Mortality Index 1870 - White County, Arkansas

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Aldridge, Steven M. 22 shot TN
Alford, Mary 23 drowned TN
Allen, Jasper 9 months worms AR
Allman, Alsena 6 infl. brain TN
Andeyer, E. 33 pneumonia FR male
Anlece, Absolum 44 pneumonia TN
Arnold, W. H. 4 brain dis. MS
Atkins, Mariller 1 infl. bowels AR
Baker, Mary 30 childbed fever (Infection following birth of a child) GA
Barber, Frank 12 fever AR
Barnet, C. E. 27 purple fever (Puerperal fever - elevated fever after giving birth) GA female
Barnet, Stephen B. 62 heart dis. KY
Baucum, George C. 2 infl. brain AL
Baugh, Benjamin 1 month croup AR
Baugh, M. 75 debility NC female
Baynor, Sarah D. 20 cong. lungs MO
Black, Joseph 1 pneumonia AR
Boggs, Thomas 40 pneumonia TN
Booth, Elizabeth 44 change of life NC
Booth, Nina 26 consumption (tuberculosis) (tuberculosis) TN
Booth, William J. 15 brain dis. AL
Bradly, Leslie 7 infl. brain AR
Brior, H. M. 1 diarrhea AR male
Brumley, D. 2 months hives AR female
Carpenter, Lucy 3 fever TN
Carr, S. W. 32 fever GA male
Carter, Polly 90 unknown NC
Chamberlain, W. 14 fever TN female
Chandler, Adline 37 consumption (tuberculosis) (tuberculosis) SC
Chase, William 2 pneumonia AR
Cheek, Mary 45 consumption (tuberculosis) (tuberculosis) TN
Cheek, William 24 small pox TN
Cheek, Wilson 18 pneumonia TN
Childers, Norah 6 dyptheria AR
Coartine, Manervy 25 unknown MS
Coartine, Sarahey 33 consumption (tuberculosis) (tuberculosis) TN
Coleman, Wesley 18 horse threw TN
Condit, Harriett 24 typhoid fever AR
Cunningham, Elizabeth 33 bowel dis. AL
Dail, John 35 unknown TN
Daniel, Joshua W. 6 fever AR
Daniels, Benjamin F. 2 cong. chill (malaria) KY
Darcous, J. T. none consumption (tuberculosis) NC female
Davis, Celia 47 infl. bowels NC
Dillard, Celia 5 intnt. fever AR
Dodson, Thomas W. 44 pneumonia TN
Donalson, Ophelia 2 pneumonia AR
Doyal, Muriel 4 spine dis. AR
Duke, Charnal 3 fever AR male
Dunaway, Daniel 62 pneumonia SC
Durham, Infant 1 month unknown AR female
Edwards, George H. 19 typhoid fever KY
Edwards, John B. 1 month fever AR
Edwards, Mary 7 fever AR
Edwards,  Mary J. 7 fever AR
Euin, C. 24 consumption (tuberculosis) TN female
Fields, Darwin Co. 2 pneumonia AR female
Fleming, N. 11 months fever AR female
Fleming, Nancy 7 months pneumonia AR
Ford, Patrick not listed infl. brain EA under sex it has an "I"
Foreman, J. C. 28 consumption (tuberculosis) NC male
Forster, Mary 1 month whooping cough AR
Freeman, Landon 70 pneumonia AF
Gibbins, Lourinda 20 fever AR
Green, Margaret 2 typhoid fever AR
Griffith, WIlliam 23 pneumonia TN
Hailman, Nancy J. 24 dropsey (Edema (swelling), often caused by kidney or heart disease) GA
Halbrook, C. J. 20 shot A male, cause of death
is typed Rshot and
born in is simply an "A"
Harkrider, Forest 8 months pneumonia AR
Hawkins, John A. 7 months fever AR
Hawkins, Lyda J. 11 months infl. bowels GA
Haywood, James 28 pneumonia NC
