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transcribed wills:)

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Baker, Oliver Howes

Of the County of Barnstable & Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Gives homestead, at one time owned by her mother, Susan Nickerson Baker in S. Dennis, Mass, on both sides of the Great Western Rd. to Elisha Chester Kelley of Chicago, Ill & his heirs.
2. Gives her 1/2 interest in common with sister Susie Baker-Sanford, in the homestead estate formerly owned by her father, Alpheus Hardy Baker in S. Dennis, Mass. at the cut off road to her sister, Susie Baker-Sanford & her heirs.
3. Gives her 1/2 interest in lands formerly owned by her uncle, Hoews Baker, to sister Susie.
4. Gives Stanley Baker, Jr., son of Stanley Baker, Sr. who is "brother of my husband" Alpheus P. Baker, $500.
5. Gives Cynthia Patricia Baker, dau. of Stanley Baker, Sr., $500.
6. Gives Edith Baker, husband's sister, cluster diamond pin.
7. Gives to Stella Baker, wife of Stanley Baker, cluster diamond ring.
8. Gives sister, Susie Baker-Sanford, rest of jewelry, clothes, toiletries & other personal property.
9. Gives South Congression Cemetery Assc. $500 for the perpetual care of grandfather, Hoews Baker's burial lot on the N. side of the main ave. of the cemetery.
10. To S. Dennis Congretional Church $1000.
11. "Should Loire B. Kelley survive me, I give & bequeath to my sister, Susie Baker-Sanford," $5000 trust fund, payable quarterly to Loire B. Kelley.
12. "Should my husband, Alpheus P. Baker survive me," rest of estate to him, in trust, at the Old Colony Trust Co., Boston, Mass. $5000 to Cape Cod Hospital for in perptuity a "Hoews Baker bed", in memory of uncle. $10,000 to The Methodist Episcopal Hosp. in Brooklyn, NY for establishing bed in perpetuity in memory of my father?(says husband everywhere else), Alpheus Hardy Baker & my mother, Susan Nickerson Baker. At death of sister, Susie Baker Sanford to the Judge Baker Foundation $5000 & set up a Baker Trust Fund for the care of the poor in Dennis, Mass...
Signed Olive H. Baker. Witnesses: Anna Miller Nickerson, Sarah Swift Nickerson & George W. Hight, Jr.
Codicle added which appoints husband, Alpheus P. Baker, executor, with no bonds required. Codicle witnessed by: Heman A. Harding, Virginia A. Harding & Raymond S. Hersey. Proven Nov. 19, 1935 in Union Co., Ark. Filed for record Feb. 1, 1936.

Blankenship, L. J. & B. A.

Of Rose Bud, dau., N. H. (or R.) Blankenship executrix, son G. H. Blankenship & dau., Mrs. M.(or R. - typed over) E. Norman equal parts of 50 ac. (described) & executrix to have all personal & real estate owned by us at our decease, along with all wearing apparel... Dated Mar. 25, 1914. Witnesses D. T. Linton & H. M. Franks. Proved July 8, 1925.

Butler, Asher & Charlotte

I, Asher Butler, do want my wife Charlotte Butler to have & controll all I have as long as she lives then Walter A. Butler to have all that remains, my adopted son. El Paso, Ark., White Co., Sept. 13, 1900. Proved Jan. 31, 1924 by J. R. Riley & W. A. Sullivan who swore to his handwriting & stated that Asher Butler died Oct. 13, 1907.

Carter, W.F.

W.F. CARTER, Book D., p. 326, dated Oct. 23, 1933, Bald Knob. 116 ac. land I bought from Bill GRIMES, known as the GLENN place. 100 ac. bought from A.M. HALL sold at Searcy at Administrator's sale. Mrs Sarah REVELLE to have 4 ac. in the NE corner with the house (GLENN farm) - at her death back to estate. Stock, mules horses & cattle to estate. Mrs. N.A. FORD, Sabra TOUCHSTONE, R.A. CARTER & Mrs. Theo CHILDERS & J.P. CARTER $5 ea. Mrs. Jimmie B. WALSMLY the remainder. (No relations given for above people.) Signed: W.F. CARTER. Witness: R.M. PACE, Elvis TRIPLETT; W.M. WALLACE, J.P. Will proved: Dec. 7, 1934.

