A Pink Tea
Searcy Daily Citizen, September 25, 1894

Invitations were issued last week for a “Pink Tea” by Mrs. T.J. Weatherly in honor of her daughter Miss Pauline and her brother Mr. Hugh West of Water Valley, Mississippi.

As this is rather a novel entertainment everyone has been on the Qui Vive since receiving a card and for the past 10 days the young ladies have been fashioning from some pretty material dainty pink aprons for themselves and pink ties for their escorts.

Miss Weatherly, attired in a pink dress, received her guests in her charming manner, making everyone feel welcome. After an hour or two had been spent in pleasant conversation all were invited into the dining room. The tables were prettily decorated in pink and with the excellent refreshments - which were several - they were a thing of beauty and enjoyed by 20 or 30 guests.

About midnight the guests bade their hostess goodnight and Miss Weatherly’s “Pink Tea” became a pleasant memory.

Those present were George Pilkington, Annie Deener; Jack Lyons, Willie Key; Hicks Deeler, Nola Gregory; W.B. Smith, Sue Pride; Charles Ecker, Jo Yarnell; J.W. Yarnell, Lorena Black; Guy Dunning, Winfred Tapscott; George Pettey, Hallie Rogers; Lucius Pilkington, Norma Rogers; Ed Hussey, Lena Chambless; P.D. Pride, Minnie Lightle; Walter Dugan, Ida Anderson; Homer Black,Virginia Lightle; John Roberts, Boone Stone and Shem Key.