Will Abstracts & Intestate Statements

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transcribed wills:)

(VOL. "B")

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Quattlebum, George

Last Will & Testament of G. F. QUATTLEBUM, Deceased. Know all men by these Presents. That I G. F. QUATTLEBUM in the County of White & State of Arkansas. Gentleman beeing Ill health But of Sound & disposing mind & memory Calling to mind the uncertanty of human Life and beeing desirous of settleing my worldly affairs & directing how the Esstate with which the Lord has blessed me shal bee disposed of after my decease While I have strength and capasity so to do, do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby Revoking and making null and Void all Other last wills and testaments by me here to fore maid and first I Commending immortal beeing to him who gave it and my Body to the Earth to bee burried with Little Expence Or Austentation by my Exucutors here in after maned and as to my worldly Estate and all the property Real personal or mixed of which I shal Die Seized and pocesed or to which I shal bee Entitled at the time of my decease I devise bequath and dispose thereof in the manner following to wit.
My will is that all my just debts and funeral charges shal by my Execeuters herein after named bee paid out of my Estate as soon after my decease as shal by there bee found conveniant.
2nd - I give devise and bequeth to my Beloved wife M. P. QUATTLEBUM fifteen Bushels of Corn and three hundred lbs pork for her Next years provision after my deceased.
3 - the Rest and residue of my personal Property of which I shal die Siezed possesed or to which I shal bee Entitled at the Time of my decease I give devise and bequeth to bee Equally divided to and among my Beloved wife and my sons and daughters to wit. P. M. QUATTLEBUM, M. A. MONTGOMURY, T. L. STRACENER, F. A. BAKER, S. C. STRACENER, W. B. QUATTLEBUM, G. G. QUATTLEBUM.
4th - All of my Real Estates of which I shal die seized and posesed or to which I shal bee Entitled at the Time of my decease I give divise and bequeth to be Equally divided to and amond my said Sons and daughter to wit, P. M. QUATTLEBUM, M. A. MONTGUMRY, T. L. STRACENER, F. A. BAKER, S. C. STRACNER, W. B. QUATTLEBUM, G. G. QUATTLEBUM.
5 th - I do Nominate and appoint my Two Sons W. B. & G. G. QUATTLEBUM to bee the Executors of this My Last Will and Testamant in Testamony whereof I the said G. F. QUATTLEBUM have to this my Last will and Testament contained on four Sheats of paper and to this, the Last Sheat have Subscribed my name and affixed my Seal this October the Second, A. D., 1896
George F. QUATTLEBUM (witnesses: J. I. SHUMATE & J. A. ROBERSON) Proven Nov. 18, 1896, probated Jan. 13, 1897.

Sharp, J.E.

J.E.SHARP, Book B, p. 114, dated Nov. 18, 1882. Of White Co., in ill health. W.C.BYRD executor, 2 youngest children Lilly & Henryetta the following: NE Q of the NW Q of Sect. 15 & S fractional 1/2 of NW fractional Q of Sect. 15 in T 8 N of R 7 W containing 113 67/100 ac. in White Co., along with all household & kitchen furniture, except the sewing machine. Also to Lilly my clock. The rest of his property sold & proceeds divided among all my heirs (not named) & executor to take charge & raise 2 youngest children. Signed: John E. (X) SHARP. Also want son, W.T.SHARP to take charge of legacy that is going to Ida Arlena SHARP, one of the heirs & keep the same on intrest until she is of age. Witnesses: William R. FARMER, A.L. POOL, J.F. WISE. Proved Nov.29, 1882 in front of John R. JOBE, clk.