Crawford, Felix Frank

1st: debts to be paid
2nd: wife, Mary Crawford - all estate
3rd: Mary Crawford, wife, sole excutrix, no bond required.
Dated Mar. 7, 1925. Witnesses: Hiram J. Pettit & Gladys G. Shaw. Proven Mar. 26, 1925. Written & filed in Kerr Co., Texas.

Crawford, John T.

Of Judsonia. After debts & funeral expenses, $1000 of insurance to oldest son, which is an indebtedness of $2000, all together to oldest son, Ernest Crawford.
Wife: Katie Crawford life dower of home in Judsonia that they occupy at time of will.
Real estate & personal property to be divided among 4 of his children: Ernest, Frank, Chloe & Earl with exception of any they had recieved before.
Daughter, Dallice, wife of J. Paul White, $5 in cash & bequeath all claims & accts. against H. M. White & J. Paul White which amounts to about $4000 as follows: About $1000 being for cash & hardware when we were in business in Missouri, the balance $3000 being balance due me for cash & Missouri land paid in by me on the 560 acre farm that now stand in their name. (has description). Mentions that H. M. White is J. Paul's father. Appoints 3 sons executors, no bond required. Witnesses: Eugene Moseley & J. W. Bennett. Proven Nov. 30, 1925.

Dunn, Anderson & Sarah

Of White Co. - To son, Herbert Dunn, $1; to son, Tom Dunn, $1; to son Henry Dunn, $1, to dau. Lizzie Jones, $1; to son James Dunn, 3 head of mules, 4 head of cattle, 8 head of hogs, 1 wagon, 1 buggy, all farm & household goods. B. F. Grissom executor, no bond required. Signed Sarah (X) & Anderson (X) Dunn. Dated Dec. 6, 1919. Witnessed by J. T. Bloyd & A. H. Hudgins, both of Griffithville. Proved Jan. 10, 1927, Filed Jan. 5, 1927.

Johnson, Fred C.

Oct. 17, 1918, Camp Pike, Ark. "My darling little girl how is my little wife tonight fine I hope I am just fine as I told you I am going to have my policy changed from Esther to you for it is my will and wishes is for you to have it I tald Arby to watch the mail box and send it to me for I wanted you to have it I must go for this time hoping to see my dear little wife soon from H. Signed Fred Johnson Co., 0 First Tr. Reg." (Endorsed on back, "Filed this Jan., 18 th (or 13 th), 1925. Proof of will: We, the undersigned, Gusta Quattlebaum & Ruffas Johnson on oath state we are aquainted with Fred C. Johnson...& well aquainted with his handwriting...& we further state on oath that the same came to his wife, now his widow Vera Johnson... Signed Gusta Quattlebaum & Ruffus Johnson, Jan. 12, 1925.

Jones, H. C.

Of White Co. To son, Mark P. Jones, dau. Irene Jones, dau. Angie Maddox all estate. Son, Mark P. Jones appt. exec., no bond required. Dated Oct. 1, 1923. Witnesses: Eugene Cypert & Walter C. Dugan. Proved Nov. 7, 1923.

Kennedy, Sue E.

Of Bebee.
1. all debts paid.
2. Niece, Mrs. Annice Ramsey of Osceola, Ark., $500 cash.
3. Great-nephew, Walter Stephen Mulkey of Osceola, $250 cash.
4. Great-nephew, Cecil Mulkey of Osceola, $250 cash.
5. Neice of step-father, Mrs. Maggie Boyles of McFerren, Ark., $500 cash.
6. Merolina Ramsey of Osceola, $250 (no relationship given).
7. Beloved brother, J. W. Quinn of Osceola, the balance of what he owed on a promissary note, $1000.
8. Beloved husband, H. B. Kennedy of Beebe, remainder of estate.
9. Bakners Trust of Little Rock executor.
Dated Aug. 16, 1922 & witnessed by R. C. Irvine & J. L. Spence, Jr. Proved Aug. 16, 1922.

Kurratt, W. R.

Of Garner, White Co., wife Katherine Kurratt, his 2nd wife to recieve everything. Signed William Kurratt, Nov. 7, 1910. Witnesses: M. H. Rogers & J. T. James. Proved July 26, 1924.