Henry, Sarah 30 pneumonia AR
Herrod, L. 6 fever AR male
Hicks, William 40 scalded NC
Holland, Martha 22 pneumonia TN
House, Moses 35 stabbed NC
Huffman, Rebecah 6 cong. lungs TN
Hursey, Elizabeth 68 pneumonia GA
Hurt, James J. 13 infl. kidneys AR
Hutchingson, L. V. 24 fever AR female
Inson, John H. 10 pneumonia AR
Jackson, J. F. 1 month unknown AR male
James, C. C. 23 unknown AR male
James, Herman 65 consumption (tuberculosis) AL
Johnson, James 60 liver abcess NC
Jowers, Martha 2 epoplexy MS
Joyce, M. S. 37 fever TX male
Leggett, Thomas 39 infl. stomach TN
Logan, Sopha 35 pneumonia TN
Massey, Mary D. 48 consumption (tuberculosis) GA
McDaniel, H. 18 debility AR male
McKerson, Mary 9 months diarrhea AR
McKneil, J. B. 10 fever AR male
McRae, Infant 1 month unknown AR male
Miles, John D. 50 shot TN
Mitcher, Peter 19 infl. brain TN
Montgomery, Lucy V. 1 month hives AR
Moore, Samuel 18 neuralgia (Described as discomfort, such as “Headache” was neuralgia in head) AR
Morley, Thomas B. 48 pneumonia TN
Morton, J. C. 57 dropsey (DROPSY - Edema (swelling), often caused by kidney or heart disease) AL male
Moye, John M. 3 months typhoid fever AR
Myrick, Glasson N. 67 paralysis NC
Neal, Daniel J. 7 months fever AR
Neill, William D. 61 pneumonia TN
Nelson, B. 3 unknown NN sex listed as "I"
Newman, Henry 25 pneumonia AL
Owen, John 15 typhoid fever MS
Owens, Evandor 3 months thrush (Childhood disease characterized by spots on mouth, lips and throat) AR
Park, Sheral 1 month croup AR male
Patrick, James J. 25 frozen TN
Patterson, Sarah 47 infl. brain AL
Pettus, Mary J. 1 month unknown AR
Pitts, Mary 75 cong. chill SC
Price, Dallis 54 lung dis. SC female
Rafer, H. 19 fever AR male
Reden, Susan J. 44 heart dis. AL
Rhyne, Harriet J. 31 debility TN
Sapington, G. W. 1 pneumonia AR male
Saye, Thomas J. 7 fever AR
Sewell, Mary J. 4 infl. brain TN
Shaffer, George 1 month convulsions AR
Sherod, T. J. 20 lightning MS male
Simpson, Milley 20 infl. bowels TN
Skillern, Margaret 1 measles AR
Smith, Ann 23 consumption (tuberculosis) TN
Smith, Howard 3 months corbuncle AR
Smith, Tanihill 1 infl. brain AR female
Smith, W. C. 40 hemorage MS male
Soughan, J. P. 10 fever AR male
Staly, Andrew 58 liver comp. EN
Stout, Mat 22 small pox TN
Swain, W. G. 21 pneumonia TN male
Tate, John P. 39 unknown NC
Thomas, Turner E. 48 heart dis. NC
Tompson, Martha F. 1 month unknown AR
Tucker, Matilda 6 infl. brain AR
Van Meter, Elizabeth 35 pneumonia TN
Walker, Magg 22 pneumonia MS
Walker, Mary E. 37 consumption (tuberculosis) TN
Ward, Sarah L. 29 unknown AL
Watkins, Catherine J. 20 typhoid fever TN
Watkins, Isaac H. 15 typhoid fever TN
Watkins, William 70 lung abcess NC
Welch, Ema J. 6 fever AR
Welch, James H. 15 brain dis. MS
Wimbley, Peter 52 pneumonia GA
Wood, Hindson 8 brain dis. AR
Worthham, Elijah J. 1 hives AR
Wright, Mary 82 old age NC

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Submitted by: Wendy Barry