Mortality Index 1850 - White County,Arkansas
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Barton, Andy, age 2, drowned, born in AR

Bennett, Jamina, age 2, unknown, born in AR

Brown, Thomas, age 5, billious, born in AR

Clard, James A., age 5, billious, born in TN (this surname may be Clark)

Dye, William, age 15, congestive, born in AR

Hill, Sarah, age 2, unknown, , born in KY

Magness, Mary, age 16, fever, born in AR

Meek, Harriett, age 4 months, billious, born in AR

Moore, Louis, age 5, burned, born in AR

Nevels, Nancy, age 6 months, croup, born in AR

Pruit, Mary, age 4, unknown, born in KY

Robberts, John, age 1 month, billious, born in AR

Stealman, Isaac, age 2, croup, born in MS

Thompson, Willis, age 3 months, cong. chill, born in AR

Thornton, Jane, age 15, unknown, born in IL

Wish, Casper, age 24, cong. fever, born in GR

Young, Elenor, age 34, fever, born in TN

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