Ladd, Mrs. Hal C.

The Last Will & Testament of Mrs. Hal C. LADD, Will Book D, p. 186, State of Ark., Co. of White. I, the undersigned, Mrs. Hal C. LADD, of White Co., Ark., do make this my last will & Test., hereby revoking all former wills whatsoever. After all expenses are paid which I may incur, or may be incurred on account of funeral expenses, after my death, which expenses should be paid out of the assets left by me from the estate of John S. LADD, deceased, I do will & give my son, Clifton LADD, $1; to my dau., Frances GARM, $1; to my dau. Catherine JAMERSON, $1; to my dau. Esther WYNN, $1; to my dau. Marie WELLS, $1; & to my minor children, Henry LADD & Elizabeth LADD, I do give them jointly, to share & share alike, the sum of $2,675, the same being the money I have from the insurance policy which I have collected on policies written on the life of John S. LADD, deceased, I being the beneficiary named. And whereas I have paid cut to the heirs of said John S. LADD, deceased, the sum of $3,100 as provided under the will of John S. LADD, being to ea. heir the sum of $300 & to Pauline STECHER $100, from the insurance funds belonging to me, and to pay me for said sums advanced I hold certain Liberty Bonds held by the estate of said John S. LADD, deceased, which Liberty Bonds become my property absolute, which Liberty bonds I hereby give & bequeath to said Henry LADD & Elizabeth LADD, to share & share alike, said Liberty Bonds & interest thereon to apply as a payment to them ob. on the sum of $2,675 willed to them in this my last will. I hereby in the presence of John D. DeBOIS & F. B. BEST, subscribe my name to the within & foregoing will, which I declare to be my last will & test., and ask them to witness same. This the 15th day of Mar., 1926. Signed: Hal C. LADD (the witnesses signed & declared this was a true will) Will was filed for probate on May 14th, 1928, R.L.SMITH, clk. & approved Aug. 13, 1928, F.O.WHITE, Judge.

Ladd, J.S.

Last Will & Testament of J.S.LADD: Know all men by these presents: That I, J.S.LADD of Judsonia, White Co., Ark., being of sound & disposing memory but realizing the uncertainty of life, & being desirous of directing how my property shall be divided after my death, do make & publish & declare this to be my last will & testament hereby revoking any & all other wills heretofore by me made. 1. I direct that my Executrix hereinafter named shall as soon as can be after my death pay all my just debts & funeral expenses. 2. I hereby give & bequeath to each of my children, to wit: Mrs. Lula MILLER, Mrs. Pearl WINSETT, Walker LADD, Mrs. Frances GARMS, Mrs. Marie WELLS, Katherine LADD, Mrs. Esther Lynn Clifton LADD, Henry LADD, & Elizabeth LADD the sum of $300 ea. to be pd. by my exec. hereinafter named & I give my grandaughter Pauline Stecker (Stectin was marked thru) the sum of $100. 3. I give & bequeath to my beloved wife, H.C.LADD, so long as she shall remain my widow & unmarried all the balance of my property, both real & persona, & mixed, except the homestead as hereinafter provided for, but in the event she should remarry, then all the said real & personal property not at that time disposed of shall be equally divided between her & my children to share & share alike except the homestead which, in the event of her remarriage, shall remain with her as long as she shall live. 4. I do hereby nominate, constitute & appt. my wife, H.C.LADD, to be the exec. of this my last will & test., she be permitted to admin. & carry out this will without giving bond, with full power to collect all debts due me & to sell & convey any & all of said property either real or personal, except the home place which shall not be sold until her death, & such property as remains at time of her death, including the home place shall be divided equally between my said children, as above referred to. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & declare this to be my last will & test. in the presence of witnesses named below, who have signed the same as wit. at my request in my presence & in the presence of ea. other. Signed: J.S.LADD. Witnesses: C.M.ERGANBRIGHT & C.F.LONG (state they saw him sign on Sept. 12, 1919) Will was proved Jan. 20, 1926 & W.W.GILL & Will LEASURE approved the signatures of C.M.ERGANBRIGHT & C.F.LONG who weren't present.

