p. 742

    none listed

HANDLEY, H. L., p. 754

    none listed

HILGER, A. N., p. 764

    none listed

HARRISON, G. W., Dec'd., p. 768

    none listed

HILBURN, W. T., p. 786

    none listed

HICKASON, Mrs. Lula O, p. 614 (This one was listed on the "D" index)

    HICKASON, William H.

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