Ladd, Louisa

In the Probate Court of White Co., Ark. Before Hon. F.C.WHITE, County Judge. In the matter of the holographic will of Louise LADD, deceased. Petition for Proof of will & appt. of Admin. cum testament Annexo. Your petitioner, Marie WELLS, represents that she is a resident of this County & State; that the testatrix, Louise LADD, deceased, was a resident of Judsonia, Ark.; the she departed this life on the 24th day of Sept., 1930, at St. Joseph's Hosp. in the city of Memphis; that on Oct. 15, 1929, the said Louias LADD executed a last will & testament, the entire boyd of which & the signature thereto being written by her in her own proper handwriting; that she the said Louise LADD has neither father nor mother living, but has one brother & 2 sisters whose names & addresses follows: Wm. LYNCH, 4458 Vista Ave., St. Louis, MO.; Mrs. Liew TRAVERS, 129 N. Camp Ave., Olney, IL; Mrs. Etherl PALMER, 1838 N. Wells St., Apt. 32, Chicago, IL. That under the term of the said last will & testament, your petitioner is sole beneficiary & that the only assetts belonging to the estate of said decedent is som diamonds, linens & wearing apparel, of the value of $1,000. Therefore, petitioner prays that said last will & testimony be admitted to probate & that she be appt. admin. Signed: Marie WELLS. Sworn & subscribed to before me, on the 4th day of Oct., 1930. R.L.SMITH, clk.

In the probate court of White Co., Ark. Before Hon. F.O.WHITE, Co.Judge. Mrs. Marie WELLS. Searcy, Ark. Marie, if I should die, no one would know what to do with my body or anything about me so I want you to take care of me. You will find my money in the Bank of Commerce. It will probably take my diamonds to put me away. Would love to be buried at Judsonia if it is agreeable with the family. I have 2 trunks of pesonal belongings & Marie you can have what you want & divide the rest of my things among my friends & my brothers & sisters. Since you can't wear my dresses you can send them to my sister in Olney, Ill. This is my request. Signed Mrs. Louise LADD. Filed Oct. 7-1930, R.L.SMITH, clk.

In the Probate Ct. of White Co., Ark. Before Hon. F.O.WHITE, Co. Judge. In the matter of the holographic will of Louisa LADD, deceased. Proof of will. On this 7th day of Oct., 1930, personally appreared Walker LADD, Mrs. Walker LADD & Dorothy WALTON & Vivian LADD in open court, & after being duly sworn, depose & say: They personally knew Louisa LADD, now deceased, and are well aquainted with her handwriting & signature; that the instrument filed here on 10-15-1929, & purported to be the last Will & writing of the said Louise LADD; the the date of said instrument, the said Louise LADD was more than 18 years of age & was of sound mind; that the said Louise LADD departed this life on Sept. 24, 1930, in the St. Joseph's Hosp., Memphis, Tenn., where she was then domiciled; that she was a resident of Judsonia, White Co., Ark., & that she died without ever having revoked said will, so far as affiants know. Signed: Walker LADD, Mrs. Walker LADD, Dorathy WALTON & Vivian LADD. (Examined & approved)

McEwen, R. G.

Of White Co.
1. Eugene Cypert, sole executor
2. Give to children & wife equal parts of estate: M. F. McEwen, wife; A. McEwen, Mattie Teague, R. F. McEwen, Wilford McEwen, except funeral expenses & Dr. Bill, he owes is $100, Albert McEwen, except burial expenses he owes me $85.50, Luther McEwen, except $75.50 to be taken out of his part & given to Arch McEwen; Charley McEwen $5 and no more; wife M. F. McEwen all household goods & real estate as long as she lives & remains unmarried & in the case of her decease or remarriage, the rest to be divided among heirs, except as above mentioned. Signed R. G. (X) McEwen on Mar. 21, 1923. Witnessed E. L. Davenport, McRae, A. F. Cox, McRae, J. E. Merritt, McRae. Proved Apr. 12, 1924.

McFarland, A. S.

Of White Co. To Celce Wallis, $5; W. W. McFarland, $5 with the rest to wife, M. E. McFarland with her also the admin., no bond required. Dated Apr. 10, 1922. Signed A. S. McFarland, witnessed by O. E. Smith of Griffithville, Ark. & also I. R. Pence of Griffithville, Ark. Filed April 9, 1930, Recorded April 14, 1930.

Rogers, R. S.

Of Searcy.
1. debts to be paid from estate.
2. To step-son, Roy Tom Coyle, his watch & to step-daughter, Elizabeth Coyle, $50 to be used in purchasing a necknace or ring by my wife when she thinks advisable.
3. Wife, Jessie C. Rogers, residue of estate.
4. Appoints wife, Jessie C. Rogers, executor, no bond required.
Signed R. S. Rogers, witnessed W. H. Bell & Jas. F. Watkins. Filed June 29, 1932, Proven June 29, 1932. No date given for writing will.

Webb, J. M.

1st: Give to daughter, Mrs. Maggie Brandon, $1.
2nd: Give to daughter, Mrs. Martha K. Burch, rest of estate.
3rd: Appoint daughter, Mrs. Martha K. Burch, executrix with no bond required.
Notes that he makes Martha residuary legatee for the reason that his other daughter & her children are well provided for & that Martha had cared for he & his wife & he wished to compensate her for her dedication in their old age. Signed Feb. 20, 1920, witnesses W. H. Black & Eugene Cypert. Proven Jan. 30, 1925.

West, J.C.

J.C. WEST, book D, p. 275, dated Mar. 21, 1930. J.C. WEST of the town of Letona. Grandchildren: Charlie TATE & Gerald TATE, sons of deceased dau., Lee WEST TATE $5 ea. Daughters: Cora Jane PEARSON, Ethel CHITWOOD & Jessie STEWARD $500 ea. Dau.: Mrs. Ethel CHITWOOD Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & S 1/2 lot 5 of Block 9 in town of Letona. Wife: Mrs. Frances WEST household goods & personal property along with rents from property from lands up to $3000/year as long is she remains widowed - the remainder to be divided among children: Luther WEST, J.E. WEST, Cora Jane PEARSON, Lula WEST HOLDEN, Ethel CHITWOOD & Jessie STEWARD. Sons: Luther WEST & J.E. WEST all the real property. Signed: J.C. WEST. Witnesses: John E. MILLER & C.E. YINGLING. Codicile: Deed for land conveyed to sons Oct. 7, 1931 N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Sect. 34, 80 ac. W Pt. of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Sect. 35 73 ac. Fractional NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sect. 26, 40 ac. all in Twp. 9 N Range 8 W 226 ac more or less. In lieu of this $1 ea. to sons. Witnesses: C.E. YINGLING & Rowland H. LINDSEY. Filed for probate: Feb. 18, 1933. Ira J. GOLDEN, clk. Proved: Apr. 17, 1933.

Womack, Daniel U.

Of Russell, White Co.,
1. Ben J. Parham of Bald Knob, executor, bond $1000.
2. Exec. to pay hosp. debts unless dau. Dottie U. Gelwicks elects to pay.
3. Children: Dottie U. Gelwicks, Nellie L. Hensley, Winnie L. Linz, John K. Womack, Ophelia H. Ramey, Florence M. Womack, Paul E. Womack, Ethel S. Womack, Woodrow D. Womack, Janie L. Womack & Everett N. Womack to be paid $1 each, unless dau. Dottie elects to pay same under conditions.
4. It is my greatest desire to provide an education & home for my infant children, Florence, Paul, Ethel, Woodrow, Janie & Everette, until they reach majority. Accordingly, I have arranged with dau., Dottie U. Gelwicks, to assume the responsibility of providing a suitable home for them... Therefore I direct my executor to deliver to Dottie, all my personal property & real estate (described) so she may use it for said purposes. Signed Feb. 11, 1925 by Daniel U. Womack, Witness: Cul L. Pearce, B. R. Germany & S. L. Covington. Proved Mar. 2, 1925.

Wood, Lucy E.

Contract & agreement between Lucy E. Wood & Anna B. Lape that in the case of the death of Lucy E. Wood, before her son, Medford F. Wood is 15 years old, that Anna B. Lape, take him & rear him. Anna B. Lape to have all property & real estate (described) to use until Sept. 1, 1836, at which time said property would be turned over to Medford. If Medford were to die before that date, everything to go to Anna B. Lape & heirs. Signed Lucy E. Wood, Anna B. Lape, M. A. (X) Lape, S. G. Lape on Dec. 17, 1923. Proved Sept. 5, 1924.